Introduction/Bullying In Armies?

Disclaimer: This Post is completely opinion and could be offensive to some armies/people used in the examples listed, I take full responsibility for offending you.

Hello Viewers!

I would like to introduce myself before starting “the real post”. I’m known as Vetsd, often referred to as “Vets” which I’m also alright with. I’ve been in many armies and ranks have ranged from Leader to Corporal :p. I promise you Funks, I will only post with the highest quality possible and will post actively unlike when I was a reporter, for all you that knew this, I was a reporter before I was fired for not posting. I purposely did not post because being a reporter was not really my thing and I felt like I’d be in a better position as a philosopher position. An interesting question here, does bullying happen in cp armies? We’ve seen cases that people called “bullying” but were they really bullying?Read More to find out 😀Bullying is the process of intimidating or mistreating somebody weaker or in a more vulnerable situation. Should it happen in cp armies? No. Does it happen? Yes. Sadly, bullying has become a problem in cp armies. There’s certain armies who do it more than others. There’s a “real” type of bullying and “fake” type.

The fake type of bullying is kind of like ACP in a way, without directly bullying, it consists of being mean,cocky, or bossing people around. ACP is the head of armies, they are obviously cocky, who wouldn’t be? I’ll tell you who wouldn’t be, ACP wouldn’t be. I really don’t remember ACP thinking they were much superior to other armies as much as this generation. I believe this is due to the leadership of ACP. You see, ACP was always a pretty humble army, in posts ACP used to not say that they were going to win,but that they wanted to win. This should really change if ACP wants to not keep being targeted by alliances like BA constantly. This cockiness gives ACP a bad reputation and could result in more armies joining these alliances because they have more against ACP, tempting more armies to join. My advice to ACP would be to earn that “strong but respected” army image back again, so they don’t end up, excuse my language here, screwing themselves over. Pushing other armies around is also a relatively new habit of ACP these days. I again blame this on the leadership. Such as threatning LT whenever they do something wrong to ACP, they must learn how to deal with this. I decided to interview Kenneth, ACP Leader on this topic.

Me: What do you define bullying as?

Ken: Bullying is a form of manifested behavior by the use of the force or coercion to effect others.

Me: Wiki’ed it?

Ken: I made the Wiki O__o

Me: Do you feel like ACP is cocky because of how strong it is?

Ken: I know Flip and I are,but it is mostly cause we are proud of our troops which we cared for and nurtured like good mothers.

Me: Do you feel like ACP pushes around other armies?

Ken: Sometimes

Me: Do you think any army stands a chance against ACP at the moment?

Ken: Nope

Me: Thank you for your time!

Ken: I hate bloody interviews

So, as you can see Ken is pretty confident in what ACP is doing and makes Wiki Pages on bullying while hating interviews. 😮

With “real” bullying, it’s usually targeted at a single person, such as the LT vs Spi case. This all started when Spiderguy22 left LT and joined ACP at a time of war  between the two rival armies. Ioioluk mentions Spiderguy many times in posts, whether it’s putting mean pictures, telling DW to “not be a Spiderguy” and making fun of him when they’re on the same chat. I didn’t know tons about the issue so I decided to interview Spiderguy22 himself.

Me: Did LT bully you?

Spi: Yes

Me: Mind explaining how the whole predicament started?

Spi: It started out when Ioio demoted me to lowest mod, which was obviously very harsh to me when I just temp-retired for two days. Anyways, I left LT because of that. When I came back and quit again because Ioio fired me from a liar, Ioio made a post about me. Now, if you read it, it had a lot of insults which was pretty upsettting.

Me: Sorry to hear that, do you think LT was fully behind Ioio bullying and firing you?

Spi: Yes, LT did not do any action which proves why LT are involved alongside Ioio. LT knew this was wrong and Supra, a LT 2ic, admitted it on Global Defenders chat when I was depressed by the post.

Me: Did LT do anything to you or your armies besides bullying you?

Spi: Yes, they fired me unfairly which is why I joined SWAT and ACP.

Me: Are you the reason that the armies you’ve been in have gone to war with LT?

Spi: I’ve been saying that a lot of times in a few armies I’ve been in, ACP for example, I’m not entirely the reason.

Me: Are LT why/one of the reasons why you retired?

Spi: Well obviously, yes, if you looked at my retirement post on SWAT.

Me: Thanks for your time, and good luck on retirement island!

Spi: You’re welcome and thank you!

Spi does believe LT bullied him and ultimately was the reason that he ended up quitting CP armies, which is very sad to hear. You cannot make an opinion without hearing both sides of the story though! I decided to interview Ioioluk, LT Leader

Me: What do you think of Spiderguy22?

Ioio: He’s a ten year old hiding behind his computer and acts like the internet police. He just gets annoying.

Me: When did this all start and why?

Ioio: When he randomely quit LT for Tacos. I was mad at him for being so unloyal.

Me: He told me you demoted him to mod?

Ioio: Well yeah he started threatning to quit and go to Tacos so I demoted him to high mod. Then he quit and I was kind of pissed off.

Me: Is there a reason LT goes to war with most armies Spi is in?

Ioio: Honestly, we do thatbecause they’re like a punching bag,lol. We still want to make Spi pay for all the times he betrayed and sabotaged us.

Me: Do you think what happend between LT and Spi was bullying?

Ioio: No,when you have a ten-year-old acting like the tough internet boy and he keeps annoying the hell out of you and you just cuss at him one time, that isn’t cyberbullying. We all saw the way he talks, so I don’t think he’s really offended when we call him a “faggot”, he just acts like it so armies like ACP can back him up. He justs wants to get revenge on LT.

Me: Do you think LT made Spi retire?

Ioio: No comment.

Me: Thanks for your time!

Ioio: You’re welcome.

Ioio thinks Spi has betrayed LT and is hiding behind his comp and faking being hurt by the “bullying” by LT so that he can get aid and felt bad for by other armies. In my opinion, this was a case of bullying.

In conclusion, the problem of bullying is slowly growing in CP armies, you just have to know if it’s bullying or not, so be careful!

-veтѕd cpαc reporтer

P.S. This could possibly be the most controversial post in cp army history, I like to calling it making a first impression on CPAC 😉

P.S.S. 1,270 words!

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  2. Nice post.

  3. Ioio did not even get ONE SINGLE THING right.

    First of all, Ioio, you fired me because you thought I was doing ‘ads’ on LT chat, when I wasn’t, which is why you believed Billy.

    Secondly, The ‘Tacos’ problem was already resolved when I joined back in LT, so you had an Invalid interview with Vetsd.

  4. (Excuse my french and yes this has swears in it) I’m considered.. a bully. Actually, I kinda am. But i’m two faced- I bully others, other bully me. The otheres aren’t ALWAYS the same, but it started out with people bullying ME. yes, this is in IW. It started with a troll(eyes2) who pretty much make me feel like total sh** on my first day, and everyone else butted in. later on in that month he backed off and things got easier, though mods still teased me for being anoob and gord critisized me. Now lets skip to summer 2011, because this continued til then(I was not a bully till this time, unless calling noobs “u noob!” all the time counts as bullying.) SaW “doxed” a bunch of people, most were my close friends, including me. he made us hand over a power or something. He made me give up namecolor(man I miss you, namecolor..!) and i pretty much pissed my pants and ran and hid for a week, and then my mom realized how scared i looked, and decided to take away my computer for 2 weeks. Well, I was wrongly fired for that by gord. D:< (screw u, gord. that was mean) and so now, being pissed off i continue to hurt other troops trough the internet which makes me feel like sh** and then days like march 25 they all gang up on me and make me feel like total sh** 🙁 yeah it's bs and just now saw the assshole was calling me ugly and insulting me i hate him he's such a stupid jerk 🙁

  5. its not bullying its idiots crumbling to pieces every time someone tries to tease him/her

    • People think that bullying over the internet causes no harm whatsoever, and whoever gets offended/hurt by comments through online chatrooms is just a wimp.

      However, words are powerful, and words can hurt mentally. Bullying is no joke, nothing to make fun of, nothing to do, whether physically or mentally. Teasing, yeah. I tease people. But making and HOPING they feel miserable is just going too far, and that’s just bullying.

      People newer to armies can only take so much teasing before crumbling. People who have been here longer usually have a higher tolerance. But you have to have some sympathy.

  6. Waiting for the LT rage

  7. Vetsd, don’t be a hypocrite. You bully people all the time. Btw, in the name box, thats not even my real cp name so my identity is classified 😛

  8. Whoa Vetsd you left out a part. It makes the reader not understand my message and the whole thing I said doesn’t make sense cause you left something out.

    I said “I know Flip and I are but it is mostly cause we are proud of our troops which we cared for and nurtured like good mothers.”

    Please edit that or I will threaten legal action. I am asking politely! 😀

  9. Great quality post, and if Ioio could explain how you “Sabotage” CP armies, could he please reply?

  10. Ioio is some cocky 15 year old acting like hitler. He takes armies seriously. He needs to chill and get a life. Rob is a good example also from Ioios bullying.

  11. theres the LT rage 😀 now be quite spi is awesome 😐

  12. Vetds you must have read the post LT made of spider guy.

  13. “So, as you can see Ken is pretty confident in what ACP is doing and makes Wiki Pages on bullying while hating interviews. :o” LOL
    also i loved the post i cant wait to read more of your post i agreed with pretty much everything you said

  14. Quality Post.

  15. Try making more paragraphs and adding pictures/color. Other than that, I liked the content.

  16. Have you ever heard of “paragraphs”.

  17. I’m confused. Is CPAC openly biased now? It has always pledged to be non-biased, but so many posts these days have a disclaimer saying that there may be bias in them.

    • This wasnt a Reporting post though, it was a post based on opinion. I wasnt like “ACP Sucks” or ” Join LT” philosophy contains what some people could call bias, I think I had little or no bias, some people argue that it could be biased, just an opinion on what bias is is what it depends on.

      • I know what you mean, I just don’t see why every post needs to have that disclaimer on it.

        • Not every post does. Some philosopher posts could truly be classified Columnist posts. That’s why they are opinionated and thus, have the disclaimer.

    • That’s not the topic we’re discussing. Stop trying to get CPAC haters on to this.

      This is a cyberbullying matter, no one cares about that anymore except for billybob.

      • Fine, let’s actually discuss the post.

        1. Bullying is a minor problem in armies. I can understand that cyberbullying is a problem that hurts many people, but there’s not much you can do about it other than follow the rules of whatever chat/website you’re on and be nice to others.

        2. I do agree with Vetsd’s idea that the leadership of ACP at the moment has a very confident, often to the point of arrogance, approach towards leading.

        3. In the case of LT/Spiderguy22 (I’m assuming that’s you), ioio was indeed being a bully. Reminds me a bit of what happened to Seanehawk (better known as Meat) in ACP after he was overthrown by Shaboomboom, Boomer 20, and Dryvit. The only thing that wasn’t really bullying about it was being demoted to lowest mod rank. After all, doesn’t ioio demote a lot of people? And why would you expect to retain your rank if you retired, even if it was only a “2 day temp retirement” (not even sure what that is)..

        4. The claim of this post being “the most controversial post in army history” is unnecessary, and quite frankly, wrong.

        5. This post is just another example of how immature ioio is.

  18. That is not the topic we’re discussing. Stop trying to get CPAC haters on to this.

    This is a cyberbullying matter, no one cares about that anymore except for billybob.

  19. I never really thought about it, but there have been an increasing number of seemingly mocking victory posts from ACP (mostly towards LT). Granted it is LT, who has no boundaries in terms of what they will say and do to offend someone, I don’t think ACP should be as cocky as they sometimes are as of recently.

    • Good point. The direction that the leadership of “Flen” has taken ACP-especially in the past six months- has become increasingly child orientated (the website has fallen to picture friendly posts and horrendous word plays in references to events), and when it isn’t childish, the majority of the posts are mocking some army or another, generally the Light Troops.

  20. I haven’t seen a good post that looks over some important aspects that are happening.
    I think the only three things causing bullying is this: freedom of the Internet, competition, and the clashing of age groups. Mostly it’s the clashing of age groups since we have soldiers ranging from 10-16 (on average).

  21. Quality not quantity. Try to use paragraphs and punctuation.


  23. Why don’t we take bullying, and MOVE it to Uganda.

  24. STOP CYBER BULLYING AND CUSSING. End of the story.

  25. spi stop dragging attention to yourself your just a plain stupid mentally retarded 8 year old kid get off the internet you freak

  26. it has to be retarded

  27. also how can you get bullied from xat? lmfao just go to another chat and you will be fine its not like they can follow you

  28. @bmarocks116

    I just scrolled through a sh** ton of comments, and 50% of them where yours. I going to kindly suggest you find a hobby OTHER than replying to peoples comments, all the while slinging bullsh** at the only people who have decent thoughts.

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