Army Rankings – Top Ten Armies 6-25-12

Hey, guys time for a new top 10! Again, I apologize for the site being so inactive, and the top 10 being late.Puck is still on vacation, and I’ve been busy this week due to unexpected family issues. This week, I’ll be free! So I’ll get back to posting regularly again! 😀 Click on “continue reading” to view the top 10

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Do We Limit Some of The Basic Human Rights?

To answer the question in the title you have to ask yourself a question.


Obviously rights are basic things that any human being can do in his life. A very big right that people always make a big deal is about the FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! The Freedom of Speech is the right given saying that you can say whatever you want without getting in trouble for it. You can protest with words, you can write whatever you want about someone and simply no one can stop you. Of course the GOVERNMENT has put some restriction to it; like you can’t verbally harass someone.

So what does this have to do with Club Penguin?

Well since you asked I will tell. If you haven’t noticed armies very strictly control the power of speech on army chats. An army that I always thought very strongly controls the freedom of speech is the Army of Club Penguin. No swearing, no advertising, no inappropriate language, etc.  Of course they do all this to make their army seem more child appropriate for the younger people in armies. But really, when you think about, it is just plain censorship. Also I find this problem in every army: No Advertising! You can not link a chat without getting banned, why? Mostly because everyone is a worry wart and thinks they are going to lose half the chat, which rarely happens.

So my question to you guys? Do you think CP Armies are too controlling of what is said on their chats and in posts? Do you think some of these chats are really enforcing censorship too much? Can you think of any other rights that are being restricted (any country)?

That’s it and have a nice day everybody, this post in not made to make armies look bad, remember, in armies, you will always have the right to bear arms!

Albaro Lord

The Rising People’s Republic Army

This Time, I’m going to talk about an army that is slightly larger than The Sharks but it’s kind of important. Some People say that People’s Republic Army is an alliance but really they are an incredible army! If you never heard of them then read this post… Continue reading

Restoring Mammoth: Signups

This post is just for signups for the Mammoth Restoration Project. In order to sign up, your army must get 5+ at ALL events. When commenting, you will need to include the following information:


1. Your CP Name

2. Your Army and Your Rank in the Army

3. Average number of troops over the past week at events


NOTE: When signing up, everyone is asked to reply to their own comment on Friday with updated averages of your armies size.

NOTE 2: If your army doesnt get 10+ at events, then you will automatically be placed in the battling group on Mammoth and can simply post the date/times on your site.

In order for this to work out, we will close sign ups on Friday so that we can begin scheduling events for the following week. The first set date will be Friday, July 5th. All information will be posted on next weekend for times and information.

Remember, armies will be split into 2 groups depending on their size and rotate RANDOMLY. You will either be placed in a battling group or in a recruiting group.

Battling group: Battles anyone on Mammoth in your assigned rooms. You will be able to fight anyone on Mammoth, but you will have to fight in certain rooms in order to attract attention.

Recruiting group: Recruits on an assigned server at your assigned rooms. You will be given phrases to say which you will pass onto your troops. Larger armies will be given higher popualted servers and more rooms to recruit in.

After the sign ups are complete, there will be 1 post with the master list of armies, and it will include which armies are fighting and which armies are recruiting. As of now, from July 6th-July 8th, armies will stick with their group and wont rotate until the following week so that there isnt any confusion. There will be 1 post for the battling group and 1 post for the recruiting group. It is up to the leaders of the armies to post the correct information given, which is why they are required to read the master list with their assigned group, followed by the date/time post later this weekend.

Armies that have currently signed up:

Ice Warriors: 35-40
ACP: 35-40
Nachos: 35
UMA: 15-20
– SWAT: 15-20
Army Republic: 15
Golds: 15
DCP: 15
– Shadow Troops: 15
Metal Warriors: 10-15
Pizza Warriors: 10
Pretzels: 10
Water Raiders: 10
Elites: 10

PC me on IW chat or comment with any questions.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

An Important Announcement

Splasher: Apologies for so many stickies, but we’re still running 2 tournaments, updating our pages and hiring staff. 

An important announcement from SMAC’s Head of Site.

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Arctic Warriors – Dying?

Hello SMAC Viewers!

Today I am here to report to you about an army that has been around for a while, and looks like they’re almost dead. This army is Arctic Warriors. And I’d just like to mention one thing, I’m back! 😀

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Legends Summit [TODAY!]

Due to vast problems that have risen in the legends voting, we will no longer be giving the viewers the right to vote for the legends page because we cannot stop the candidates asking people to vote. Sorry if this is short notice but I need to sort it out today. All legends are invited and upper CPAC staff.

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Restoring Mammoth

Mammoth, the home of CP armies. Above is a picture of when the Roman helmet was first released, and it was the start of wars at Mammoth Dojo, and possibly at the server Mammoth in general. Throughout 2006, 2007, and 2008, almost all battles were fought on Mammoth. It wasn’t until the server became completely full that we had to find a new home to battle. Unfortunately, Mammoth died, mainly because the population is at rock bottom. If Mammoth was populated again, then armies could log on anytime they wanted, recruit at the town or plaza, and head on over to the dojo to battle. Is it possible to make it happen? Let’s find out.

The main goal that Capn and I are planning on is to restore Mammoth using everyone in the CP army community. The whole idea is to have a few armies schedule battles on Mammoth, and have other armies plan “recruiting” sessions on multiple servers to “recruit” people into going to Mammoth. It seems simple, but it needs testing.

The only problem with the dojo is the 4 matts on the ground. Solution: ignore them. We would have a smaller amount of space, but people could use the resting spot in the upper part of the dojo (as seen in the 1st picture). Other than that, we can use other rooms to fight in (although we would still use the dojo, obviously).

In order for this to work, we would need to form 2 groups. A battling group, and a recruiting group. Armies will rotate RANDOMLY, but the battling group will have fewer armies. The reason for this is because 2 armies can easily fill 1 room, BUT if we only have 2 armies fighting, then people would ONLY join those 2 armies, which is why we need a “few”, multiple armies. And by multiple I mean in different sizes. For instance, we could have 5-6 armies in the Dojo, and 2-3 in the Snow Forts. As long as new people are fighting on Mammoth, we’ll be reaching our goal sooner.

In order for everything to work out, we will need SEVERAL armies to “recruit”. By recruiting, I mean recruiting for Mammoth. An army will be assigned a populated server to split up and recruit on saying “HUGE BATTLE AT MAMMOTH”, and other phrases that we will create as time goes on. Recruiting is a very easy task, but takes up a lot of time.

Remember, not ALL battles were fought at Mammoth Dojo, armies would meet up while recruiting and battle it out whatever room they were in, or would raid the bases of the larger armies, which may be possible to recreate if this project is successful.

Overall, the great war server of Mammoth can be restored once again as long as the current generation of the CP army community is able to work together and fight for the one thing that we’ve all been waiting for, a true CP war.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

Conference Quarterfinals Results [CONF. SEMIS TIMES HERE]

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The Sharks Army

Hello SMAC, Today I’m going to be talking about a new army called the Sharks. They were created on the 9th June 2012 by Tootsiepop 6. They currently have the size of a small army.  Continue reading