Introduction || Fallen and Risen Armies || CPPS: A Possible Opening in Armies?

Hey guys, I’m here to bring you big news and yes an introduction.  I’ll cover the amazing topics such as the rising and falling of new armies and my idea of the “army” cycle.  Plus a thing called CPPS, a possible opening for us all.  It’s kind of philosophy post but yeah, slow news day.  Let’s get started with… My intro.

Yeah, you don’t need to know anything about me; I’m here to inform you.  So yeah, great intro! :mrgreen:

Let’s address my thoughts on some armies I’m bringing to focus that rose in the past weeks or fell harsh enough to post about.

These guys have fell VERY hard.  With their leaders leaving them in a time of inactivity, the UMA went form a constant top-7 army to a practically DEAD army.  UMA has basically NO new troops that can be taught the ropes, which is bad.  They have new leaders and I believe are thinking of a reform plan.  They better hurry, and hope it turns out like Shadow’s plan¹.

Now, DW has been reported on, but that doesn’t mean they’re not being addressed here.  DW has fallen for various reasons but once again due to leaders mainly.  The whole DW seems to rest upon the idea of a need for experienced leaders.  While I think this helps very much, it seems that they RELY on it.  They’re going to need to get a quick fix soon or they could end up like they normally do after a major rise; dead.

Recognize them? DCP, the army who has been forgotten it seems since Wwe’s little incident here at CPAC².  These guys have fallen harshly due to many things, one being that they were going to be punished for something the leader did.  It scared recruits away and DCP thrives on recruits.  DCP also lacks experience in the troops, the complete opposite of UMA.

❗ Now for some risen armies ❗

What? The Nachos? Number 4?  These guys have risen WITHOUT any notice it seems.  The Nachos went from as seemingly medium army to MAJOR power within a week or two.  They buckled down and didn’t panic when they fell, which was crucial.

M – freaking – W.  That’s all I can say.  This army has done it the classical way, by getting recruit and victory after another.  They build their troops and teach them everything.  In a way they have a disadvantage and an advantage.  I’m sure fighting other non, well their country, is difficult.  But that means they can completely RAPE the nips out of the recruits there; as in own it.  They are my favorite army, and I’m not even in them.  Thumbs UP for following the path to success the classical ways guys, now it’s time for me to make something like Carbon Warriors or Metalloid Warriors!


CPPS: CP Private Servers.  I fund this site called and say it is the real deal.  This is like iCP without many bugs, fame and glitches.  I’m not saying that we’re going on to, I’m here to present an idea, kinda.  A CPPS for CP armies.  This means like a few main servers for us to fight over and control.  The up’s and downs are listed here!

  • Same Uniforms – All the time!
  • No Lag
  • No one threatening US in a way
  • Commands are easy to Say

Now for the cons.

  • Swearing for younger Children is allowed.
  • Hard to recruit
  • Harder to WIN
  • Could shrink army sizes from averaging like 25 to 15.

So really that’s a mere idea I thought of a while back.  It would need top-notch programmers and high quality functioning commands with support behind mostly every army, but it’s worth a go in my opinion.

Adios CPAC Readers!


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  1. The idea of a CP warfare idea was thought up by ThunderAnt Studios. Currently, the idea is still pending, but it may get published soon enough.

    • I had no knowledge of this info so I apologize. If I could participate in your idea I’d love to.

  2. u should of added GT man, bad post

  3. Cp armies have rules made in 2007 but ANTTA. The rules hwere simple. First to log off surrenders. Bigger size can also win.

  4. CPPS are not viable because they are 1. Illegal, due to copyright issues with Club Penguin and 2. Every CPPS seems to be shut down after a few weeks of use, probably due to the illegality of it.

    • CP armies are illegal too because we recruit penguins onto third party websites.

  5. It wouldn’t be hard to recruit as armies could go on normal CP to recruit.

    • That’s what I was thinking, but recruiting is hard as hell now-a-days.

  6. You know you could’ve added SWAT since they rose, not trying to be biased or anything, but they have gotten 10-15 into 20-25(30-35 on good days).

    • I wanted to get the not really known armies that rose. Like MW and Nachos.

  7. will close down like all other cpps’s.

  8. I back up the CPPS idea.

  9. Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  10. Um, nachos are kind of fallen they’re normally top 3 and they’ve never been medium

  11. “Same Uniforms – All the time!” funny how “all the time” is crossed out.

  12. CPPS was already proposed in CPUN months ago and was met with negative responses from myself and others.

  13. CPPS is mostly a SWF of old CP with codes and filters removed.
    Due to there being no filter, everywhere you look there’s people doing… inappropriate stuff.

    • I had that as a con for a reason. But my idea was that we make OUR OWN CPPS. Not just use someone elses.

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