Battle Report – LT vs SWaT over Deep Snow

Hello CPAC. I am one of your newest reporters, Splashy. And my first post here on CPAC as a reporter is going to be a Battle Report. This BR is the Light Troops defence of Deep Snow against SWaT. LT and SWaT are currently at war, as you may already know, so these battles are bound to be intense. Let’s take a look at what happened.

The Battle

The main part of the battle took place in the Mine. This was where SWaT were waiting for LT to arrive. LT logged on around 15 minutes earlier, at the Docks. SWaT were at the Mine, and LT were at the Docks. Was this a bit of confusion, or was it a tactical move by either army? The battle started at 8:25pm EST. This was when both armies met at the Mine. LT, beforehand, were busy claiming the Docks and Town, in order to defend their server. Here are a couple of pictures, of the LT at the Docks with sizes of 14-15 and SWaT at the Mine with sizes of 24-25. In the Mine, SWaT clearly had the size advantage, but that was before the LT arrived. So, here are the pics.

As I earlier stated, LT arrived at the Mine at 8:25pm EST. They had a battle, which LT claimed lasted 8 minutes before SWaT surrendered. On the other hand, SWaT claimed that the battle lasted 5 minutes. In the mine, SWaT and LT were evenly matched, with equal sizes of about 16-17. SWaT had the advantage before LT arrived, but during the battle with LT, SWaT lost some soldiers. Here are some pictures of SWaT and LT battling it out in the Mine.

The Stats

SWaT started the battle with big sizes of 25, but later on, dropped to a lower 17. On the other hand, LT managed to maintain a fair 16-17 soldiers during the battle, having a maximum of 20 at certain stages. Both armies had equally good tactics, but I think LT just edged it out in tactics. LT claim that SWaT surrendered, whereas SWaT claim they won. This is very confusing, and a bit stupid, as neither army can admit a loss. I am not in any way stating that either LT or SWaT did lose, I’m just saying it’s silly how neither can admit losing. In the end, I think LT had the edge.

The Review

So. LT maintained fair sizes of 16-17, whereas SWaT were all over the place with 26 at one point, 17 at the other. LT had fair, quick tactics, and SWaT also had quick tactics, but could not match the LT. In the end, I think LT defended their server well, and SWaT made a great attack, so I’d call it a tie, as there is no clear winner. LT have also been on a small struggle since the retirements of Roberto and Ioioluk. SWaT are maintaining a good leadership with Np3000 and Ganger90. LT have done well with their new leaders Joe and TKO, but will have to work harder to get back their former sizes.

Who do YOU think won the battle, and the server of Deep Snow? Will LT be able to cope with the loss of Ioioluk? How much longer will this war rage on for? Comment with YOUR opinion.

13 Responses

  1. secondies, SWAT won!

  2. LT was very dumb when Swat invaded your supposed to go to the rooms they go to defend it so it was a TKO and LT only can to defend for 5 minutes that was left of the battle so swat easily won

    • Yes, but SWaT had a drop in sizes from when they started, and their tactics weren’t as responsive as LTs. Even though LT only battled SWaT for around 5-8 minutes, they had constant sizes and just got the edge on tactics.

  3. Good post. However, a bit of advice, which I learned the hard way during my time at CPAC. When doing a battle post, do not give your opinions on who won. Just present the facts, and be done with it.

    Besides that, great first post. :mrgreen:

  4. A bit biased, other than that great post! Keep it up, and you’ll improve.

  5. Swat won they had better size. (Xd) Fail LT.

  6. SWAT clearly won with size+tactics=win

  7. 5 minute battles… (hehe)

  8. duhh itsSwat who won

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