Joining Club Penguin Army Central

Hi guys,

I have joined CPAC for mostly one reason to have fun.  Also I wanted to help out and make the right choices.

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The Battle for Glacier- Team Gold and Pretzels

Hello CPAC readers! I am your new reporter. First a short paragraph about me then onto the exciting battle for Glacier. Please Read More-…

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New Philosopher [1] // New Reporters [6] // New Trial Reporters [3]

❗ Invites have been sent out. Any problems please comment ❗

This was a very hard decision to make because so many people applied. However, several people stood out and are given the position as a CPAC staff members. Ten people have been hired.

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Top Ten Armies: 26/03/12 // Champions Cup Semi-Finals

Welcome to the final edition of the March Top ten lists following the Quarter-Finals of the Champions Cup. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for the information for the Semi-Finals.

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Comic: Watch the Sky

Yet another comic crafted by your’s truly.

This time, it’s about two pilots who pilot a plane and well, actually, just read the comic. It’s short, trust me. (And also destructive.)

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Army In Focus – Puffle Warriors

Results of the Quater Finals below.

Hey Penguins,

Today I will be talking about Puffle Warriors and how they are starting to rise back to Major Status. Hit the “Read More” button if you are Interested in reading!

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CPAC Champions Cup – Quarter-Finals – SWAT vs UMA

Size = SWAT 15 3 UMA

Tactics = SWAT 10/10 5/10 UMA

In what will probably be one of the easiest wins in the Quarter-Finals the SWAT dominated. There was nothing really to say about this battle, apart from domination.

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CPAC Champions Cup – Quarter-Finals – Metal Warriors vs Ice Warriors

Size = Metal Warriors 15 –  12 Ice Warriors

Tactics = Metal Warriors 8/10 – 7/10 Ice Warriors

In a cluster of blue at the full dock, the armies battled out in a messy encounter. It was hard to pick a winner, but only one army could go through to the next round.

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Fired Staff.

*Tylund has retired from CPAC. Thanks for reporting, tylund.

Due to the lack of posts by almost all staff members, a lot of the staff members have been fired from CPAC. We have a lot of open spots so please remain patient while we fill them.

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Army in Focus: Light Troops

Like the Dark Warriors, the Light Troops seem to be in a small bit of trouble at the moment despite being 4th in the most recent top ten list. After a very bad result and Roberto’s departure, what’s next for the LT?

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