An Idea.

Hey everyone. I have a CP army idea that is pretty important and would have very big effects, so please read this.

Anyways,  the idea is simple.  The idea is a Club Penguin Server Registration Process. It will not be run by CPAC.

1.The Basis

2.The Criteria


  1. The Basis.  The CP Server Registration Process would be an independently ran website that would say whether or not your army was, in fact, an army. By this definition of army, an army is a group of (X) or more soldiers who all attend an event to determine if the army is an army.(X will be decided in a poll.) For example, I create an army called the Zephyrs. The first thing I do is I get a few friends, create a website, create a chat, and invade some servers. But, however, that is where the problem occurs. All the new armies decide to invade servers they don’t think anybody else owns. After a while, you end up with 3-4 armies all claiming to own the same servers. The way to avoid this is much more simple.  When I create my army, I still make a website and a chat. However, I am not allowed to claim any servers until my army is registered. Instead, I use Outback(Not allowed to be claimed/war server) and Klondike(Pending ACP approval). There, my army can recruit and become bigger. When I feel my army has met (X) or more number of soldiers, I can schedule an event with the CP Army Registration Process and with my own army.  At the event, the CP Server Registration Process uses the criteria to determine whether not my army is registered. Once my army is registered, I can invade servers from other armies. However, if my army is not registered, I must keep trying until I finally do get registered.
  2.  The Criteria.  The criteria to be registered is still yet to be completely decided. Still, a two things would be certain. The first thing is that the event must have a minimum number of soldiers (X). The second would be the average chat size of the army during the event(Y). If the army passes both of these rules, the army would be accepted and than allowed to invade servers.
  3. Why. Why should we have a CP Server Registration Process?  We should have a CP Server Registration Process because it would make servers a lot easier. Just the other day, RPF thought they were being invaded by ST for Parka until RPF found out that ST was invading another army’s share of Parka, a share RPF didn’t know existed. This kind of confusion is very improper and is really unnecessary. A small problem would be new armies not having any servers and claiming that major armies are hogging all of them. This is why another rule would be a server limit(again, voted on).


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  1. “An Idea.”

    I wonder how many times I’ve seen that as a post title.

  2. Haven’t we already tried this, and it was booed off the site 0_o or was that something else?

    • lawlz… I was thinking of the thing where we had to make our armies “Official” by signing this thingy… And now that I have completely read it, I think I agree. 😀 Cause I do.

  3. CP Idea Giving Central.

  4. This is actually a decent idea. I think it’d go pretty well. Put it into action 🙂


  6. This website is starting to act like the U.S government, trying to implement stupid things, getting to big, and to controlling.

  7. I think it’s a decent idea, unfortunately people don’t really like anything that makes things more complicated..

  8. One of the thing’s which I’ve dreamt for is some sort of official authority for it. So CP Armies are organised, united and in my view, ultimately more fun but I’ve realised there is quite a slim chance of this happening. CP Armies is just too slapdash for it, it’s impossible to be organised, there’s nothing which any sort of authority can use to control anyone, nothing stopping me from making a WordPress site, making a Xat, calling it a army,start declaring war on every army out there and claiming every server there is. This is because, the platform were using is not run by any of us, it’s run by Disney who frankly, unless were disturbing other people in a particular way or in some way limiting their profits, don’t care what the heck we do. I don’t see our platform changing any time soon because its “CP – Club Penguin” armies so we have to put up with it. What is possible however is if all the major armies stop booing and ridiculing every idea ever put forward by ACP and CPAC and actually decide on something, we might be able to recreate a near-organised CP Army world.


  9. I think it’s pretty good… *braces to be trolled for answering that*

  10. No way should there be a server limit, if that was to happen armies couldn’t expand and do what an army does, invade servers at will.

    • But an army could take almost all the servers. And if they did, it would make it harder for other armies to get them if the army with almost all the servers was like ACP or something.

  11. This is getting way to complicated. This is a news site. Post about NEWS. If your going to post ideas, do it on your own site. =/

    And this isn’t news, fyi.

  12. Sigh Why the heck does CPAC SEEM to be trying to control the cp army world THIS IS A NEWS SITE. That’s like CNN controlling the US government. See any problems in that?

    • We aren’t trying to control anything. We’re trying to show you that sometimes it would help armies to have some organzation (i.e. Senate) in chrarge to solve problems. You have seen how muh trouble armie have agreeing with eachother, so my view is that an authority, sort of like the UN, would be beneficial.

      • Army complexion is going too far you guys. I want it to be the way it should be….Fun. This isn’t fun its more work,no one cares, this isn’t going to work at all. Stop trying to be the UN. We don’t care about server limits. Tell that to IW first before passing this. They have what? 25-40 servers? CP armies we’re meant to be fun. Over the…years…OMG I just realize something on the spot. We’re getting less fun. That’s why we’re shrinking. If we just do fun event instead of politics we can maybe bring Cp armies. Well still anyway I’m just trying to prove a point. If anyone agrees with me Say “i” below this comment



  15. Good idea. Now a lot of armies are claiming they own Chinook (NFF’s capitol).

  16. TG’s servers arent on list. this would be a good idea. COZY IS TGS CAPITAL NOT NINJAS!!

  17. If an army claims the same server you do, go to war with them and fight them for it. Simple as that.

    • Club Penguin Armies are supposed to be simple. When things get too complicated, people get confused and lose interest in the game.

  18. Your anti hax bill is so much better than this amirite

  19. No.

  20. TOO MANY QUESTIONS! I’m only in High Honors in Yale, GOSH!

  21. i agree, ithink you should have to have 15 soliders to registeer ur army and, no server limuts

  22. It’s a matter of over complicating things. I would accept this if the goal was to eventually use it to unify armies, but that is near impossible with the current “geo-political” situation. It simply over Centralizes things and makes them too complex.

    It is a very interesting idea though.

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