Upcoming Nachos and Army of Club Penguin war?

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 A battle between two of the greatest armies in Club Penguin Army history. One of  the biggest rivalries in CP Army history; Nachos vs Army of Club Penguin [ACP]. A war that has been in high-demand lately. Might actually come to be pretty soon. On June 24th Chrisi Blule(Nacho Leader) scheduled a tactics session, but did not state the server they would be go on, and just stated that the server will be decided during the time of the event on the chat. June 25th the day of Nacho’s tactic session had come, and it was time for their event. The entire army began to discuss what server they should have their event on many troops began saying they want war with the ACP, and they should raid one of ACP’s servers. That’s exactly what they did. They decided to raid ACP’s capital server Breeze. In return ACP decided to raid Nacho’s capital server Fjord. Here’s what IceyCold27 (ACP Second in command) had to say about what happened:

“On June 24th, Nachos scheduled a raid but it was undecided whom they were going to raid.  Of course when the time came all of their soldiers picked ACP; us being their natural rival.  Owners had a feeling that this would happen so we got sight of it quickly and logged on to Breeze (which is the server they picked).  Nachos were bigger by around five more but were losing size.  The town was full so both weren’t that big.  Flipper7706 came and told us to move to Fjord in which we got much bigger.  We did so and did pretty good.  We maxed twenty, I believe.  Sadly I only took three pictures.”

As you can see, ACP were already having a feeling Nachos would raid them. Which I’m pretty sure many people did as well.  So they wasted no time in taking  action. They went to defend their capital first, then decided to raid Nacho’s capital. IceyCold27 was also able to admit Nachos were bigger for an amount of time, but once ACP switched servers they had the upper hand. Here’s something else IceyCold27 had to say:

Oberst543Nacho leader, assured me that it was just all in good fun.  I guess it would have been fun, but since the they didn’t tell Flipper7706 nor Kenneth1000 about it– ACP might take it as an attack.”

Oberst543 tried to assure them that it was just an event for “fun”. ACP on the other hand seems to be a bit suspicious towards Nachos. They’re not sure whether their leaders Flipper7706, and Kenneth1000 will take it as an attack or not. We’ll just have to see what happens. What do you think will happen?  Here’s a picture of Nachos raid on ACP’s capital Breeze, and ACP’s raid on Nachos capital Fjord.

 Nachos Raid of Breeze

Army of Club Penguin’s Raid of Fjord

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  1. acp r ghey

  2. ACP capital is Breeze <3

    • Oh whoops, that was an accident. I have a tendency of mixing up Blizzard and Breeze a lot xD. Thanks for pointing that out.<3

  3. We, if you keep up with the posting on CPAF, I will switch from CPAC (who haven’t posted their top ten cough cough) to CPAF. I hope you still don’t hate me (wary). You guys are ten timesm more active than CPAC.

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