CPAC Sweet 16 Tournament First Semi Final | Who Will The Victor Be Battling?

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CPAC Sweet 16 Tournament Semi-Final

The Nachos, and Ice Warriors both 2 armies from CPAF’s current top 3 armies had to battle it out in a semi-final battle in Club Penguin Army Centrals Sweet 16 Tournament. Where Ice Warriors had great results, and Nachos didn’t seem quiet to be at their best. Nachos only seemed to get about 20-25 troops. Ice Warriors claim they reached 35-40 troops. There’s not much else to say about this, but here’s what high ranks from each army had to say.

Puckley (Nacho Second in Command):

“Sure, we may not have performed up to our full potential today, but this does not mean we will give up on our goal of winning this tournament after one loss. We are down, but we’re not out. The tournament is set up in a double elimination format, so we can still fight our way to victory. We will get another shot at the Ice Warriors in the finals, but first we must focus on our next battle which our opponent has yet to be determined.

Stay strong, Nachos. This is our year, remember? Our last few battles have been outstanding, so this one will not overshadow what we’ve done so far. We will rebound and prove to everyone how great the Nachos really are. And hey, we still had about 25 Nachos there, so if that’s a bad day for us I say we’re doing pretty good!”

Albert417(Ice Warriors Leader):

“If you remember not too long ago, we had a practice battle with the Nachos, in the exact same room as today’s. That one had resulted in a tie. However, we saw today’s rematch with major improvement from us. In fact, we were able to take the victory. We averaged sizes of 35-40 and at times 40+ in the mine, with about 5+ troops stuck outside of the Mine. Our emote tactics were brilliant, and we took advantage of large formations. Everyone who attended this event received 15 medals! Pictures of the event have been posted below.”

Nacho second in command Puckley trying to keep Nachos’ morale up as an army troop would for their army.  Reassuring them they’re not out of the tournament yet, they still have one more shot, and they’re not giving up. Albert417 congratulating his army on their improvement, due to their victory against Nachos. He even re-called their last encounter with Nachos in a practice battle where they tied. This time Ice Warriors were able to come out victorious.

Pictures of Battle:

[Taken from Ice Warriors site; none were posted on Nacho site]

Seems like it was a pretty epic performance for Ice Warriors! I’d like to congratulate Ice Warriors on making it to the finals. Nachos were sent to the losers bracket.

Who Will The Victor Be Battling?

Well we now know that Ice Warriors will be contending CPAC’s Sweet 16 Tournament Final, but now the question is; who will they be battling at the final? There are six possible armies that Ice Warriors might be battling at the finals. Here is a list of the possible armies Ice Warriors will be battling at the finals:

  • Nachos
  • Special Weapons and Tactics
  • Golds
  • Underground Mafias Army
  • Army Republic
  • Ninjas

Those are the six remaining armies in the “losers” bracket. You might be thinking “Woah, but didn’t Ice Warriors just defeat Nachos?” Yes, but as the brackets name states they were sent to the “losers” bracket. So they still have one more chance to avenge themselves. Nachos will be battling at another semi-final battle. While all these other armies are still battling to determine who will be battling Nachos at the other semi final battle. Since Army Republic successfully defeated Underground Mafias Army earlier today they will be encountering  Ninjas at their next tournament battle. While Special Weapons and Tactics will be battling against Golds at their next tournament battle. The victor from each of those battles will then be battling it out against each other to see who will be battling the Nachos at the semi-final. After that the winner of that battle will go on to the finals to battle Ice Warriors! So who do you think Ice Warriors will be battling against at the finals?

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  1. I truly believe that AR may be able to pull off a win vs the Nachos, they definitely have it in them to do so.

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