Inside the UMA: Coups, Rebellion and Civil War?

The Underground Mafia has been in a bit of a power struggle lately. The last day or two, internal problems have caused chaos within the army. Early on July 29, UMA leader Zak posted the following concerning the situation in the mafia:

Today has been a messy, MESSY day. We’ve had two coups, a rebellion, and quite soon, a civil war. Earlier today, it was announced that Wgfv had couped Coolster114 and I.

After alleged attempts of taking over the army to himself, Wgfv was fired by Zak with support of three-fourths of the Owners, claiming Wfgv “and his selfish lust for power shan’t be tolerated.”

Later on July 29, Zak made a post saying that he was wrong about Wfgv, claiming “Wgfv was not tyrannical. He didn’t do a thing, nor did he plan to. This was all a set-up.” According to Zak, it was not Wfgv who was the culprit but Tsar Seth. It was discovered that Tsar Seth devised the entire thing, intending to spread chaos and come out on top in rebellion.

After this, a certain “Operation: Valkyrie” was initiated. As part of this, 1ic Derek and 2ics Lootking and Reddbud were able to get back the chat pass from Seth and injure the rebellion. Lootking had the following to say about the Operation:

Today Me,  Redd, and Derek made a big impact on the rebellion. I tricked Seth into giving me chat pass and we affected them greatly, we showed them that we are SMART, and that we can really hit hard.

The rebellion is currently still active but the UMA are not worried. According to leader Coolster, the rebellion is too small and is mainly non-UMA troops. But will this distract the army from remaining high in the Top Ten? More news as it comes.


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  1. Good post. It’s funny because you literally posted 1 minute after me!

  2. Rofl

  3. There is like a rebellion or something every month.

  4. Okay, let’s be serious here. When ISN’T there a power struggle in the UMA? If I had to guess, I’d say that 1/2 of the people who have ever joined that army have been leader at some point.

  5. Gahhh UMA is a bloody mess, there is a new leader every day. Ever heard of live and let die? I love UMA but I think this is one army that can’t let go…

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    theres my name

  7. Hey look my name. xD

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