Site Reformation.

Blue2: Thanks Tomb, I had asked Poch to do this, and I’m glad to see your helping as well. Also, I had been planning some Halloween stuff, but Funks beat me to it :D. I will also have some slightly less interesting site improvements coming soon.

P.S.: I call the Halloween post.:p I’ve been doing holiday posts on the site for a while, so I’ll be continuing the tradition.

Deli: Ready for SS

Kingfunks4: Thanks so much tomb, it looks epic.

Tomb: I hope you like the new halloween themed site 🙂 **Header coming soon!**

The site will be preparing for Halloween this weekend, so the site will be all “Halloweenish” this weekend and throughout October. Click “Read More” for more information…

Deli: May i help out by creating the page widgets, and maybe the post tabs…?

Tomb: Me and Poch have reached an agreement and we’ve decided that I will do most if not all of the CPAC holiday graphics. I’d enjoy to do this for you guys and I’ll make it as fun as possible!

We at CPAC are getting ready for the Halloween holidays and are going to have a whole bunch of activities. Here are some of the activities we are going to hold for you.

  • CPAC Scary Showdown: Of course this has already started, and this is going to go through the whole of the month and we are going to have reviews and Points of views on the tournament results.
  • Widgets: The widgets are going to be changed. We will have them changed to orange, and will have Halloween stuff to go with it.
  • Graphics: I will need Pochoma to do this, but we need a new banner for the month (and maybe a header and Background) so we can fit into the spirit.
  • Sweet Hunt: Near the middle of October we will hide 20 Sweets around the site. You just have to find the code they have and report back. There will be Prizes for the winner and runner-up!
  • Specialized Top Tens: The top tens throughout October will also take to the Halloween spirit by having some Headings to do with Halloween and other exciting things.
  • And Much, Much More!

So you can see that we are ready for Halloween at CPAC, and we want you to have an enjoyable month at CPAC. I’m sure Pochoma will be making those graphics ASAP :D.

-Kingfunks4 CP Army Central Head Of Site

P.S. This is a short post because it is more of a note than a post.

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20 Responses

  1. Secondness.

    I will win teh Sweet Hunt. >.>


  3. Cool.

  4. halloween gfx and its not even october yet smh

  5. “Halloween Bash @ CPAC Central!”

  6. Im back to bein active on CPAC tomorrow. School’s hell. XD

  7. AR 1st and Second Unform= Best uniforms for Halloween in CP history
    AR 3rd Uniform= We look like the bloody DW *faceplam*

    Brought to you by:

    Alec/XeXus, AR 2ic

  8. i thought poch was the gfx designer

  9. Now I can’t wait for Christmas. 😛

  10. Now I really can’t wait for Christmas… 😆

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