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 The battles to win the Sweet Sixteen Tournament continued on as each army that battled yesterday faced elimination from the tournament completely. Only two armies were able to move on, and those two winners may surprise you. Read on to find out who!

The winner’s bracket in the tournament has already been completed with the Ice Warriors winning and advancing to the championship to face the army who comes out on top from the loser’s bracket. The four armies battling yesterday all hoped to reach the finals to face the IW, but only two were able to move on.

Underground Mafias Army vs. Army Republic

The Underground Mafias Army were shocked to even be in the loser’s bracket after a close and tough loss to the Nachos. With their amazing performance of sizes of 30+ and great tactics against the Nachos, many expected the UMA to be a wild card in the loser’s bracket to win it all. However, the Army Republic had other ideas. The AR have also been rising lately still reaching 15-20 troops in their events and in their war with the SWAT.

By the time the battle started, the UMA didn’t arrive with the same sizes like they had against the Nachos. This time they only had about 20 soldiers while the AR matched their size with about 20 troops as well. With an almost even match in size, it proved to be a very close battle. However, by the time the battle ended, the judges claimed the Army Republic were the bigger army, had better tactics, and were more consistent. In a stunning upset, the Army Republic moves on!

The Army Republic now moves on to face the Ninjas in the next round.

Golds vs. League of Lighting

After merging with the Dark Warriors, the Golds have continued to rise and move along through the tournament. After the Fort Ghost Recon fell, the Golds took their place in the tournament. However, since the FGR lost their first round battle, the Golds had to begin their journey in the loser’s bracket. They have been charging through the tournament defeating army by army to meet their next opponent the League of Lighting.

In the battle, the Golds outnumbered the LoL with the Golds have about 15 soldiers while the LoL only had about 10 troops. With the Golds larger size and strong tactics, it was an easy decision for the judges to make. It was announced that the Golds had won and continue on despite not being in the tournament originally.

The Golds move on to face the SWAT.


Tournament Battles:

Ninjas vs. AR

Klondike, Dock

3 EST, 2 CST, 1 MST, 12 PST, 8 UK

SWAT vs. Golds

Klondike, Ice Berg

4 EST, 3 CST, 2 MST, 1 PST, 9 UK

Practice Battles:


Nachos vs. Light Troops


Ice Shelf: 3:30 EST, 2:30 CST, 1:30 MST, 12:30 PST, 8:30 UK



UMA vs. Pirates

Sabertooth: 2 EST, 1 CST, 12 MST, 11 PST, 7 UK

Polar: 6 EST, 5 CST, 4 MST, 3 PST, 11 UK


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