The Next Purple Republic?

The ‘next Purple Republic’ could be around the corner after former Metal Warriors 2ic Ivjak made an army called the Black Republic. Click ‘Read More’ for more on this story.

[If you don’t know what the PR are, click HERE]

Like the PR, the BR are an ‘army’ that want to destroy almost all armies we know about. It started out with Ivjak making the following post on the Metal Warriors site.

I decided to leave the MW. Why? Thus I will write all the reasons:

First I have made about 1,500 bots and I will make an army that will be called the Black Republic.
Second The Army will not be as Purple Republic, I will not attack the servers. And what will the army do?
Third With it I will: Many have failed to destroy the ACP and I will try to remove: UMA-in, Nachos, ACP, SWAT, and ninjas. Why do I want to destroy these great armies?
4th Because of that army by attacking the servers of small armies and destroy small army of me that is more full head so I decided to attack the army. Will I return to MW?
5th I will return when I finish my job and destroy almost any army which I have listed, but until then goodbye 🙁

Ivjak says that his ‘army’ will not be like the Purple Republic, and will not attack the severs. However, the PR are supposedly invading Mammoth. This invasion is goes against his original words from his post on the MW site. This group is also not like the PR because they are not a group of people, they are just an ‘army’ of bots, but they have the same intentions as the PR did.

They have been getting sizes of 40, not yet big enough to destroy armies but they are building up and could become a threat to armies. However, they don’t have the same threat as the PR did, and they don’t look like they could become as big as the Purple Republic. They supposedly attacked Mammoth Yesterday (Saturday), but no results have been posted and it is unknown to whether or not they actually turned up to the event.

The BR wear drilling helmets, but don’t actually drill because they wear guitars. They also seem to talk like you would on an online chat, and they strongly relate to the Purple Republic. They already claim to own Alaska and Arctic and are still trying to invade severs like a ordinary army would.
However, because they are bots these invasions are invalid so they haven’t done any damage to us yet.
They will only do damage once they turn up to an armies event and raid that training session, tournament battle or invasion. What do you think will happen, will the Black Republic and Ivjak do any damage to us?
-Kingfunks4 CP Army Central Head of Site
“Step up to quality”

52 Responses

  1. First?

  2. I seriously doubt this’ll last. Oh, and I’ve emailed Club Penguin about the Lulzcp Hack Day on the 29th, as if they haven’t received thirty emails about it already.

  3. 1st

  4. The pic is definitely of a CPPS (private server) xD This guy just wants attention

  5. You do realise that’s on a CP private server=bots. ._.

  6. Actually I’m first but my comment’s in moderation.

  7. This is old new, bro.

  8. So an army of bots counts as a real army now a days?

  9. Not only that, LULZ is gonna hack CP D:

  10. This guy was a real MW leader? Seriously? I had to explain to him the most fundamental rules of CP warfare the other day when he tried to invade Mammoth.

    They don’t own any of the servers they claim to own as of now, because they weren’t scheduled, and yeah, the bot thing. I say just ignore them. PR was a group of people that we should’ve just fought for the fun of it. BR is just stupid.

  11. I like how when funks and blue2 make the post about being active yet they almost never make posts that don’t regard tourneys and top tens, and now they suddenly make a bunch of news posts.

  12. I am actually happy about this, believe it or not. It made CP warfare a lot more fun. But we better not let this get to out of hand.

  13. Be original bruh.

  14. Does he want a medal?

  15. You know they all have the same name…could only mean one thing…bots OR…somebody used a trainer to change the clothes and names of everyone in teh room.

  16. Dude who owns BR, its fine…we dont need another noob with clones on this island. Besides im sure we all know how to use a trained 😛

  17. This kid’s an idiot. PR was actually well thought out, but anyone could of done this.

  18. You can’t say “OMFG” in CP and I don’t think you can have ppl with the same name unless you use a trainer

  19. noob.

  20. Who knew croatians could be so evil <.<

  21. Well,Im not sure this would be a threat

  22. Fake Picture. You can tell cause all of the troops are named “Black Republic” and one of them is saying” Tap Iphone with long french fingernail”. I don’t think bots say that.

  23. Isn’t botting against anti hax bill

  24. I’m scared,we should all be worried! The world is coming to an end as we know it.

  25. oh great.

  26. Kill all the bots!!!!!

  27. It’s the american civil war all over again, blacks taking over *wary*

  28. Idrc, im on retirement island bishes.

  29. He can’t do any of that crap, he’s just looking for attention.

  30. And if they raid events, then they won’t be any a bigger threat than SWAT.

  31. swat never invaded small armies. maybe the rouges did!?

  32. BOTS!?? I should report this to cp


  34. pic is fake, I doubt bots would go around looking for a girlfriend.

  35. Trainer to make everyone in the room have that same outfit. Black Republic-at most two actual people.

  36. technicaly Bots cant claim servers so……. -_- what do u gain for this

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