Ice Warriors On The Rise?

Hi! I am Antant98 and I just got the job of being the first CPAC Reporter. This is my first article and I hope I have done a good job to entertain you guys. Well, Have fun my first article.The Ice Warriors have now taken the Nachos number two in the CPAC Top Ten. People thought that after Iceyfeet1234’s retirement, the Ice Warriors would start to fall. However, this army has proven that they were not going to fall, but were going to rise. Sure Iceyfeet1234, first leader and creator of IW was a good leader to the Ice Warriors. He has given five years of service to his army, but unforunatly had to retire due to school. This was a shocking and sad retirement for the Ice Warriors, but they had to forget about it and think about the future for their great army. Albert is currently the leader of IW and has done a great job to make this army prosper again, but is it true?  In the CPAC Sweet 16th Tournament people expected IW to go out in the early stages. Also people thought that IW would go out of the CPAC Top Ten soon. Iceyfeet1234 stated that his goal for the summer is to get IW sizes of 100+, and as of now, he’s definitely on the right track.

The Ice Warriors have done great in the CPAC Sweet 16th Tournament. They had some tough battles, but have managed to pull it throw and go forward. In this tournament IW sizes have started to increase and their tactics were impressive. The most toughest battles they had in this tournament were against the Ninjas and the Nachos. The Ice Warriors have made it to all the way to the finals and are waiting to see who they will face next. Here are some of their pics during this tournament:

Ice Warriors doing a text bomb (“LOL HI”).

Ice Warriors doing joke bombs on the Ninjas!

Nice Sick bombs to cover the Nachos war face.


As you can see, the Ice Warriors have gained sizes and improved on their tactics in this tournament under new the leadership of Albert. The Ice Warriors sizes for the tournament battles are 30-40 troops on CP. They need to show the same performances, but even better in the finals. The Ice Warriors are looking good so far, but is it enough to say that they will most likely win this tournament? We would just have to sit back and see what happens in the finals. The date and times for the CPAC Sweet 16th finals will be posted on the site later on this week.


Interview- Daleboxtel Ice Warriors 3ic





Do you mind if I interview you for my CPAC Post?


Sure thing.


How has IW been doing after Iceyfeet1234’s retirement?


We’ve been doing all right, but not good enough. People sometimes won’t listen to Albert, and Icey has to come in and tell them to do so.


What do you think about IW’s performances in the Sweet 16th Tournament?


Well, we’ve been doing okay. We have good sizes, but we must get better. Although I am known for my harshness, I say that without a doubt.


How has Albert been doing in his new role of being the leader?


Albert has been leading his battles with expertise, but I think maybe he could be SLIGHTLY more active.


How do you think IW will do in the CPAC Sweet 16th Finals?


We are hoping to at least get second, but we are expecting to get first because of our Secret Operations.


Thanks for your time.


No problem.

Well, after this interview, we know that things are not going great in the current leadership of Albert. You will think that Ice Warriors are doing well with their new leadership but they are not. As you can see, Iceyfeet1234 has to come in and make everyone listen to Albert. Albert has been a little inactive when he had got leadership. But he needs to get more active to prove that he is the best person to take Iceyfeet1234’s place of being leader. The Ice Warriors think that they could win the tournament with their “Secret Operations” which we do not know what that is at this point. But the Ice Warriors also have doubts that they will get second place as well.

Will the Ice Warriors win the CPAC Sweet 16th Finals with Albert as leader? What is the “Secret Operations” IW have in mind? How will IW get along with Albert’s leadership in the future and will it lead to a fall or a rise of this army? Comment about your thoughts towards this issue.

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  1. It’s Daleboxtel, not Dalebox. <3

  2. First! I hope you guys liked the post.

    • See, THAT’S how you do an interview. Use it to add to what you’ve already said and then you explained it as a conclusion. THAT’S how it’s done. Very good and an excellent post at that!

  3. We are sooooo awesome! 😀

  4. herro this is 313f1 i went to that thing good work cpac

  5. Icey is more active now than he was before he was “retired”…

  6. Good post!

  7. Awesome post and Icewarriors are rising , we’re trying to prove we can do good with out new leader. We also want to show that our army has the best tactics and are good at following orders. (:

  8. Well, IW should have gotten #1 in the Top Ten, I can tell you that. That V line is way better than any tactic ACP has done recently and IW is just as big.

  9. So many posts are about armies either on the “rise” or “fall”.

  10. Very good post, Antman. Just remember to use a featured image (I added this one for you).

    Also, I would agree with Vick here. As well written as this post is, a post about an actual battle is more useful to the viewer (and takes less time for you as the reporter to write).

    • Thank you Wolton and I am Antant, not Antman. Also what is a featured image? Lastly what xat can I find you?

      • Whoops, sorry about that. 😛 A featured image is what goes into the slider placeholder on the front page (they’re what make our site so pretty looking). There’s a guide for using them on the staff site (check your email for confirmation to get onto this site). And I don’t go on Xat often, but usually I’m on the ACP or Ninjas chat when I am.

  11. awsome! I’m a ice warrior at heart but also am in nachos! SPICEY SALSA! I only joined both a few days ago but I’m a sergent in ice warriors and a corperal in nachos but when we had to battle i chose ice warriors GO ICEYFEET (who now gags me for a reason… I don’t pay much attention, so there) AND ALBERT!

  12. I’m guessing it’s either because of Albert’s leadership or Wwe’s recruiting.

  13. Why did you interview Dale? And not like Alb or a 2ic.

  14. Great post, only one thing and that is try not to add the “Hi CPAC” part!

  15. Icey and alb dont tell them to listen, I do. I yell at them, when they arent listening to anything we say, And I say it politely when they’re sorta listening.

  16. Good post 😀

  17. anyway nice post antant you maybe remember me or you maybe dont but you un banned me on ACP chat when chris/smsm 3 thought i was PR and banned me but i forgive ye chris and thats all i have to say

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