CPAC Sweet 16 Tournament Battle| Nachos vs SWAT| Ice Warriors vs Ninjas

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We have 2 results of Club Penguin Army Central’s Sweet 16 Tournament battles today! First off we’ll be talking about Nachos vs Special Weapons and Tactics[SWAT]. Then we’ll go on to Ice Warriors vs Ninjas


Yesterday on June 26th Nachos, and SWAT both battled it out to determine who will advance in CPAC’s tournament, and who will get sent to the losers bracket of the tournament. SWAT didn’t have much to say about the battle other than it was great, and they only had half of their size, but other than that it was great. Here’s what Zakthepik (Nacho Third in Command) had to say:

Zaktheepik[Nacho third in command]:

“Hola Nachos! Today, we had our Round 3 Battle versus SWAT. And you know what we did? We owned. We maxed around 30+ and had pretty good tactics. We could have done much better, but hey, we won! We’ll be facing the Ice Warriors next round, which you can find the post on that here. Let’s keep on dominating, and make it to the finals.”

Zak, is obviously very proud of the Nacho army, and they’re hoping (as every other army in the tournament is) to reach the tournament finals, and win the tournament!

Pictures of Battle:

[Taken from Nacho site, due to SWAT not posting any pictures]

Nachos were claimed the victors; SWAT is now in the losers bracket.

Ice Warriors vs Ninjas

This seemed like a very good match-up. I wish I could have witnessed it myself.  It seemed both armies pulled out impressive results. Ice Warriors claim they reached “30-35” but Ninjas say they only maxed 20. So Ice Warriors had the upper-hand in size. . Here’s what owner ranks from each army had to say:

Albert417[IW leader]:

“Today, we had a great battle against the Ninjas. After a bit of ranting to get everyone on, we soon found ourselves doing well throughout it. We did so well that we had pulled a well deserved victory!  We had sizes of 30-35, and our emote tactics were perfect. I liked the “N” formation that we had made at one point. Everyone that attended received 10 medals! Pictures from this event are posted below!”

Doesn’t say who posted results on Ninjas site:

“Hey everyone. Today we faced IW in the Sweet 16 tourney! Although we did not have our best battle, we are still in the tourney due to the Double Elimination. We maxed 20 today, and our tactics were good! Here are some pics:”

Both seemed very pleased by the battle itself, and had a great time. Now lets take a look at some pictures of the battle:

Pictures of Battle:

[Taken from both Ninjas, and Ice Warriors site]

Seems like it was a pretty good match up, doesn’t it?! Wish I was there! Anyways, Ice Warriors were claimed the victors, and Ninjas are now in the loser bracket.

Well, that’s about it! Good luck to all the armies in the tournament!

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  2. These were one of the best battles so far, including Nachos vs UMA

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