Icey Cold27 Retires from the ACP || Kingfunks4 Promoted to ACP Leader

ACP is now coming out towards the end of a massive, multiple-week leadership crisis. With the retirement of Mchappy, ACP has made Kingfunks4 the leader of the army.

Mchappy/Icey Cold27 has been M.I.A. in ACP for some weeks now, causing, for a time, widespread confusion. Earlier this week, Kingfunks4 declared himself temporary leader in Mchappy’s place, drawing some skepticism and worries in the army. Today, Icey Cold has returned to ACP to officially post his retirement.

You haven’t heard from me in a while.  Apparently y’all thought I was in the hospital.  Nope!, I am healthy.  Icey Cold27 was having fun leading this army of green penguins on a snowy island and making friends.  Even though we were in a tough situation in the war— I think I always had a smile on my face.  Everyone has touched me and I’ve touched you, I hope.  Memories last a lifetime.

If you haven’t noticed by now I’m trying to make this a memorial retirement post.  Oh my, retirement.  A word I thought I wouldn’t say for about another two years.  But I realized something in the time I was gone.  Damn, I’m fifteen tomorrow.  I’m going into tenth grade and my future seems actually pretty bright.  Some say I don’t act my age (or gender, but that’s a different story) or say I’m just some weird guy doing his thing.  Let me skip to the point: I’m no great guy. I’m a normal person. Throughout my entire Club Penguin career, if you call it, I was obsessed with chasing greatness and this superior title.  That’s not the way things should be.  I’m no different than a six year old or a twenty year old.

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In his retirement, Icey Cold also promoted the Temporary ACP Leader, Kingfunks4, to official leader of the army, saying:

Kingfunks: You’re the next leader.  No pressure.  Remember NCP?  Remember the original PW?  Try to be more nice and involved with the soldiers.

In a statement to the media about the future of ACP, Funks had this to say.

The ACP will continue to stabilize after the Nachos war and I will be sorting out some things in ACP. For now, the ACP will be very similar, but expect some changes to be made.

Funks’ promotion brings an end to a longstanding leadership crisis in ACP, which began with Flipper and Kenneth’s retirement early this month and continued with Slider’s sudden retirement and Icey Cold’s promotion. The ACP/Nacho war further weakened the army, and with Mchappy’s disappearance, Funks seized power in the army. Now, instated as the official leader, will he manage to stabilize the army after so many weeks of crisis?

What do you think of Mchappy/Icey Cold27’s retirement? Will Funks be able to finally stabilize ACP?

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25 Responses

  1. who made this noob leader

  2. Not trying to be mean, but I really think the ACP’s size will drop.

  3. If Mchappy was M.I.A., can I be Britney Spears?

  4. ACP is alreaddy droppin

  5. Nachos, IW and LT. Attack them now.

  6. Lol, good luck with having a UK Leader.

  7. Meh. Good luck Funks. You’re gonna need it if your going to lead ACP.

  8. So no mention of WW losing two leaders?

  9. ACP is still in trouble LT is so far winning there war

  10. acp is gonna go nowhere but down fast! kingfunks really shouldnt lead an army

  11. ikr


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