Setting Things Right

This post is not to be drafted, edited, trashed, or in any way altered from its original form by any member of the CPA Central Staff.

Yeah, I know that we had intended to stop staff communication on the site. But in that flawed system, this is the only way to make sure ALL staff see it.


I’ve had enough.

This will be a rant post, in a sense, directed towards several people. I am not angry with any of you in a sense, but it seems this is the only way I can actually make changes on this site, so that I will do.

Firstly, I need to address posting. Specifically, reporting. I have received a recent barrage of complaints about many things as of late. Let me set this straight. CPAC will be releasing a feature allowing viewers to Submit their own philosophies, and though we no longer have set philosopher jobs, we will allow reporters to do occasional philosophy from time to time. This will be better clarified later. Reporters, you are required to post NEWS related items most of the time, and to only post Army in Focus and the like as fillers when there is no news. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read all the staff site guides. They are absolutely crucial to you.

Secondly, our temporary staff. Chris and Icey, I need you to stop flooding the main page. Chris, try to cut down on unnesscessary tournament posts. Try to consolidate. Icey, if you want to post these projects like the Mammoth one, you need Funks or my approval, and your posts still need to follow the format of all the the other authors. (I.E., correctly sized featured image, proper title, etc.)

Finally, to Woton. I understand that you, as creator, know much about CPAC and have the ability to make changes here. But you have taken far too much liberty by now. Some time ago, you approached me with a project set to take two weeks. It has now been 2 months. You continue starting more projects while never finishing the old ones, and seem to continually make crucial decisions without consulting Funks or I. There are so many half finished features and pages around, and you continue to undertake new projects. I’m not saying I don’t like what you’re doing. But we need to actually get some features finished. If the viewers like a post type or philosophy, it is not our place to say it is a bad post. The viewers are always right. I understand that you want what is best for CPAC, want to make it more organized. But this has to stop.

In the end, Funks and I are still the two acting Heads of Site. And I ask that you please consult us before starting these projects or changing the way things are run around here. And also, the critiscim of reporter posts… I think Fiasco put this best:

CPAC currently reminds me of one of those restaurants where the manager is yelling at the waiters. You know, one of those restaurants you never want to go near again…

We need to stop harassing the reporters on their posts. Small critiscms like Funks and I do are fine, but these massive comments basically telling them to go check the staff site on how to make a real post – they need to stop.

I know you want what’s best for CPAC. And so do I. But what we are doing now, it is not helping. It is simply creating more chaos and confusion, and above all, more viewer discontent.


 CPA Central Head of Site

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  1. Looks like you actually kinda listened to me, thanks blue

  2. Revert back to the old theme. Please.

  3. No top 10 this week?

  4. It seems as though Woton never retired.

  5. Kick them to the curb, Woton.

  6. More posts end of story.

  7. I know this isn’t really addressed at us, but I have to agree. The few times I find new posts here are never anything I really want to read. And there is plenty to report about for Major armies. Also, the last Top Ten was a week from yesterday. If you are taking my advice on posting them every two weeks so they actually mean something, then right on but changes like that should be announced. Otherwise, I think a Top Ten is due.

  8. More post please.

  9. Woo go Blue!!

  10. Sexxyyyy rannnnttt duuuuuuudddeee :33333


  12. Just to be fair, we can’t really complain about the dropping post numbers, post quality and reporters. CP armies have less people joining. Most of the people with good grammar and quality have already had a go. There aren’t many people left to hire.

  13. CP Army Files could be better than CPAC with some better gfx.

  14. Blue2, may I have the link to the staff site please? Thanks again,


  15. The old theme was much more optically attractive.

  16. What annoys me, first I made this really long post, and people complained it was too long with no pictures or colors, then I made a shorter post with pics and color and people complained it was too short.

  17. Blue, I definitely understand your discontent. Let me explain a few things:

    – All of the features are done. The reason those pages are drafted is because I want to release everything at one time, as to take up less space. Right now, I’m just waiting on Poch for a few GFX. I’ll be releasing everything sometime next week.

    – When I make a comment on a reporters post, I only make it once. This means that, yes, I may make a fairly long comment, but I expect them to listen to me and change their mistakes in the future, so I will never make a comment on one of their posts again.

    – I’ve been trying as much as possible not to overstep my boundaries in terms of acting like I’m taking control of the site away from you and Funks, and I feel terrible that it looks like I have. I promise you that I really am just here to upgrade the site, set up these features, and go. This was something that I always wanted to do during the sites first year, but I never got the funding together to do so. I really apologize if I’ve offended you or Funks at all. I think you are both very intelligent and capable people, and I have absolute trust that you’ll continue to run this site well.

    – I know that it’s taken way too long to set up these features. If you really want to know, the reason I first thought it would be done in two weeks is because I was on Spring Break at the time and would have been able to use a lot of my time to set up the site. Instead, there was a massive WordPress glitch and I have to spend those two weeks waiting for it to be fixed. Since then, because of school, I haven’t had much time singularly to finish things up. However, as I said above, I really am almost done.

    In conclusion, I realize now that I am not in the same position I used to be. I used to walk around (or click around, I guess) with a hell lot of swagger doing whatever I wanted because I was, after all, Woton. However, this is not my world anymore, so I promise I will finish up my changes and be gone forever (except checking in every once in a while, because that’s a nice thing to do).

    • I also apologize, as I may have come off a bit harsh. It’s not that I don’t want you here; I have nothing but respect for you and what you’ve done. I just felt there were some things that needed to be said, especially after some of the complaints I have receieved.

  18. Good post! All of this is true, it’s time to go back to the old Design, it is far to complicated to locate posts on site, it is also very boring to come here and read things that no one cares about, start posting on Battles or Wars, something that your viewers honestly care to read about. It has gone rather far, it is about time it is addressed, because this is turning into a mess.

  19. Meh, CPAC = “dropping” in all aspects.

  20. WOOHOO BLUE. No more philosophy = more news posts. CPAC really needs to pick up the number of posts. Currently, I’m more interested in SMAC simply because there are more posts, better quality posts and they pop out at me more because I dislike this theme.

  21. I’m still annoyed you never updated the pages with the accurate comments i made on the leaders, and I’d REALLY like to be page maintainer, i have begged for months now (annoying i may be :P) but i’d seriously like the have the job, find me on xat sometime, and i’d appreciate it if you fixed the leaders page with my comments

  22. Post more, and have real philosophers. If all we have on this site are army posts then it is dead because there is nothing going on in the army world. Old CPAC before the project was better. We had philosophy from the intelligent, and they were well liked. We didn’t have a youwrite and it was enjoyable to come on site. It looks like a news paper, but it is bland. Old CPAC was a newspaper, look at a real newspaper. it has ads, sports, headlines, comics, weather and a column on where people asked someone stuff and he/she gave advice. CPAC is more like a blog then ever and it sucks. if we want to focus on one thing then why are we CPAC and not Club Penguin Army News. Because battle reports is army news. We don’t centralize on army news if all we post is army news. Make the site enjoyable to look at and read. Revert it back to

  23. I think the problem with CPAC is that it has lost it’s identity. I thought CPAC was a club penguin army news site. Setting up tournaments and philosophy has nothing to do with news. Philosophy has taken up way to much space. It seems almost half of the posts on CPAC are about philosophy.

  24. does anyone on this site have actual journalism experience/education? prob not, don’t even know how to format an article correctly.

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