Top Ten Armies: 25/11/11

NOTE: A certain DCP high-rank has been recruiting on other chats and once on Nachos chat for a top ten picture. If this happens again DCP will be out of the top ten.

Welcome to another top ten list on CP Army Central with Kingfunks4, Hurricane and Flipper!

1. Army of Club Penguin [+0][WP]

2t. Light Troops [+3][Ma]

2t. Nachos [-1][Ma]

4. Dark Warriors [-2][L]

5. Doritos [+2][L]

6. Ice Warriors [-2][L]

7. Ninjas [+2][L]

8. Army Republic [NEW!][L]

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [NEW!][Me]

10.  Night Warriors [NEW!][Me]

Armies Close to Top Ten: Metal Warriors, Shadow Troops, Underground Mafia Army, Golden Warriors, Sky Troops, Watex Warriors

The ACP continue to stay at the front, after good sizes of 45+ at the ‘Occupy the Dojo’ event. They also beat the Watex Warriors with 45+ and great tactics to follow-up the great event. ACP has an up-coming defence against the S.W.A.T in a defence of Mammoth, and were drawn against the Elites in the Christmas Chaos Tournament, but they are way out in front.

The LT have taken a massive leap and find themselves back in the top two chasing the Army of CP. The LT invaded ACP Server Christmas from the IW, and gave it back to the ACP once they found out it wasn’t IW’s server. At that event they had 20 – 25+ and matched that with good tactics. They also had several other events with 25+ and overall had an amazing week.

Although they haven’t gone up the top ten list, they are still in the top 3 and are making progress. They had sizes of 20+ at the ‘Occupy the Dojo’ event which they ended up calling the Three-Way Practise battle. They also beat the Ninjas with sizes of 15+ and amazing tactics. The Nachos are also going to war with the Light troops.

The DW have taken a step back, with one of their worse weeks from the past months. They only had one result post, where they had sizes of 15 – 20 and decent tactics. They won the invasion of slippers against the Doritos, but had a fairly poor week and have taken the consequences for it.

Despite being known for not going to some events, the events they have gone to have been stunning for an army like the DCP. They beat the DW in an unscheduled PB for the DW (but scheduled for the DCP). They had sizes of 15+, but didn’t have amazing tactics to follow-up so it wasnt enough to get to 4th spot. They have a current active count of 26.

Like the DW, the IW haven’t had a overaly impressive week. The Ice Warriors had sizes of 15+ at the ‘Occupy the Dojo’ event and had decent tactics to go with it. However, they didn’t show pictures of there supposed 15 – 20 against the Light Troops and only had one true event result post, showing them with 15+.

The Ninjas are slowly improving and had a good week after having several events. Despite losing the Practise Battle against the nachos, they had sizes of 15 to keep 7th spot on the top ten. The Ninjas have had a busy week to boast up their moral and size in this top ten, and are looking like they won’t stop rising after falling out of the top ten.

The AR are back and they are back with a bang. They have had tons of events and a “draw” with the Night Warriors. The AR had 15+ at most of their events, with the occasional 10+ at the odd event. The AR are rising once again and the former top 5 army is closing in on the armies like DCP, DW and Nachos. The AR have an up-coming recruiting session.

 The SWAT are one of three returning armies, and they have had an amazing week compared to last week, when they fell out of the top ten. The SWAT are against the Night Warriors in what might be the closest battle of the opening round in the Christmas Chaos. They also have an recruiting session coming s0on, which they have called “Huge”.

The NW are the bottom of the three returning armies, after claiming a win against the Army Republic. After starting the week outside the top ten, I think the NW shocked everyone by getting 10 – 15+ at the battle against the Army Republic. If the NW had more events I’m sure they would be higher on this top ten. The picture bollow shows the NW (on the right) against the AR (on the left).

Thanks for reading!

-Kingfunks4 CP Army Central Head of Site

-Pochoma CPAC Graphic Designer

-Flipper7706 & Hurricanex1 CPAC Top Ten Editor

64 Responses

  1. 1ST!

  2. I WIN!

  3. I’m sure everyone can guess that it’s Wwe -.-

  4. 🙂 LT second again, second time me and BP lead them to second *Wary*

  5. kinda miss seeing TG up there

  6. I personally think it’s a great top 10, except for LT’s spot.

  7. Also, DW only did poorly this week because of the whole -turning to Golds- situation.

  8. DW is going back to Golds? That kind of makes me sad because I just restarted Golds for nothing.

  9. ACP pees me off, but great spots for the top 10

  10. Did you mean Shadow Force got close to the the top? Because they got 17 at an event recently. Also why aren’t DJ Army close, they got 24 at an event! (And I am not even in DJ Army so I don’t need those stupid comments).

  11. Funny how Ninjas get 24 at their PB with Nachos, and Funks says they get 15.

  12. ACP and IW had shared the server of Christmas. Something LT doesn’t understand.

  13. Doritios and IW should switch

  14. Sizes of 15+???? More like 25+ bro ask the Ninjas they’ll even back me up on this one

  15. Certain high rank = Dataco

  16. Can you quys make small and medium armies too *wary*

  17. Happy to see an army I lead back in the top ten =D

  18. Light Troops Forever!

  19. you forgot nachos..?

  20. This is a topic needing to be posted on (nothing to do with Top Ten): Does the CPA World Revolve Around ACP?

  21. The Top 10 should be posted by retired soldiers with great experience. Seeing that one of the 3 people who contributed is ACP leader, it makes the list seem biased.

  22. According to the title this is the 25th month of the year.
    This isn’t Europe! Fix your titles.

  23. 53rd…

  24. im surprised iw has fallen back!im in iw!i was inactive for this week but not today

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