What causes an army to rise?

Hello, and welcome to another post. This time we’ll be discussing what causes an army to rise. It is a debatable topic and thus this is my view. Anyways, what actually causes a army to rise and get into the top 10. After all, that’s every army’s secret goal.

Let’s start on what we mentioned in the previous paragraph, the top 10. It’s the utmost goal for nearly every CP army, some can get into it within 24 hours, like DCP did back when Wwe created it. Or some, with hard work and patience. The end result being, they die or they carry on. But what causes an army to rise and defeat the opposition despite all the costs? Leaders? Troops? Just plain luck? It could be all or none of these things. Even if you devote your life to the army, there’s no guarantee that it will succeed. And even if it does, what do you do from there? It takes a lot more than mere luck to succeed and successfully rise an army.

The thing is, to make an army rise, you need a assortment of things than just luck.  You need graphics, a good dictatorship, a you lead session, good tactics, be well known etc. Lets have an example of an army who rose extremely quickly, the Light Troops.  They went from a medium army, all the way up to this:

How did they do it, you say? A hated army like LT receiving such glorious sizes unimaginable? The very fabric of the army being hated and yet, they receive 35+ sizes? They rose extremely quickly, within a week, they made it into the top 10. Although, i don’t like LT very much, it is hard to express how they got this size.  In my opinion, the most successful thing to an army is…

Noobs. What everyone starts out as. A plain simple minded old fellow, wandering the CP Army world attending every battle, in hope to become the new leader. What actually attracts these people to join your army and make it successful? In my reckoning, noobs make up 60% of an army. Imagine if noobs weren’t there? What disastrous consequences could it have on the Army world? Many a consequence. In fact, if we lost all the noobs in CP army history, then in my opinion, CP armies would cease to exist.

The fact is without a body to control, the head would be useless. In normal terms, what would be an army without it’s troops? And that, my friends, is THE most fundamental part of an army, the TROOPS.


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  1. Nice.

    Now,Im going back working at my post.

  2. Nice post Bion =). We’re gonna have to speak again on chat sometime soon, it’s been a while…

  3. I think you could of made that post much longer but in my opinion it was adequate

  4. Not a bad post, but a bit of an overdone topic.

  5. Great post, gets the the point, plus visuals were given 🙂

  6. I run an army called the CP Wizards (we’re on Blogger), and we just started yesterday. I have tried to recruit some soldiers, but none will official join. You guys should make more posts like this one, it’s pretty helpful.

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