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A few reporters and philosophers have not taken the warning and some people are literally on a last warning. If you are not a member of staff you can skip to the end of the post for the applications.

Fired Reporters

The following is a list of reporters and philosophers who are fired from CP Army Central and who will not be included in our restoration plan:

  • Ladtom – You have not made any posts and you haven’t taken the chance you said you always dreamed of. Also, you were not a popular person at CPAC so it is best if I fire you.
  • Elitesof – I thought you were going to be the next Shab, but you haven’t made a post for two weeks, which was your only post this month. This is a great shame.
  • Jake/Toonlink – I don’t know if you retired or something, but you haven’t made a post since November 6th (your only post this month).
  • Paco – Like Elitesof, I thought you were going to do very well at CPAC. However, you havent posted for over two weeks, and that isn’t going enough for CPAC.

Warned Reporters

The following is a list of reporters that are on a final warning and will be fired if they don’t post between today and the 7th of December:

  • Neos – You haven’t made a post for 10 days, which isn’t the best standard. However, I’m willing to give you a chance due to the great post standard.
  • Np3000 – I should have fired you, but I am willing to give you a chance due to the amazing standard I know you can bring to CPAC. Please try to get more active and make some posts.
  • Ajman – You haven’t made a post for 9 days, which is bellow CPAC standards. But, you did make 3 posts in a week this month, so I have only given you a warning.
  • Etac – Just because you are a Head Reporter, that doesn’t mean I can’t fire you. I know you have quality, but please get posting more because Tomato is deserving of Head Reporter right now.
  • Bluesockwa1 – I know your reason for being inactive, so just try to start posting again please. You have great post’s and you are usually very active. Please try to get back to working at CPAC.

Applications – A chance to work at CPAC

Yes, you have a chance to work for CPAC! If you want to know what we expect at CPAC click HERE. You need to make at least ONE post a week, but you can of course make as many post’s as you wish. We need quality at CPAC and we need energetic reporters who will post to the guidelines. We will be hiring four reporters, two philosophers and one historian.

Applications for a reporter position:

  • What is your CP name?
  • Have you worked (Do you work) for other news sites before?
  • Write a short review on a war that has happened during the month of November:

*Note: Make sure you write enough in your short review so we know how good you are.

Applications for a philosopher position:

  • What is your CP Name?
  • What is your CP Army experience?
  • Write your opinion about any CP Army Topics:

*Note: Make sure you don’t write about a war. You could write about topics like Xat chats or Noobs.

Applications for the historian position:

  • What is your CP Name?
  • What is your CP Army experience?
  • Write about a large event in CP Army History during 2006 – 2009:

*Note: The futher back in time you go, the better history you are showing off.

Make sure you state what position you are going for if you don’t copy and paste the questions. Applications end in 4 days, so make sure you apply quickly.

-Kingfunks4 CP Army Central Head of Site

“Step up to quality”

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  1. Why is it so difficult to find a reporter who can actually make posts? It’s the same cycle.

  2. Philosopher position please.

    •What is your CP Name? Splashy56

    •What is your CP Army experience? Major in ACP, DT 2ic, LW Creator, several other medium armies

    •Write your opinion about any CP Army Topics
    (You said I could write about n00bs, which is a fabulous idea)

    N00bs. One word in CP Warfare that determines a loyal troop. But a n00b is more than a loyal troop, don’t you think? A n00b is someone that is chillin’ on CP one day, sees an army recruiting, thinks ‘Oh boy, this looks cool! Imma go join them’, joins them and thinks that their army is the best ever. Many armies rely on n00bs, and many need n00bs, as n00bs are what keeps an army active. N00bs are vital in CP Warfare, as if we didn’t have them, armies would crumble and collapse.

    In my view, n00bs are so-so. They are loyal and active, and will never leave your army, but then their grammar is usually poor (leaving you thinking ‘what the heck did they just type?’) and they are annoying on chat. They always beg for promos and don’t particularly know how armies run, they just want to win battles and become leader.

    But if we didn’t have n00bs, we wouldn’t have armies. Armies need n00bs, and n00bs need armies (well, one army, n00bs tend to join one and stick with it). I’ve been a n00b before, I know what it’s like. When I look back at the comments I made and the stuff I did on chat, I think, ‘what the?’.

    So, to sum it all up. N00bs love one army and one army only, SWaT is a n00b army (from what I’ve heard) and without n00bs, armies wouldn’t exist. Oh, you want my view? N00bs are pointless and grammatically incorrect. I don’t like the majority of them and they’re so annoying. But who cares what I think? What do you think? Leave your comment below. C ya round.


  3. My name is Harry Joe. I have never worked for a site. Here is my short story about a war going on in November…

    Nachos VS Light Troops
    From the middle/near the end of November Nachos have been at war with LT (Light Troops) both armies did great and deserved (if they won) to win.

    At first, Nachos and LT had a fight on the server North Pole, Light Troops Claimed to have won that with round about 30 troops and left Nachos struggling with 10+ troops.

    Next, Nachos and LT fought on the server Wool Socks. Nachos also had a bad day then with round about 10-15 troops. Nachos did much better on this battle than North Pole but Light Troops still claimed to have won.

    Also, Light Troops tried to invade Nachos Beloved Capital Fjord. Nachos keep there beloved capital while defeating LT in the battle with around 20+ troops with better tactics such as ‘Zak says hi’ As Light Troops had round about 15+ troops with slightly worst tactics than the Nachos. Nachos won that battle and got to keep there capital.

    As the war still goes on Nachos had a good day while defeating Light Troops which lead to taking there server Big Snow. Nachos maxed about 22 with good tactics as Light Troops maxed 20 with good tactics that could have been better. Big Snow is now welcomed to the Nacho army as they won. Well done.

    The battle is still going on, good luck to both armies.

    -Harry Joe

  4. What is your CP name? Bluedjpj
    Have you worked (Do you work) for other news sites before? Yeah at CPAA but not anymore
    Write a short review on a war that has happened during the month of November:Nachos Vs LT, Lt was a little bored So they asked Nachos if they would want war the nachos said yes.First battle was for Fjord they had a tie and nachos kept it.Next Battle was for Big snow Nachos won it from LT! Next It was a battle for ice cube LTs server. Nachos lost and LT defended Ice cube! Thats all the time i have! This war is epic LT now have an invasion for Fjord again!

    Hope i get chosen 😀

  5. What is your CP name?
    Have you worked (Do you work) for other news sites before?
    Used to work for SMAC
    Write a short review on a war that has happened during the month of November: The Nachos and the Light Troops are currently locked horns in a vicious spat, otherwise known as, any old club penguin war. It all started on the 21st of November, 2011. The Nachos declared war on the Light Troops for no apparent reason. Which, in my opinion isn’t needed in club penguin, if you needed a reason for every war on club penguin you would never get a war. There have been plenty of invasions and defences for both armies so far. The Nachos claimed Big snow and may have claimed woolsocks, but that battle was too close to call, after the Light Troops having logged off before the end of the battle. The Nachos defended the first invasion of Fjord, but another is yet to come. The Light Troops defended North Pole, Big Snow and Ice Cube, there is plenty left to come in this war, we will keep you updated, hear at Club Penguin Army Central.

    Obviously I would add pictures and write more if I was actually on CPAC. It did say “short review”

  6. Wasn’t CP supposed to end yesterday? lmao

  7. Holy goodness I didn’t get a final warning
    I’m so lucky
    Was it because you saw my hundreds of drafts Funks

  8. What is your CP name?

    Have you worked (Do you work) for other news sites before?
    Yes I have

    SMAC Reporter
    CPAE Reporter and Small Top Ten Maker
    CPUN Reporter
    CPAA Reporter And Small Top Ten Maker

    Write a short review on a war that has happened during the month of November:

    Two force collide, both equal strength both ready… Ready for anything.

    Hello its me Momo your favorite reporter ;o. Today I come to you telling you of the AR and NW war. Im sure many of you have heard of it but let us just skip to mai epic table of contents.

    Table of Contents
    How Is The AR doing?
    How Is The NW doing?
    The War So Far.


    I’m sure many of you know who the NW is. Mostly people know them from there huge war with ACP. But many don’t remember how much the NW hated AR. Besides that after the ACP war the NW had a Dramatic fall. Recently the AR has gotten Vinny back (Former leader of golden era). Not much is known at the current time why the war was declared it may have been so that AR had revenge or so AR rised. But so far its looking like this is gonna be one hell of a war.

    How is AR doing?

    The AR is doing great. The Return of Vinny has really shaped them back up. Vinny has Re structured the AR leader ship. There isnt much to say for AR. AR was doing horrible before vinny came back Maxing 5-10 at events. Now the AR is maxing 25!. In a recent recruitment session the AR did very well this was the start for there giant rise. The AR was ranked 7 in CPAC top tens as well

    How Is NW Doing?

    The NW on the other hand is much easier to report about. The NW were on a slight Rise before the War had begun. The NW have just came out of a war to enter one though. The NW conquered CPST in there war in every battle maxing at least 20. Although CPST put up a pretty large fight for the NW in the begging NW forces pushed all sun troops out. This is what originally started the NW rise, The NW had a lack of events before that though causing them to fall slightly . Now that Tanman262 has come back to the NW (The former nachos leader) Who knows where they will head off to in this war!.

    The War So Far

    Un like most wars recently this one skiped the words play and moved straight into action!. Vinny made the deceleration of war upon NW and had the 24 hour notice ready and went in Guns blazing into NW’s Capital Fog. It went Great! The AR left victorious with pride and joy. Among that battle there was proof of the NW using bots D: .

    The AR taking FOG

    A few days after NW countered The invasion of fog with a Re invasion. How ever the Problem is both sides claim they won. The NW maxing 20 at the invasion did great with there general tactics, AR on the other hand didn’t do as good as every one believed they would be doing AR maxed 15 at this event and had Mild tactics . The AR declared this to be a Auto win since Tomb left with out negation. Did they Truly win the battle thats your choice at the end of the post

    The 3 best from each side!
    (On the site I posted this on it had pictures so it looked far better just thought I would tell you here)


    My Prediction?. Well its kinda of Confusing but please do try and bare with it. Both armys will focus on fog for about 2 more invasions and Defenses then it will move to invading Toboggan (AR capitol) After the NW take it AR will strike back and while doing so will take half of the NW land NW will take half of AR land wich will cause a huge Invasion and Defense Spree. When both leaders finally get tired of fighting and just plain out wanna give in the will come together and make an agreement. (For example AR gives 2 servers to NW and NW gives 3 servers to them or who knows)

    Thats my Prediction now time for my SAUCY POLL!

    (my poll was here and indeed it was saucy)


    If funks would like the link to this post just PC me you can find me on RPF chat NFF chat and a lot of other places if im not there then im on ACP.

  9. Hmm, I want to try but Im not sure if I would be able to post enough with AR and ACP.

  10. •What is your CP Name? Buritodaily
    •What is your CP Army experience? About 2 Year Veteran, Not Very High in the cp standards. I have lead AR which has grown to number 4 in the top ten before. Im a Mod in ACP. Worked with many Small And Meduim Armies. I have even worked for CPAC Before!
    •Write your opinion about any CP Army Topics:
    I would like to start off with a basic topic.
    Like, Are Club Penguin Armies Growing, Or Shrinking?

    For a while people have been going around sharing details about why Club Penguin Armies are falling. After a dissapointing Summer of 2011 many though we were coming close to a rough ending. But I simply state, that is not the case. If you look at the top armies as we near Christmas you might notice that armies are starting to get sizes. Mabe you think its just ACP, but maybe you are also focusing on the wrong armies.
    If I were to ask you to name 3 largely known armies right now, I have a feeling many would say, ACP, Nachos, and maybe IW. Now, ACP is gaining large sizes right now and look to be on their road to rehabilitaion. Nachos and IW however only seem to be shrinking from their original sizes. Now, you may be thinking, “Great, so only one army is doing good?” Thats not the case. Lets look closer in. What about the Light Troops? The Light Troops are currently, In my opinion Winning a war against the Nachos with very good sizes. Could they become a new contendor? Maybe, they are certainly proving themselfs worthy and they only seem to be growing in my opinion. But that is just one army.
    It looked like the Dark Warriors could be a new prime army but it seems they are on a bit of a down slope. But who knows, maybe none of these armies are ready. Maybe CP armies are shrinking. We certainly are not getting the sizes and action of last year. I would not say this is a golden age. But, why say we can’t make it one? It all comes down to dedication in the end. If you want Cp armies to grow, you have to work for it. That also applys if you want it to shrink.
    Now, before I end my post, I would like to share some reasons why CP armies are doing starting to look better. For one, all those “Fun Wars” Are gone. I always thought those never helped. Real wars are starting to break out. People are remembering that you dont need a reason to declare war. New “Noobs” Are starting to visit Cp Armies and in recent surveys its finding out that Club Penguin its self is coming back from a shrink in users as well. So maybe we arn’t to blame. 😉 I know this was rather large, for submitted post and im hoping it all shows, but I really hope you choose me!

  11. For once listen to the viewers WE WANT TOMATO as Head reporter if you agree say I!

  12. What is your CP name? Galaxie3
    Have you worked (Do you work) for other news sites before? CPAE, SMAC, and another one what got hacked.
    Write a short review on a war that has happened during the month of November: Hey people, Galaxie3 here for the latest scoop! Today, the subject is…………………

    Occupy the Dojo:

    Well first of all, the basics. This battle isn’t vs the Ninjas of course! It is vs the people who are Ninjas (The Card Jitsu players). With the all Ninja Party coming near, a lot of Ninjas started to get in there suits. And with this, Mammoth would be PACKED with ninjas. So, the Nachos and the ACP came with a plan. And that plan is Occupy the Dojo.

    The Battle:

    Well, really I never heard of a battle class of occupy. I think it is sort of a tactic battle, vs the Card Jitsu players. The battle was a great one, allot of tactics. When I went to watch the great battle, I saw swarming ACP soldiers, doing tactics and destroying the everlasting particles of Ninja. But, to think the Ninjas didn’t do any tactics at all.

    Size of the Armies:

    All armies were really big! ACP said this was a great weekend, and I agree! With the size of ACP being max 55, its a good shot! The Nachos really didn’t go to the battle, but the IW showed up and showed the true color. When I was at the battle, I really think that the armies did show allot in Mammoth, trying to attack the swarms of Ninjas.


    With the tactics, ACP did very great, but every army can’t do everything perfect! There is one thing. The ACP reacted wrong, it took a longer time for ACP’s soldiers to respond, but they still responded well. With this it could slow the ACP’s tactics allot, but they still reacted to each tactic well and they listened to their leaders very carefully. There were only a few Nachos, but IW showed very well in sizes. When ACP was in the docks, allot of soldiers had to wait because they were locked out. That means, the armies did awesome in the Occupy the Dojo!

    Ending of Battle:

    At the end, the soldiers were at the Dojo. The Dojo was packed with soldiers doing tactics and having fun, and many soldiers were dancing in a line what circled the Dojo’s format. What I think that it was short, I really did want to fight the Ninjas more. But ACP commanders said to log off. The ACP then made a post on their site saying that the beat the Card Jitsu players. I think ACP won by FAR by the fact that the Ninjas did no Tactics nor reacted.

    The Battle Rate:

    What I think the battle deserves a 8/10, the ACP and IW did very fine but of the tactic delay that was bad. I think the armies deserves a pat on the back for the fine work they did.

    Well, they did a good job on the work. And I will come to you next time with the latest scoop! But before I say bye I would like you people to rate with 1/10 – 10/10. Here are the things.

    1. Rate of post:

    2. What would you like me to do better on?:

    3. What should I do next week?

    Well, that is all the things what could fit to today, tune in a day or 2 for the latest scoop or an army battle rating!

    Galaxie3 out.

  13. Philospher please

    I joined in late 2006 for CP armies even though I know I am not well known.

    Servers what are they really?

    I have seen to notice that servers for Club Penguin Armies are becoming useless and people do not care about them.My opinion on servers is that there is not much in need for them because in wars you fight each other not the server within and with that I would actually fight a war on a neutral server so the odds are in nobodys favor.

    Opinion 2:
    What do we do with rouges/n00bs?

    We act like their troops in the army because without them we would be like any other army and be small with very little sizes and they put a very big part in what the CP Army world needs to accomplish here.If we had none I don’t know what the affect would be but it sure would turn out bad.

  14. What is your CP name? Mindpower807
    Have you worked (Do you work) for other news sites before? Head of CPAW, CPAA reporter, former CPSMWC Head Reporter
    Write a short review on a war that has happened during the month of November:

    During early november, history was made. Small armies gathered together to fight 2 major armies. The stats were N.O.D teamed up with RPF facing off against UMA and Light Troops. Also, later, Shadow troops popped in to have some fun. This battle was very close in tactics, but size belonged to the team of UMA and LT, while tactics went to N.O.D and RPF. An intense battle, with fierce armies. UMA and LT turned out triumphant. Although, N.O.D and RPF disagreed. They protested against the judge, and the judge listened and changed his mind. Therefore, a tie was declared. A great battle.

  15. Reporter:
    Ive reported on CPARP and SMLAF.

    Can CP parties help armies to grow?
    As we all know,CP has thrown parties that makes us have to pay membership,but thats not the theme.The question is:
    Can CP parties help armies to grow?
    I can talk to you and say:
    Absolutely YES.In other words,I guess you will be looking at me like”What?”So I will explain:
    CP parties are totally useful with armies that have that theme into their army.When the party gets on,the “Nooby”meter turns on and will get tons and tons of recruits and noobs in minutes.Lets say I have an army called Christmas Warriors.Christmas Is coming,then we go to recruit.Then,Im surprised a lot of Members,Preps,noobs and non-members will help you,getting sizes of 10,20 or EVEN 30!But these dudes wont hear you and your commands,since they have NO IDEA of what a cp army is.So dont expect them to do a clover bomb.I will make a list of succesful recruitings at parties:

    Ninja Party:Ninjas
    Halloween:Ghosts and FGR
    Mediaval Party:Knights

    And I can Keep going…
    In other cases,we have all-year-round armies,A.K.A they atracct Noobs easily thanks to their normal CP concept.A small army,HW(Hoodie Warriors)they get 0 on a empty server,but like 35 on full servers!Thanks to their CP concept style,they got more than ever.

    And In the last other case,we have the Meme-Related,we all know memes are popular.VERY popular.These atract noobs and Meme addicts to the show on full servers,and their Fun-based concept means more fun.

    I hope you liked my comment(You thought I was going to say post eh?)See you sometime.

  16. Eh, too lazy.

  17. What is your CP name? Rico57816

    Have you worked (Do you work) for other news sites before? No I have not.

    Write a short review on a war that has happened during the month of November: Hi I would like to tell you about a war: ACP vs Black Alliance. The BA was created to destroy a famous army, ACP. They stole Mammoth from them. So, the Army of CP went to war with them. It was mainly for UK/Euro forces. I was not there because I was still in school. However, I heard A LOT about it. It was buzzing on news sites, xat, etc. ACP maxed 50+ at the war. That was a really great acheivement for them. After such hard core tactics and snowballs, Army of CP won and Mammoth was theirs again. BA had armies from the top 10 join them. Even they were big, ACP still won the war. That’s my review.

  18. What is your CP Name? Tj Crooks45

    What is your CP Army experience? Retired Team Gold leader for two years, former IW moderator.

    Write your opinion about any CP Army Topics:
    Government: The Point

    Government has become a debatable topic in this era of CP Armies. The main question many people ask is, what is the point of government? Read along and you will see my analysis.
    Here are the facts:
    -Government, for this essay that I have written, shall be defined as any type of constitution or government type (Democracy, Republic, Dictatorship, Etc.) specified by a CP Army.
    -The majority of CP armies specify a certain government type for their army
    -Government has impacted many wars in CP Army history
    Here are the main opinions that people have about government:
    *Government is useless; we should just go back to the old days when it was all anarchy.
    *Government is useful; we should contribute more to it.
    I will be analyzing these two ideas in the next paragraphs.
    The first claim, that government is useless, is a rapidly growing and the most populated idea that many soldiers agree on. The idea is one that is often put along with claims that new technologies brought to armies (i.e. WordPress, xat, etc.) will, eventually, put armies on the downfall. Supporters believe that we should drop all government, grudges, and just have fun and go to war.
    The second claim, which could be considered more futurist, is one believed more among noobs and army leaders. They believe that a government or constitution changes the way an army is run, the people that join an army, and simply makes the army look more professional. These people tend to agree more with the traditional technologies, such as Xat and WordPress. They tend to look towards the future, and often end up changing their beliefs as they make their way towards discussion posts such as these.
    These two claims are evenly matched. Although a government can change the rules, very few people besides lower owner and moderator ranks tend to enforce these rules. On the other hand, many armies have used the government ideas to their advantage in banning hackers and giving them a fair “trial”.
    Now for my opinion:
    I believe that complex governments are not contributive, but that simply labeling your army as a “Democracy” or a “Dictatorship” can change the way that a noob or newcomer thinks about your army. Think of it this way: when you think of the word “Dictatorship”, do you think of fun and happiness? I didn’t think so. I believe that government labels are simply a tool for leaders to gain more troops, and although this does not help much, it can change the way outsiders look at your army.

    • The last paragraph got cut off:
      But what do you, the viewers of CPAC, think of government? Answer the poll and/or answer in the comments below!
      *insert poll here*

  19. Applications for a philosopher position:

    What is your CP Name? Disco70s
    What is your CP Army experience? About/approximately 2 years
    Write your opinion about any CP Army Topics:
    ~Does A Government Really Matter?~

    Personally, I would say yes and that depends on the type of government you’re planning. As you can see, it’s not about beating armies and capturing servers, you need to have some sort of organized system in order to make an army successful. They provide an easier way to handle servers, allies and most importantly: choosing owner ranks. (There are other ways to use a gov’t, but those are just examples). Although, they can affect the army if done in a somewhat dumb way. For example:

    -If a leader doesn’t follow the government base, there’s no use to it.
    -If it’s a dictatorial gov’t, then you are probably should be careful; you’re going to end up like those “irritating” armies (like TG, sorry TG :P).
    -If the army doesn’t follow the rules of it, the leader(s) can’t control the army without a proper gov’t.

    In order to maintain a good gov’t, it depends to YOU. If you can take control easily, you can be a dictator, use the parliament system or possibly a communism (there’s others). If you can’t make your own decisions, make a republic. If you are in the middle, try the Democracy or Democratic Republic. It’s even possible to combine gov’ts. To sum it up, they provide the spine and guidelines for a good army.

    • Gaah, Tj and I had the same topic, but Tj did better than me. I blame the staff for not approving the topics. If they just approve quicker, then I could have chosen another topic so it doesn’t look as if I copied Tj *ono*

      • Also, can I do another topic instead? *goo*

      • It’s funny because you completely dissed my army at the same time

      • Thx Funks 😀 Here’s the new article.

        ~What Drives Armies Into War~

        Before this generation of armies came, CP Armies are made to have fun. Although, are we missing the point? ACP and Nachos used to be complete enemies and all they wanted to focus is winning wars. In addition, I see leaders declaring war for no reason and making offensive comments. Let’s review on what is driving armies into wars:

        -Rebellion: It’s sad to say, but about over 50% of what creates wars are rebellion. When two armies argue with each other, they are actually harassing each other to start a war. After a week or two of arguing, they start a war to harm each other. This is a form of bullying and it often happens. Unfortunately, it’s the most common way wars start.
        – Competition: Competition is usually done because they want to “show-off” or to prove that they are worthy to the Army Community. This is an easier way to stop rebellion, but not commonly found in many wars. This is usually done when an army comes back. How? The upcoming army will verse their old “enemies” and show their size and strength. This can fail, but not all the time.
        -Fun (???)- This is the core focus for everyone who participates in the army community. Do you know why we are drifting away from this focus? As more soldiers are recruited, they don’t understand the fundamentals of an army. For example, they don’t understand that they can’t always act immature and complain on everything that is assigned. We are also drifting away because we don’t understand the word “fun”. Fun in this matter is when we enjoy competing and playing way of enjoying CP. Without “fun”, we will live in a world of harassment, or CP Armies may not even exist!

        If you look back at history, you can’t forget but just enjoy the thrill of fighting against others. We can’t forget the main topic. I recommend stopping our rebellions and just smell the flowers. It’s like having a sport where you actually want to beat up the person. My question to YOU: what kind of war do you want to battle for?

  20. Can someone approve my comment.. My mistake for not writing a post and linking it.

  21. Whoa, what happened? I’ve been taken out of the site, well I think I deserved that punishment because I’ve been really inactive, but I had an explanation for that D:

    Somewhere near November 16-17 (after I had writer’s block) I made a draft about the MW, things were going ok until my internet went crazy, I couldn’t access the site and all the other sites, for about, 2-4 weeks. I didn’t go outside that much because I had projects and tests to do. Shortly after that I thought I could continue my draft or else I would get fired, fortunately, my computer was working properly, but when I saw the top post (which is this one). I figured out I was fired, I wasn’t that surprised because I know I’ve been inactive and I deserved it.

    I don’t expect you to believe this or put me back because you might think I was just slacking off and I made my own excuse. Yeah, I don’t post that much because their wasn’t that much nice topics to post about and most of them were already taken by other reporters. But I had my fun here in CPAC and I consider this as an experience, thank you for letting me join this opportunity, and I think I will still visit this site for posts to read like an average reader. No trolls please. XP (Except for Gordy)

  22. •What is your CP Name?
    •What is your CP Army experience?
    •Write your opinion about any CP Army Topics:
    There are a few things that I think need changing in CP armies. Here are some of them:

    GREED: Some people are leaders. The leaders find out that most of their “troops” aren’t troops at all! They are just power-hungry and greedy people who want xats and days, mod-ship and owner-ship. The bad part is, they will not fight for the army. They just sit around and beg you for xats, days, mod-ship, or owner-ship. If most of us weren’t greedy, focused on the army that they’re in, armies would be huge. Their tactics would be great and their sizes too. Some people just quit because they don’t get to be a mod. If every member on chat does that, armies would go into a big fall. I think this needs to change.

    COMPETITION: Right now, all armies want to get into the top ten and they want to get mentioned alot in news site posts. It’s really sad because World Wars were a form of rivalry and everyone was having fun being in their army. But now, the battles are in a pre-determined place and lasts for only 30 minutes. Whichever army has the bigger size after 30 minutes wins. It does not matter which army stays longer and it certainly does not matter which army has the better troop supply.

    LAZINESS: Most troops don’t go on CP because they don’t feel like it. They just sit around on chat all day doing nothing. And they get promoted for doing that. The more active troops go on CP and they actually do something. They should just get kicked out of the army if they don’t get on CP because they aren’t doing anything. That’s not helping the army rise.

    CP armies need to change. Back then, it was a whole lot more fun. Now, it’s not as much fun. If CP armies change, then it will be more fun for all of us.

    – NicWin100

  23. •What is your CP Name? NicWin100
    •What is your CP Army experience? ACP Staff Sergeant, LT Chief, NFF 4ic, Ninjas Green Belt, FGR Platoon Soldier, SNW Sensei, and some more that I don’t remember.
    •Write about a large event in CP Army History during 2006 – 2009:
    The Color Wars:
    Penguins decided there should be CP Warfare so they started the Color Wars that lasted until 2007. Penguins chose a color and battled. They were fighting with snowballs and charging. The strongest army back then was the Red army. With Korn as leader, they dominated. But then, a group called the Pirates came. The Pirates conquered the Red and the Pirates became the strongest army. They nearly took all of Club Penguin’s servers! But, all the armies teamed up and stopped the Pirates. That was basically it.

  24. What is your CP Name? Jasonx1998
    What is your CP Army experience? I have been in CP armies since 2006 and have been in most small medium, and large armies.
    Write your opinion about any CP Army Topics: Here’s a link to a post: (I know it’s on a small army it’s just an example). The Topic: LS where are they now?

  25. Ok, funks i’m sorry i haven’t posted for like 5 days, but im really busy on weekdays with basketball. And i am going to try to get to post done by friday to make up for the friday special last week from thanksgiving.
    – Redrocks98

  26. What is your CP Name? Bird Pingu

    What is your CP Army experience? I have been in ACP since 2007, im currently a General. I was also 3ic in Crystal warriors a long time ago.

    Write your opinion about any CP Army Topics:

    Whatever happened to the way CP armies used to be? Back when i first joined CP armies, everything was way more fun then they are today. Most battles were with snowballs. Everyone was always friendly and able to admit defeat. But now were has all the fun gone? Now it’s full of bitterness, anger, and hacking. I joined CP armies to have fun and enjoy myself. But now its hard to do. With so many bad things going on, it not only ruins the fun, it can remove us from the CP Army society forever. I have personally witnessed soldiers leave because of such things. They HAD to leave. There parents made them. I have been in that situation before, so don’t think im just blabbing on. When everyone was getting doxed by eyes, i almost had to leave CP forever. I think armies need to get together, stop the dirty play, and get Mature. It’s ridiculous how a fun game became actually… Dangerous! I say we stop NOW. Get mature people and lighten up. Losing a “war” isn’t the end of the world.

    I have no prior history in CP army reporting or being a philosopher, but Hey, i gotta start somewere, so why not here?

  27. Reporter
    What is your CP name:Dragon93709
    Have you worked (Do you work) for other news sites before: No 🙁
    Write a short review on a war that has happened during the month of November: Acp vs swat for mammoth: Acp logged in 15 minutes early and flipper and ken lead flipper lead the first half and ken lead the 2nd but 20 minutes after flipper negotiated with swat and mammoth was Acp’s so then the war still went on but after a while swat gave up so acp won so acp declared mammoth theirs.

  28. srry i dont post enough. Boarding school Monday-Friday Hw that averagely consists of 3 written essays and several math worksheets + chores

  29. Applications for a philosopher position:
    What is your CP Name? Peguin21795
    What is your CP Army experience? ACP Retired
    Write your opinion about any CP Army Topics:

    Simple. It is how armies have evolved in comparison to Darwin’s theory on evolution.

    Armies have changed ever since they were formed in late 2005 (CPA). Since late 2007, armies have adapted a useful tool known as ‘Xats’ which was used to help leaders communicate with their soldiers much more easier. As a result of Xat chats, armies have been much more organized which lead to the use of tactics, joke bombs, etc. But for armies to survive nowadays, it is not about getting the most soldiers. It is about organization and easy communication. Armies that lack sophisticated methods of communications such as Xat or Bribble will fall back in present day CP warfare. As a result, armies that still use 2006 era ways of communicating with soldiers are at risk of falling behind. Xat also comes in handy when an event occurs such as an enemy army raids another armies server. Troops can be notified easily through chats. In the meantime for armies that use 2006-era, they do not have the quickest mode of notifying every army. Thus it is the survival of the fittest as Darwin has put in his book “On the Origin of Species”.

  30. What is your CP name? donnuh
    Have you worked (Do you work) for other news sites before? I work for SMAC right now.
    Write a short review on a war that has happened during the month of November:

    Today , we talk about the ongoing fight between Nachos and Light Troops. It all started on the 21st of November when Nachos decided to declare war on Light Troops by invading LT’s server , Wool Socks.

    Before the battle for Wool Socks , the Nachos tried to invade North Pole but failed to do so.LT got sizes of 25+ while Nachos had to settle for sizes of 10+ At the invasion of Wool Socks , both the armies i.e Nachos and Light Troops claimed to have won.The Nachos and Lt both got sizes of over 10.

    Next , the Light Troops announced an invasion of a Nacho server , Fjord. At the invasion , the Nachos defeated the Light Troops in an awesome battle . Then , the next day , Nachos invaded Big Snow , one of Light Troops’ servers. Their sizes were also big with 22 penguins. On the 30th of November , the Light troops tried to invade Fjord again but still failed . Nachos maxed 21-25 while Light Troops had between 15-20 troops online. The Nachos have 3 invasions planned up. They are:

    Invasion of Migrator
    Invasion of Mukluk
    Invasion of Glacier

    Lets see if the Nachos wins this war or will the Light Troops make a comeback win.

  31. Funk approves this.

  32. Kirk
    I’m awesome

  33. This is my dream To work here.
    I tryed on cp smac now im trying on CPA! ( if you like it or not )
    I promise to stay keeping postsAnd editing if i get a job ill be great full
    And ill use grammar 😛

    • also i forgot this
      What is your CP Name? sir donz23
      army exp : DCP , ls , Dw
      Write your opinion about any CP Army Topics:
      i think il lfit here. some armys r rivals with other armys so what i think we should do more posts to keep the good standards up

      My view is that ill keep posting and extending my posts to make them Fit and trying to keep it good

  34. •What is your CP Name? Wehrly3 (But I would like you to call me Antman)
    •What is your CP Army experience? I have lead CPST (3ic), I’ve reached Moderator on ACP and IW, I have also lead many small armies to victory.
    •Write your opinion about any CP Army Topics (Well, I would just like to write something what I would write in a post)

    I’ve started to notice that army chats and websites have been getting VERY unsafe. There are all sorts of reports about hacking, doxing, scamming, ect. Sure, the anti hacking bill is helping us, but not enough to save EVERY army. If there is a new hacker or doxer in town, you don’t know until something bad actually happens to you, your troops, or your army. Such as the time Water Vikings got hired a security guard (Also known as EYES) to protect them, no one knew that he was really that bad. Then, after he was hired, with the help of Miross, together, they completely destroyed the website. I bet a lot of you got scammed, hacked, and doxed by someone. I too, got scammed for red and no audies from Miross about 7 or 8 months ago (Not much at all, but still made me pissed). If you think your army is safe, well now, you’ll rethink this.

    Is your army in risk to being hacked, ect? If you hire a security guard do you think he/she will do something bad to you, your troops, or your site? I’ve started to notice small armies usually start to get hacked. One time, I was on the SMAC website, and I was looking at the small and medium armies. I saw one that had a catchy name, so I decided to check it out. When I found the site, it was completely destroyed! The header was different too. It said, “Hacked by Chokechain.” This is what happens to small armies who are not protected. But armies like ACP, IW, ect, will probably not get hacked anytime soon because they look big and scary and bad things will probably happen to the people how do this. So I would actually suggest, if you need a security guard (Such as what Shab said), my opinion (Not Shabs) think of someone who has signed the anti hacking bill, has said to you that they hate hackers, doxers, scammers, ect, and has been your friend for a while. Most likely, this person will not be a hacker, doxer, ect.

    All I have to say is that you really need to bump up the troops in your army, make only the best and most popular troop’s leaders, and make your army look big and scary and have great GFX. An example of this is ACP. Only the best of the best become leader, and only very trusted people become security guards. There GFX is awesome and they have their banners all over websites. So if you do this, people will like your army and want to join it, then you’ll look scarier than ever. So, that’s all for now!

  35. I decide to revoke my application due to stress.

    Thank you

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