CPA Central Becoming Self Hosted

Woton: Tomb, I need you to do something with the domain for me. I sent you an email.

Tomb edit: I am somewhat bewildered by the fact that all these months of me suggesting to go self hosted, my ideas were shot down. Thank you Woton, for finally upgrading everyone here. Also, I need to talk to you. I can get hosting for us for nearly nothing. 😉

As you may have heard, some major changes will be coming to CPA Central in the near future. All of these changes will start with CPA Central becoming self hosted, which I and the CPA Central staff members, are currently doing. More information about the exciting changes coming to CPA Central and the ways that this self hosting will benefit your viewing experience coming soon.

For now, we ask that you remain patient, as there may be some noticeable technical difficulties in the near future (although there also may be none at all). Hopefully, this will not interfere with the current Champions Cup. Thanks for your support.


18 Responses

  1. Firstnesss

  2. Okay thank you Woton 😀

  3. Ok

  4. wtf is self hosting

  5. YEAH!

  6. Haven’t we tried self hosting before? Or was that just a new theme?

  7. Good. Now you can fix the problem with the mobile site.

  8. Woton, can you email me a log in code? I haven’t got one yet. [email protected]

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