Kingfunks4 Fired from CPAC

You have read correctly. Funks has been fired from CPAC, and I am now the sole head of site. Before you rage, let me give my reasons.

1. Funks has far too much control. He is owner in SWAT, ACP, PW, and CPAC Head. That’s too much power for one guy.

2. He’s a noob. He’s constantly raging and annoying people.

3. He’s biased towards armies he’s in or he likes.

4. He’s overpowering and often tries to take control from me.

There, you have your reasons, tell me if you don’t agree with them. We may promote someone to Head soon, or maybe not.

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPAC Head of Site

P.S.: Happy Early APRIL FOOLS! 😛

51 Responses

  1. LOL he got fired!

  2. I did not expect to read this on a saturday morning but holy testical tuesdays! 0.0

  3. EPIC! like if u agree 😀



  6. Dude u cant fire funks (RAGE) FUNKS IS EPIC

  7. LOL, I actually believed it!

  8. Knew it was April Fools before I even read the post. You’ll have to do better then that. 😛

  9. Happy April fools XD

  10. Loving the April Fools!

  11. Its funny how an LOL and an arrow point to “KingFunks4 fired”

  12. Lol, It’s not April first you guys….

  13. its not even april fools yet

  14. Good job, you really had me for a second.

  15. I didnt scroll down and told Funks he told me to scroll down

  16. April Fools much?

  17. Damn it! Make this for real because all of this is True

  18. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS (nice job but the graphic kinda gave it away)

  19. So April Fools

  20. Apperenty no one gives a crap that tomorrow is April fools day O_O

  21. Wish this was real

  22. Oh I wasnt expecting this. Well bye funks. April Fools tomorrow!!! 🙂

  23. Oh I wasnt expecting this. Well bye funks. April Fools tomorrow!!! 🙂 If this is real probs not LOL!

  24. …Is this real OR NOT? O_O

  25. April Fools? LOL 😛

  26. i knew it wasn’t real when he didn’t say anything about the new top ten maker.


  28. I had a moment of false hope.

    Joke. D:

  29. Shad for CPAC Head.

  30. I find it weird that GD is in the SMAC header and the CPAC header

  31. LOL, Funks shat his pants when he saw this title!

  32. can we just stop pretending it’s an april fools joke when it’s actually serious

  33. If you said he was biased tword the armies he was in, and one of those was ACP, doesn’t that mean CPAC was bias tword ACP all along while he was head?

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