The Process of Making a Top Ten- Blue1 Edition

If you recall, Skloop a little while ago when he returned to check up on CPAC for a bit. Now it’s my turn to make one of these- more of a reminder of his points and a bit of a rage post. This is the process of making a Top Ten.

Yes, I’m new to this stuff. And I realize that it’s only been about five weeks since I made my first top ten. Since then I’ve had mixed reviews – being the first Top Ten maker since Woton to not be in ACP, people see that as something good, I guess. Meh, who knows and who cares. But there are still problems with the Top Ten, just as there always have been. Do you know how long it takes to make the Top Ten, the entire thing? 3 hours – and maybe that’s just because I’m lazy and get distracted, but nevertheless. The Top Ten takes a very long time – and then you all go and rage about how you went a punched a whole in the wall and proceeded to kill your dog because the Top Ten pissed you off.

So let’s review how the Top Ten formula works:

  •  Size= out of 40. This accounts for 40% of an army’s score in any given week- it is the average size, not the best size. Armies do sometimes get above 40, but it’s very rare. Sometimes, if there’s extra points that were not scored in the other categories- say the army got sizes of 45- then 5 more points would be added.
  • Tactics= rating out of 8. This rating is then multiplied by .25, which gets an army its score for tactics. For instance, a 7/8 rating equals 21.88, 6/8 equals 18.75, and a perfect score, of course, is 25 even.
  • Chat Size= rating out of 25. Very simple= whatever the average chat size is throughout the week.
  • Posts= number of posts out of 14. If an army has more than 14 posts in any given week, the number remains 14. 13-14 posts gets you 10 points, 11-12 posts gets you 9 points, and so on.

Another quick note. Comments screaming: “BIAS!!!1!11!!!!!”  aren’t helpful. What was bias? For further pwning on this topic, look here. And to be clear- news anchor having an opinion isn’t a new idea. We all have personal bias and armies we like and don’t like. What needs to be clear is that doesn’t interfere with our work.

The three things that bother me most about Top Tens are the following:

  • Armies that can’t admit defeat
  • No pictures of events
  • “My army did better than such and such” rages

1. Army Rages: Contrary to popular belief, I don’t pine google all day looking for new armies. If I don’t know about your army- or whoever writes the Top Ten, for that matter- then is it going to show up in the Top Ten? No.

2. No Pictures: I don’t have all day to write this Top Ten. I don’t have time to look for them buried in a wheatfield or find your leader on some obscure chat and ask them for pictures. As far as I’m concerned, if there are no pictures, it didn’t happen. And a side note- CPPS events do not count. If you want to go on CPPS, go take a hike over the CPPS News Sites. But don’t expect me to count those events.

3. Armies that can’t admit defeat: This is the single, most annoying thing about not only the Top Ten but armies in general. Attempting to not name names here- but when I go on the site of many of those placed in the upper top ten, I see:

  • 24th – WIN
  • 25th – WIN
  • 26th – EPIC WIN
  • 27th – LOL WE PWNED THEM
  • 28th -WE SO WON

Then I proceed to check the army site of whom they fought against:

  • 24th – WIN
  • 25th – WIN
  • 26th – EPIC WIN
  • 27th – LOL WE PWNED THEM
  • 28th -WE SO WON

So now, let me ask you, how I am supposed to be “accurate”? Whatever I say, I’m gonna piss someone off. And if I call it disputed, people rage about how it isn’t disputed, their army won. Want better news? Learn how to admit defeat- it’s not a new concept.

 Also, to those who recently applied at CPAC, I’ve taken a look at all the applications:

Blue2: Yes, I do have an awesome moustache. Also, a sidenote about disputed events: if an event is disputed it does not, I repeat, does not count towards you beating that army in the Top Ten. All that is counted are the sizes/tactics/chat sizes in the event. So don’t use a disputed event as your ‘proof’ for why you should be above another army.

So that’s the end of my rant. Hopefully the next time you feel like raging about the wall you just destroyed over my Top Ten, take a look at this post. For CPAC, I’m Bluesockwa, signing off.


CPA Central Head of Site

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  1. Cool

  2. Blue I demand credit for that gif. Showing you it on ACP chat. (Wary)

  3. Was that so hard? <3 (Wary)

  4. Blue1, why are you Richard Nixon?

  5. The Gif was Hilarious

  6. He’s Nixon before Watergate, right? ‘Cause Nixon was pretty chill until the whole ” We gon’ impeach u ’cause u been thiefin’ ” thing… ^-^

  7. *insert jackie chan meme here*

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  9. […] that number due to poor chat activity and/or site activity. Now let’s look at the guidelines Richard Nixon uses to rate […]

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