Top Ten Armies: 07/31/12

I apologize that this is a day late, but we once again have an interesting Top Ten with some armies jumping into the top five. I hope you enjoy.

Top Ten Armies


1. Nachos [+0] [90.88]

2. Army of CP [+0] [88.75]

3. Army Republic [+1] [82.00]

4. Light Troops [NEW!] [77.75]

5. Ice Warriors [-2] [72.00]

6. Shadow Troops [-2] [68.75]

7. Doritos of CP [NEW!] [65.88]

8. Underground Mafias Army [-1] [63.75]

9. Ninjas [+5] [61.88]

10. Night Warriors [+0] [61.00]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Pretzels [+0]

12. Ranger Troops [-5]

13. Special Weapons and Tactics [-4]

14. Rebel Penguin Federation [-4]

15. UUCP [NEW!]


1. Nachos: The Nachos have had a good week, continuing their war with the ACP. Just as the ACP did, the Nachos began the week claiming victory on the server of Hockey and a succesful defense of the server Wool Socks. Next the Nachos also claimed victory on Mukluk and Breeze late at night. They fought with the Light Troops against the ACP during the battle of Ice Palace, which the Nachos also claimed victory on. The ACP and Nachos reached an agreement on Sunday that brought an end to the war.

2. Army of CP: The ACP  have had an up-and-down week, and ended up retaining their spot at second. They began the week claiming victory on the server of Hockey and a loss on the server of Wool Socks against the Nachos. Next they claimed victory on the server of Mukluk late at night as the war against the Nachos continued. Two days later the ACP claimed another victory during the night on the server of Breeze. After one more alleged victory on the server of Ice Palace the ACP and Nachos reached and agreement and the war ended. Te ACP then went to war with the Light Troops, beginning with the battle of Breeze, which no clear victor was decided for.  Earlier today, Mchappy, ACP Leader, retired from the army, promoting Kingfunks4 to leader.

3. Army Republic: The AR make a jump into the top three this week, beginning it with sizes of 35-40 in a battle who no one showed up to. The next day the won a battle against a joint force made up of both the Nachos and the Light Troops. The LT invaded the server of Dry Ice, which AR successfully defended. They have many events scheduled against LT in the upcoming week in an effort to keep the sizes that they had this week.

4. Light Troops: The LT have made a staggering comeback this week, one of the largest in a very long time, even bigger than the Ninjas recent rise back into the top of the Top Ten. The LT began the week with a declaration of war on the Army Republic. They went on to claim Frozen and score a victory on the server of Dry Ice, along with claiming Cabin. Next they went on to claim Mittens. After this the ACP/Nachos war ended, consequently ending the war with AR. The LT went on to declare war on the ACP, beginning with the battle of Breeze, which LT claimed to win, along with pulling out a win on the server of Mammoth. 

5. Ice Warriors: The IW had a decent week. They began it with two great Training Sessions, averaging around 35 at both of those. Later in the week, the IW finally made a decision regarding the ACP/Nachos war. Instead of joining a side, they decided to invade both sides, but also stated that depending on their losses, this might change. However, with the ACP/Nachos war ended, the IW’s plan never came into action.

6. Shadow Troops: The ST had a good amount of events this week. However, most of which were destroyed when the site was defaced. However, the ST has recovered. They had a training session for which they maxed 20. Then the Doritos declared war on ST, with the first battle coming on August.

7. Doritos: The Doritos have had a great week and scored 7th in the Top Ten. Their week began with the return of former leader Hurricanex, and their continued to get good sizes at a few training sessions and uLead events. They also won at a PB with Team Gold on Wednesday, and declared war on the Shadow Troops toward the end of the week.

8. Underground Mafias Army: Ever since maxing out at 4th in the Top Ten, the UMA have been dropping into the bottom of the Top Ten. Their week was littered with many internal problems, including the couping and later reinstatement of Coolster, they demotion of leader Wgfv, and the firing/quitting of many owner ranks. They had a few Tactics Sessions and Unscheduled Events throughout the week, averaging 15-20 at most.

9. Ninjas: The Ninjas have gotten back into the Top Ten this week after a staggering fall out of it last week. They had a Practice Battle with the UMA, who were a no show, so they had a successful training session instead, where they maxed around 20. The Ninjas have a few more events scheduled for the upcoming week, and will be battling it out against the Pirates in the next round of the Legends Cup.

10. Night Warriors: The NW score 10th this week. They began it with a declaration of war on the Ranger Troops because of accusations that the RT hired someone to deface the NW site. These accusations were declined by the RT and eventually the war was called off. The NW showed some great sizes this week, and came very close in placement with both the Ninjas and the UMA. The question is, will the NW be able to retain these sizes? We’ll have to wait until next week to see.


So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!

Note: If you army does not have pictures of your scheduled events on your site, I will not go on chat or look for them buried in a wheat field. In there are no pictures, they event doesn’t count.


CPA Central Head of Site

90 Responses

  1. First?

  2. Good top 10

  3. 3rd

  4. ACP should be 3rd, but of course CPAC has to kiss up to them 🙂

  5. Good topten


  7. 15th is UCCP not UUCP

  8. good top 10

  9. 1st Nachos
    2nd Light troops
    3rd Ice warriors
    4th tied Shadow Troops/ACP
    5th Army Republic
    6th Doritos
    7th Night Warriors
    8th Uma
    9th Pretzels
    10th Ranger Troops
    11th Rpf
    12th Ninjas
    13th Shadow Knights
    14th S.W.A.T.
    15th Any s/m army

    • LOL FAIL TOP TEN LMFAO. Look at ST then look at AR why dont you tymatt

      • Matt’s an idiot. Don’t associate yourself with him. He’s a waste of energy just arguing with him.

    • 1. Nachos (Agree)
      2. Light Troops (Agree)
      3. Ice Warriors (Agree)
      4. Army Republic (Disagree)
      5. Army of Club Penguin (Disagree)
      6. Doritos (Agree)
      7. Night Warriors (Agree)
      8. Shadow Troops & Ninjas – Tied (Disagree)
      10. UMA

      Sexy right?

  10. Good top 10, but I think ACP should be 4th/5th.

  11. A lot of armies lied about there sizes this week including ACP,AR,UMA,NINJAS,RANGER TROOPS,DCP
    Many will disagree about ar being in front of LT for sure because AR got owned by them and in my opinion this is the performance of how all the armies worked this week and AR count there pic in the berg 16 theres now ay they could of gotten close to 40 and the other armies rlly jipped there size to.

    • look at the picture AR has for the Top 10. There is 35-40 there. So your point is invalid. AR dominated you AND Nachos in that battle. Your sorry excuse for an army can’t admit defeat. Face it, AR is better than LT, and the only reason you guys are even in the Top 10 is because of all the war’s you’ve started and joined. Otherwise, nothing shows you should be in here. kthxbai

  12. Bur atleast ST can maintain there sizes and you know 40 is bull

    • Yet you’ve never reached anywhere near our sizes with any army. So you have no room to talk at all.

  13. CPAC is such an inaccurate site. The ACP have barely maxed 25 this week. LOL

  14. Great top ten, but RPF shoulda been dere (cry)

  15. Pretty much ACP and Nachos look at this to make sure they’re not second and everyone else is seeing if they got third. I mean, ACP and Nachos have been Top 2 forever now, especially with the war.

    Btw LOL SWAT

    And also wow DCP, nice job there. The last week LT has been kinda clear they’d do that, but nice job DCP

  16. bad top 10
    very horrible

  17. LT beat AR…. and were beating ACP the only reason were not 2nd is cuz someone CPAC is biased and threatened us.

    • I believe when information given in confidence is shared, he has every right to threaten. I stand behind Blue1 here.

      • As do I. You all need to shut up about the constant butthurt bias claims when Blue has a neutral opinion on all the Top 5 armies. Ederan’s being a noob here, and everyone in LT needs to get over the fact that they aren’t ahead of ACP due to ACP getting 35+ at an event, bigger than them, as well as AR who got 35-40 in an event. Get over yourselves and deal with it or risk banishment from CPAC.

  18. Ar should be 2nd, ACP 3rd. ST and DCP either tie or DCP gets 6th. otherwise it’s good

  19. Ninjas had a PB with us? We never knew, xD.

    Good top ten, anyways, Blue, as usual!

  20. Pretzels should be 10th or something.

  21. LT did not win any battles in the war with ACP. ioio is just a complete, total LIAR. And also, I will be creating an alliance SPECIALLY designed to take LT down. Fiar warning, ioio. If you don’t stop lying to your troops about battle, it WILL happen. And Juju, during the early ACP/Nachos war, you were in ACP, and now you’re in LT. WHY!!!!!!

  22. *Fair

  23. “Te ACP then went to war with the Light Troops, beginning with the battle of Breeze, which no clear victor was decided for”
    ” The next day the won a battle against a joint force made up of both the Nachos and the Light Troops.”
    “The LT invaded the server of Dry Ice, which AR successfully defended.”
    ” They have many events scheduled against LT in the upcoming week in an effort to keep the sizes that they had this week.”
    is there someone on this damn site that can get some accurate news?

    • Well I’m sorry, but since none of you bastards know how to admit defeat, it makes things a little difficult. And maybe, if for once in your army’s life- and this goes out to ACP, LT, Nachos, and every other god damn army- maybe if you learned how to admit defeat, there could actually be accurate news, instead of both sites saying they won the fucking battle. You don’t always win and the inability to admit that thing called defeat makes it difficult to report what you call “the facts”.

      You want better news? Make the news clear.

      • ACP doesn’t know how to admit defeat, teaching them is pointless. Their ego is too big. Very few times have I seen LT not admit defeat and truly deserve defeat–somewhat the same with the Nachos.

        • I hate to break it to you, ACP admitted defeat at least twice during the war with Nachos. Let’s talk about LT and how they can’t admit defeat. They are exactly what blue said they are, and they need to learn it isn’t the end of the world if they lose.

          • ok lets talk.
            LT only lost 3 battles during their war and admitted defeat.
            ACP lost 18 and only admitted defeat in around 5.
            anything else to say?

          • You’re not an omniscient figure to decide whether or not they won. My statement still stands with just as much truth as before. Screw with it all you like. And ACP is the main army I was talking about- I’ll give you that.

          • Ioioluk, do you understand anything? LT doesn’t admit defeat. I can’t talk, DCP sometimes doesn’t admit defeat, but it’s because we do win. I will say one thing – when Wwebestfan was leader, we won even if we did truthfully lose.

          • DCP never admits defeat–even when Shadow Troops owned them.

          • Blue that’s exactly the point, there IS no omniscient figure to decide whether or not they won. When there isn’t, both armies start assuming they won, because, hey, it’s their army.
            But when there IS a judge, people call bias and idiocy. Hard to please

          • Hit the nail on the head Gord. Imfact, I’d say it’s almost impossible if not impossible to please.

          • *ahem* ioio from i heard from smac acp is winning but acp has a good reason of being second 1. They own u in the mornings although u own them in afternoon thats only because u have way more aussie troops 2. Admit defeat already ik u have but its not all bout size its about tactics too and even if u do lose who cares go to hell if u care even though im in acp if ur a big army and always win who wouldnt admit defeat they dont admit defeat because they think its dooms day so for all the armys who wont admit defeat take ur sorry ahs and admit defeat. P.s good top 10

  24. yeah ACP(wary)

  25. Light Troops pwned ACP and AR…

  26. Blue, you honestly don’t know what the hell you’re talking about if you said “Nachos don’t know how to admitt defeat.” Nachos admitted defeat in battles of the war vs. ACP plently of times, and you should know that. =)

    • Touche. I was just naming Nachos because they popped into my head- but I’ll give you that, Nachos did admit defeat many times.

  27. My Opinion. Don’t Rage.
    1. Nachos
    2. Army Republic
    3. Light Troops
    4. ACP
    5. Ice Warriors
    6. Doritos
    7. Shadow Troops
    8. Night Warriors
    9. Ninjas
    10. Pretzels
    11. UMA

  28. My Opinion

    1. Army Republic
    2. Nachos
    3. Light Troops/ACP
    5. Ice Warriors
    6. Night Warriors
    7. Doritos
    8. Shadow Troops
    9. Ninjas
    10. Underground Mafias Army

  29. Does anyone else notice how more chaotic and less fun cp armies become when LT re-rises? I sure do. Now I await the rage comments from ioio and Ederan and other LT. Just waiting. :O

  30. lol AR would not be 1st thank god this noob doesnt right the top 10

  31. My Opinion
    1. Nachos
    2. Army Republic
    3. ACP
    4. Light Troops
    5. Ice Warriors
    6. Doritos
    7. Shadow Troops
    8. Night Warriors
    9. Ninjas
    10. Pretzels
    11. UMA

  32. My opinion
    1. Nachos
    2. Light Troops
    3. Army of CP
    4. Army Republic
    5. Ice Warriors
    6. Doritos (I don’t even like them)
    7. Shadow Troops
    8. Night Warriors
    9. Ninjas
    10. Underground Mafias Army

  33. Im a LT troop and the battles with AR and ACP were pretty good. The two are very damn good armys good job guys and also the top ten is a very nice one. I like it Thank you for your time Blue ~ Jose


  35. i think we take cp warfare to far…


  36. NW did not go to war with RT because of the defacing of the website. We declared war to keep them off Nachos. Then SaW stepped in and screwed everything up. So we ended the war.

  37. ACP should be 4th in my opinion. AR second. And LT third. Why does CPAC have to favor ACP once again? ACP only made 20+ in that picture….. give someone else the spot. My lord. ~Flo Rida1216 . DW Legend/Retired.

  38. Why nobody excited NW are here. (D)

  39. NW are a very inactive army

  40. lol swat is slowly going off the cpac top ten

    how wonderful…

  41. hey um can DRW (Dragon warriors) be on Top ten? <<<< Im the Main leader of DRW.

  42. Okay its alright but….. WHERE ARE SQUIDS OF CP.

  43. ACP shouldn’t be 2nd you idiots. They should be 5 or 6th. Did you even look at their sizes this week? They went down by a lot. Biased CPAC.

  44. What is UUCP?

  45. Anyone notice that ACP is smaller than IW, but there still higher than them. ACP gets around 20 and IW gets 35.

    My top ten
    1. Nachos
    2. Light Troops and AR
    4. IW
    5. ACP
    6. DCP
    7. Shadow Troops
    8. NW and Ninjas
    10. UMA

    But of course. CPAC WILL NEVER TAKE ACP OUT OF THE TOP 3. -.-

  46. UCCP is united countries of club penguin he mistaked it its not UUCP its UCCP

  47. yeah we all know swat is dieing

  48. 2015 bitches

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