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Hello everyone, Tomb here.

I’m writing this post to inform you that the CPAC Christmas 2011 design is being drafted, but I want your opinions on what the design should consist of. But before we get into that, let me talk to you about a few things:

  • I do not like writing “Happy Holidays” on any holiday graphics. I prefer naming each individual holiday by what it is, not being politically correct. So, I need your help here. Leave a comment stating what holiday (if any) you celebrate! This is to avoid naming extra holidays that no one may even celebrate, and including the ones that you do!
  • As you all may know, Christmas colors are usually represented by the colors Red, Green and White. I’m known to make the base color of my Christmas graphics mostly red. This, as I have learned in the past, can hurt many peoples’ eyes. So include in your comment if a lot of red really does hurt your eyes.
  • I know that the CPAC Halloween graphics were released a bit early, and we kind of struggled to bring the original CPAC design back. I apologize for that inconvenience, and I hope you can forgive me. 🙂 For Christmas, my design company, Thunder Ant Studios, is going to transform CPAC into something amazing! I say something because I don’t know what’s going to happen yet! xD
Now for the fun part!
In your comment, name all the things and specific details you’d want to see on the Christmas graphics. This is something new as I don’t think anyone has asked for your opinion on what we should add in the past. 😀 And to keep the suspense, all the comments will be left un-moderated, so no one will know what ideas we’re going to follow. Once they are published, we will reveal the person(s) that suggested the design. Remember, the sky is the limit on this. Even if it seems impossible, something awesome can come out of the most illogical idea!

50 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. There’s a season called Winter…

    • Don’t forget about talk like a pirate day for all us pastafarians. Yeah and I hate the term happy holidays.

  3. New Years

  4. Tomato 8883 day where you give a lot of money to me.


  6. It’d be awesome if the background would have a gift wrapping with the CPAC logo for Christmas

  7. And how does the Jewish feel about this. Chanukah and Kwanza are two other holidays people may celebrate instead of Christmas due to religion. I don’t think it’s fair if we make it all about Christmas. Boxing Day is also very important to the Canadians.

    • “I do not like writing “Happy Holidays” on any holiday graphics. I prefer naming each individual holiday by what it is, not being politically correct. So, I need your help here. Leave a comment stating what holiday (if any) you celebrate! This is to avoid naming extra holidays that no one may even celebrate, and including the ones that you do!”

  8. Christmas and New Years. i would prefer green and white cause alot of red does hurt my eyes.

  9. I don’t really care what the Christmas graphics look like, just as long as they look awesome.

  10. I celebrate Christmas.

    I think it would look good if it was a holiday scene with all the armys custom penguins in a work shop or something. Or if you planned on use the base colours you should make it so the base is even red green and have little hints of white

  11. I’m not Christian although I do celebrate Christmas. And too much red does hurt my eyes, so not too much of that please. And momo941 had a good idea, all of the armies penguins in an Xmas workshop. Or, you could create your own custom penguins, some wearing elf suits and the ridiculously epic lightbulb tangly suit thing. And, one could be wearing a Santa Claus outfit. xD

  12. Its not that red hurts your eyes. Im not sure if you guys here are very scientific, but you see color from certain color cells inside your brain. For example, the cells that absorb the red would be situated on the left of your brain, with the opposite color right next to them. Basically, like pillars. If you stare at red for too long, basically around 5 minutes or so..without looking around, then, a greenish tint will come in, due to the fact that the cells which absorb the red light, get tired. They will be overrun by the opposite cells, which absorb red light, and you will start seeing green. You wont notice at first. You will think your going mad..and as you blink you see it as red again. But your brain is tricking you. Its not the red that hurts the eyes…its any color. Be it Yellow, Red, Blue or Purple. If you stare at the same color for much too long, your eyes will trick you and you will see its opposite color. Your eyes will also start to hurt… badly.
    (I did it in Biology class last week xD)


  14. Colors

    A little bit of white, maybe, mostly red/green.


    Candy Canes
    Santa-related stuff
    Greens (wreaths, trees,etc.)
    CPAC logo randomly inserted into Christmas stuff
    Anything else Christmassy you can come up with 😀

    ALSO: I’d love to see all the main armies + a CPAC reporter’s custom penguins in a christmas workshop or celebrating the holidays in some way.


    Just Christmas for me. 🙂

  15. HANUKAAH .. unless ur racist

  16. starts with a p and ends with a orn

  17. If u put lots of tomatoes on the gfx, it makes peoples eyes better js

  18. I celebrate Hanukkah! 😀

  19. i celebrate christmas. so y not write merry christmas on some of them? that would be good. also santa claus hats and candy canes or candy cane stripes. it would look good for the holidays.

  20. Winter.

  21. Lol @ the idiot who approved all these comments

    Kingfunks4: Wasn’t me

  22. Can you please take off the hue graphic in the bottom left corner that says “CPAC”? It makes it very hard to read posts on mobile.

  23. Isint Tomb more like the GFX Designer than Poch?

  24. I love doing Light blue and white, snow = christmas.


  25. I only remember one Christmas when there was snow…

  26. Christmas Eve and Christmas should have each army penguin around a Christmas tree eating cookies for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Graphics because everyone knows graphics are better with cookies. Mabye the tree can also have presents underneath? Perhaps they could also be having a snowball fight, because it could be outside at night, just like that Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

  27. I think we should go sexy christmas style.


  28. Don’t put Happy Holidays.
    Put Merry Christmas.
    Like seriously, who calls it a HOLIDAY TREE!? Stupid liberals.

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