Light Troops-Back On Track?

Hello CPAC,

My name is Holo2, I am a former Cpac Reporter, Blue has so kindly given me a Trial Run, so I am going to do the best I can to prove my self, but enough about me, let’s get to my topic. Light Troops-Back On Track?

Light Troops-Back On Track?

As of late, the Army known as the Light Troops have been building, after taking a spill, they have been able to come back to life.

Light Troops Showing Rather Large Size And Performing Almost Perfect Tactics.

 June 22nd, 2012, this Photo was posted on the Light Troops website, along with a few others, in this Photo, the Light Troops show  Rather Large Sizes And Almost Perfect Tactics. Proving that yes indeed, they have started over. Some of you may or may not know, but, on June 8th, 2o12, the Light Troops website was defaced, leaving the Army and it’s Leaders with nothing, causing an entire re-start. To this day (June 28th, 2012) The Light Troops have done nothing but rise to the sizes they once had.

The Leader Ship of the Light Troops are the following people,

Joee, Tylund, Ioioluk, Cargo

Managing to re-build and re-populate the army has been extremely successful, these four Leaders have shown very strong Leader Ship, maintaining outstanding sizes and excellent tactics, they sure have come a long way. 

Being world power before they were defaced, is a hard thing to let go of, building rapidly, they have almost reached that name again. On June 5th, 2012, the Light Troops were placed Number 1 in the Major Top Ten here at CPAC, with a rating of [93.42], the following is a Photo of the Light Troops when they held the Number 1 Position in the Top Ten:

1. Light Troops: The LT have managed to keep their top spot in the top ten for a second week running after averaging sizes of 35+ over the battles against the Army of CP. The LT have been winning most of their battles but the ACP have claimed victory in a lot of battles as well. Although they weren’t as big as they were last week; they are still too big for the ACP or Nachos to overtake them.

 Being at war with the Army Of Club Penguin really kept the Light Troops on their feet, always having battles to attend, the Leaders really kept at it with their Army, trying to maintain their Number 1 Spot, but before they knew it, every thing was destroyed, and nothing was left. I also took it upon myself to get an interview with a Light Troops Leader.

Interview-Tylund Light Troops Leader.




Can I interview you for CPAC?




How do you feel the Light Troops are doing after the defacing?


I feel were doing the best we can do we recovered quickly and now I think we need a war to spark some attention on us.


How hard have you been working as a Leader of the Light Troops to make the Army as good as they were before?


I’m working as hard as I can as I recruit as much as I can and try to get site active. I feel we need to get loyal troops and we will be fine.


Thanks For Your Time!



As you can see, a very confident Leader like Tylund feels that he and the others can accomplish the things they had accomplished before, it just takes time and effort!


 In my opinion, i feel that the Light Troops are indeed, back on track, they have been getting almost the same sizes as before, and the tactics are top-notch, just like always, but the big question is, what do YOU think? As a reader of CPAC, I want to know what you really think? Comment below and let us know!

I hope you enjoyed my post, until next time!

Holo2 Out!

~Holo2||CPAC Trial Reporter||

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  1. First! 😀

  2. 2nd

  3. Good post holo

  4. Very well orchastrated

  5. Thanks Ek *wary*

  6. good post but i dont like the fact that the LT are rising cause they dont deserve it i hate that stinkin rude army

  7. Good post-but short

  8. Very good post, Holo. Just remember to categorize your posts in “army news” or they don’t show up on the home page! Also, I’ll add you to the staff site, as I don’t think you have been, so check your email to accept that.

  9. Tylund, stop lying, you barely come to LT events.
    Also, LT is like Tiger Woods at the moment. We aren’t back at our primal level, but we’ve had a good start.

  10. stop with the italics!

  11. Just don’t italicize and bold everything, and you’re good. I kinda got dizzy lol. Overall, good post.

  12. It was a good post, but you don’t need that font/bold/whatever. Keep it simple but pretty 😀

  13. Sorry, it’s just how I post haha :p

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