CPA Central Viewer Survey – YOU Participate!

Hi there. I’m Woton, you may remember me as the creator of this great website. Recently, I’ve been talking with CPA Central’s current staff about making some major upgrades to the site. First, before we do anything, we’d like to know what YOU think, as a viewer of CPA Central, and what will improve YOUR experience here. Please take a few moments of your time to answer a few polls we have set up:

[polldaddy poll=6091629][polldaddy poll=6091632][polldaddy poll=6091635][polldaddy poll=6091639][polldaddy poll=6091646][polldaddy poll=6091656][polldaddy poll=6091660]

Thanks for participating! Make sure to leave a comment with any other opinions you have about the site! We won’t be offended by anything negative – we’ll just try our best to change it. We’ll use your opinion in the upcoming changes we have planned for the site!


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  1. And for those of you wondering, I promise I won’t be “returning” or anything stupid like that. I’m just here to finish up some business I started a while ago.

    • Mornin’ Woton!

      I think CPAC should focus mainly on News and nothing else. The empire needs to decrease it’s power in CP armies. Let’s go back to reporting and havin a jolly time!

  2. First I love you Woton <3

  3. Finally, another post from Woton<3

  4. Ohai dere, Woton.

  5. Yay polls.

  6. I used to lead with Woton. My mannnn…
    Glad to see you posting once! 😀

  7. I can has sum bagelz? :O

  8. Hai Woton. Yeah, me and Blue2 suck.

  9. Holy socks, first post Woton’s made since I started viewing the site.

  10. Oh my pretzels its Woton! <333333333 CAN I JOIN WOTON WARRIORS?

  11. Meh… Maybe a few more posts everyday?

  12. Woton<3

  13. And just when you think they’re gone for good..

  14. Poch makes good graphics, but the site is a bit too colorless.

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