Bots in the ACP and Light Troops War

Hello my wonderful reading and beautiful looking CPAC viewers!  I am very excited to bring you a news post that some of you may have heard about, but I feel I may be the first person to officially report on a news site of this.  The topic of the day is: Bots in the ACP and Light Troops war.  I do not yet know the reason why that this has all happened, but, as I journey into this post, I hope to find some answers to these bots like who made them, what was the purposes of them.  Were they used to harm the ACP only in the battle, or were they used against the Light Troops as well.  Let’s find out!


The Time The Bots Logged On:

The bots all were logged onto by the main owner at the same time the ACP roughly logged on at, 8:05 PM EST to the server of Breeze.  Whilst the ACP were recruiting in the town, the bots were constantly chanting things to try and ruin the flow of ACP’s recruiting.  Below is just one of the many pictures that people had taken of what the bots had been saying on CP while cap were in the Plaza.

As you can see clearly in the picture above.  These bots were clearly trying to get the ACP to log off by shouting things like, “All ACP Log Off, and other chants.  I even saw a few of them say, “Green Peasants” which was a bit funny.  This, although amusing to some, was very harmful and annoying to others.  Talking to many of the ACP troops that took part in the event last night, they said the bots were very annoying and distracting.  As you can see clearly, the ACP were very annoyed with this.  I interviewed Cas on this topic.

Me: What did you make of the bots last night?

Cas: Well, I thought that whoever was using them has a sick sense of humor, they were obviously trying to interrupt a perfectly legitimate event and failed in their attempt of trolling us.

Me: Who do you think made the bots?

Cas: I have a strong suspicion based on the LT’s track record, that LT either made them or sponsored the making of what I like to call “bot terrorism.”

Me: Do you hope they stay out of the war?

Cas: Well, of course I would like to see the war play out fairly, but if the bots continue to harass us I think we can overcome them easily.


As we go on about how we feel that bots are wrong and stuff, whoever the owner is of these bots is laughing and just going to provoke people even more.  I personally think that this person is not actually to do with the Light Troops, and instead just doesn’t really like ACP and wants to annoy/troll them for their own amusement.  I personally feel that it is fine as long as it doesn’t reach the point where there’s 50 bots all spamming every room.  That of course, would become a little too far, out of control, and extreme.  Also, we go on about this effecting the ACP, say the person goes after both the Light Troops and ACP with the bots.  That would really ruin the war.



I hope you enjoyed my post today!  I always enjoy reading comments negative and positive as I love hearing opinions.


(Mummy my army got 10 today!)

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  1. 1st

  2. ok ik who those bots were have you ever heard of PR purple republic well you see PR makes bots PR has done this with ACP before not really suprising acctually it wasnt LT cas if all you ACP noobs dont beileve me blizz took this pic ok proof thats PR that is the PR site

  3. Do obviously, they were intended to resemble Purple Republic. Dress, “peasants” and everything.

  4. purple republic is run by a hacker

  5. PR however DID schedule an event on that day. It’s highly likely that was PR.

  6. So some guys made a few PR bots? Big Whoop.

  7. I highly doubt it was LT, they wouldn’t be that stupid to pull that bot move. They definitely wouldn’t make it obvious like whoever controlled these bots did by saying “ACP FAILS” etc.. I highly doubt this was LT

  8. @Tan, Funny thing is, they would do that.

    • In your opinion. Perhaps in my opinion, ACP would do whatever it takes to win a war, including hack or use bots to frame LT and get an auto win.

  9. If anyone remembers a few months ago when PR came back, they created a software called the Blitzcring and some more that makes bots and you can command a army of buttons with one word typed into the program. More info here.

  10. i remember when PR used bots few months ago rex it was indeed annoying yet some of those werent bots funks if you didnt know that your screwed even more then you are right now

  11. Lul my bots harhar. This is just the beginning harhar.

    • May I join the Purple Republic? *wary* Meet me on light troops chat at 4:30 am EST. Pretty early, but try to make it.

  12. I was going to say that it was Blizzard.
    Then I scrolled down.
    Blizz u fag

  13. You can clearly see they are The Purple Republic but the question is who set them off?

  14. It’s PR alright, there back. PR are a bot army, they’re mainly made out of bots, but some penguins, if that WAS PR, then lets just hope they don’t go too far, and if they do, then armies might have to team up to stop them.

  15. Those bots are not LT’s. I assumed they were PR.

  16. those are the new Purple Republic created by Blizzard880

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