Battle of Mammoth||Light Troops and Nachos at War

The Army of Club Penguin (ACP) and Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) battled for ACP’s famed server Mammoth yesterday, and though they are not yet at war, it appears this may soon escalate into full-fledged war.

SWAT had scheduled an invasion of ACP’s Mammoth server, and the two armies clashed yesterday on the server. (NOTE: All images are from ACP’s site, since I was unable to find a post on SWAT’s)

ACP negotiated with SWAT throughout the battle, with neither army at their best. About 20 minutes into the battle, SWAT conceded defeat.

Both armies have yet to schedule a “rematch”.

It seems ACP and SWAT are now on the brink of war. Flipper, ACP Leader, made this comment following the battle.

I have yet to schedule anything of a rematch, but if they did I think next time it would be all out war. They can’t just invade our server twice and get away with it!

As tensions between these two armies escalate, another two are already in all out war.


LT have recently ended their war with IW, and are now facing the Nachos in battle. About a week ago, Nachos declared war on LT.

This battle better be 10x better than the battle of North Pole. -Tan

Let’s show everyone that we just had a bad day. Nachos, are you ready to kick some serious butt? Let’s show them what we got! -Danny


Prepare for hell Light Troops.

~Hurricane & Danny

After their initial defeat on North Pole, the Nachos invaded Wool Socks in a controversial battle.

Both armies claimed victory in the battle. Nachos had this to say:

From those pictures, I think Nachos won, but Light Troops are still claiming that they won?

First off, why in the heck would you log off, if Nachos are invading? Example: That is like the United States giving up land to Iraq and claiming that they already won because they were bigger and leaving the land.

Second off, we retreated 6 times? We are invading, we are SUPPOSED to be moving rooms. You expect us to be staying in ONE room the entire battle when Nachos are the ones invading?

Light Troops, find better arguments. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.

While LT responded with:

Reasons why we won:

  • We were bigger through out the entire battle.
  • Nachos retreated 6 times. To prove my point above, you aren’t supposed to retreat if you’re bigger. That means we were bigger than Nachos and that’s why they retreated.
  • Our tactics were better than Nachos. The video will prove it. I will post it once Ioio uploads it.
  • Nachos claimed 0 rooms. We basically defended all rooms since they retreated. But even if they claimed 0 and we defended 0, it’s a tie, which means Woolsocks stays ours anyway.
  • There is just no good reason for Nachos to gain Woolsocks. They didn’t claim, they retreated, they had smaller sizes. They really need to admit defeat.

It would seem the controversy has yet to be decided, and Nachos now have the massive defense of Fjord, which is today.

As part of the war effort, Nachos’ former leader, Tanman, has returned to the army.

I am making a temporary return to armies. Seeing that this army is getting 15 at events does not satisfy me. When I left I had a feeling this would happen but I thought someone would step up and take the role like I did. That has not happened yet so I am returning to help this army beat LT in our war.

Right now this is us…


This should be us…


Right now from what I’ve seen, we have the size we just don’t have the attitude to do it. Our chat has become lazy again while throughout my whole leadership I tried to avoid that, Our troops don’t have that fire in their eyes when battles come, and people get discouraged way to easily. You see that the other army has more 30 minutes before battle and it seems like you just give up. If you think you’re going to lose, you’ll lose. That’s usually our problem when we face ACP. People go into the battle thinking “Oh man we’re facing ACP we’re gonna get killed”. We can’t have that, one of the reasons ACP is so large is because their troops aren’t lazy, they have that fire in their eyes for battles, and they KNOW that they are in it to win it. That’s how we need to be.

I will bring out my best tactics and some new ones I have thought of like our Tanks Division(Click HERE to join) is coming back led by me, our puffles WILL be used in events, and we are going to work on some new formations. Now I’m sure you’re getting bored with this so onto our phase one battles.

Nachos have also scheduled a series of Invasions against LT, called Phase 1.

They are invading the following:

Big Snow

Ice Cube




It seems this war is shaping up quite nicely. Nachos and LT have several invasions and defenses to go before this is over, and the return of Tanman should certainly spur on the Nachos.

What do YOU think about the ACP/SWAT battles and the Nachos/LT war?

 Comment YOUR opinion!

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPAC Head of Site

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  1. Light Troops won.Admit it Nachos!

  2. This party gets in the way, big time.

  3. Nachos are going to lose.

  4. CPAA has better quality posts and a high quantity

  5. Ironically, LT ended their war with IW because Nachos declared war on them because of IW’s war with LT.

  6. I don’t see why Nachos have to interupt the war with IW, I guess they dont mind their business.


  8. And to think I hated FFA

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