Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, yes, I’m not stupid, this is an American holiday. But it has been posted about previously in CPAC history, so here we go. Today is Thanksgiving, and after a nice large piece of pumpkin pie I’m going to start this post. Continue reading

A Battle between two Veteran forces

Today, NW and AR, both veteran forces in the CP army world and CPAC Top 10, faced off today to fight for the long known NW capital, Fog.

NW and AR face off

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Servers: The New Era

Kingfunks4: I added the “read more” for you

First off I decided to write this post because for some of you may know I use to be a server regulator for SMAC ( for about 8 months) Ever since then I learned a lot more about servers and peoples opinions about them. I thought of this idea yesterday and the impact it could do with armies. <3 server regulators : )  Here is the format to my post:

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Occupy the Dojo: A Battle Between Three Armies

On ACP chat one day, several soldiers had the idea of Occupy the Dojo.  Flipper decided it was a good idea, and it became an actual event.  The purpose was for armies to battle in the Dojo and block people playing Club Penguin from playing Card Jitsu.  This would show Disney that even though they ruined the Dojo, they were able to fight back.  The Army of Club Penguin, Nachos, and Ice Warriors all took part in this amazing battle.

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My Predictions for Christmas Chaos

Hello ladies and gentlemen this is your host Whiteboy7thst talking today about the best online Call of Duty gun.  Just kidding.  See, I tricked you, you wanted to learn about the best Call of Duty gun.  Today we will be looking into the Christmas Chaos battles in full depth with predictions, stats, and facts.

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Army of Club Penguin Defeats Watex Warriors in a Practice Battle

ACP and WW battled it out yesterday on Ice Box.  It was a good battle by both armies, so check out the results.

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The Battle after the Battle

One of the greatest conflicts at the end of a battle: Who won? From small armies to world powers, leaders will argue until insanity to make sure their army wins. In the summer of 09 during the epic Nacho vs. Acp war, Boomer and Person would never come to a decent decision until a somewhat idealistic compromise was met. the Spring of 2010, Uma leaders argued furiously against Dcp leaders to decide who would win a simple raid. So how is it that there are “victories” and “losses” in Cp armies? This post will discuss the battle after the battle: the decision on who will win.  Continue reading

AHB Volunteers Added/Poll

Funk & Blue, I promise that this will be my last use of CPAC for the Anti-Hacking Bill. Thank you for your patience and help.

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Army Report: 11/19/11

Many armies have been rising and falling.  There have been some wars and some interesting practice battles, so here is another edition of the weekly army report.

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Friday Night Special

Well, from now on I will be doing a Friday Night Special. Friday Night Special’s will be anything new to armies, and “inside” reports, and sometimes interviews. The First Friday Night Special is about CPST ( Cp Sun Troops.)

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