Are we too Closed Minded?

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Ok guys,

Where do we go from here? Do we actually have it all figured out? Honestly, no we don’t but we seem to think that we do a lot. So many people out there come up with ways to make CP armies more enjoyable for everyone. Or come up with better ways of running armies and stuff, but we close off those ideas because we evidently think that our way of operating at the moment is the best. It’s truly idiotic to think that our way is perfect and other people obviously don’t know what they’re talking about. And I think it’s because somewhere down the line, we have started to think that, just because we’re good leaders or legends, that we automatically know EVERYTHING about armies. When in actuality, we don’t. Why don’t we stay open to new ideas?

Ok , so we’ve been involved with armies for almost 7 years. And only a select few have stood out of the crowd. So how in god’s name do we have it all figured out? Such a little time, and such a low amount of game changers. We’re nowhere near where we could be with armies. We’re in the Bronze Age of Cp armies. Yeah we got things handled and we know what were doing, but we have so much growth in out future, we have no room to say we know it all.

I’ve seen so many people treat others like complete and utter crap, because their idea wasnt liked by a certain person. Why should we treat them like we know more than them? Or as if were somehow better. When it all boils down to it. We all waste our lives on game with penguins. Were not better than anyone. Sure we may know more about the game (the game being CP armies) but we don’t know what perfect is. OK, yes some ideas out there are completely retarded. And no matter how stupid some of them get, still doesn’t give us grounds to treat them like they are less. Because if were the closed-minded people we aren’t the more intelligent being.

“To be intelligent is to be open-minded, active, memoried, and persistently experimental.”  Leopold Stein

See, the true game changers on Cp armies are the ones who will take ideas from their troops and friends and revise them into a reality. They are the more intelligent people in armies. The ones that are willing to be wrong for once and to treat others as if they could teach them something. Hardly anyone nowadays is willing to suck it up and humble themselves in order to become better.

“Nothing in the world makes people so afraid as the influence of independent-minded people.” Albert Einstein

I don’t know if it’s the threat of being controlled, or if its our ego’s that make us decide we don’t wanna hear what others have to say. But yes. New ideas scare everyone. We do something out of the ordinary and we fear scrutiny and failure. When what we should be doing is risking scrutiny and failure in order to better ourselves and what we work for.

“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” Napoleon Hill

We all lust for the title of legend or to be acknowledged for our work. But if we are Narrow minded, then success will never come. We have to accept that success is not the work of one person but the work of several people coming together to mold the foundation of something great. And One Closed minded people can halt success faster than anything else.

Decide, to be more open to ideas and don’t automatically think that your right because you’ve been around longer, or more popular. Be smart, and be effective and be willing to listen.

Thank you for reading.
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~Elitesof aka Korn

23 Responses

  1. Firstness and neat post

  2. Answer to the title question: yes.

  3. I think it’s a problem if Club Penguin Armies have existed for 7 years when Club Penguin itself was created 2005.

    And how are we in a bronze age when Club Penguin armies are at its lowest right now? Half of the Top Ten are medium armies -.-

  4. Being a philosopher does not mean you are exempt from putting actual CP pics in your post. -_-

  5. Lmfao USA VS. RUSSIA. Took about 10 army men to lift up a log and in Russia you just need a fat woman to do all your log work. 

  6. For as long as armies have existed, this problem has been around, and theres no sign of change.

    As Wexfief said, how are we in the Bronze age? Half of the top 10 are medium armies.

  7. The bronze age is not a compliment.

  8. Nice post.

  9. The Bronze age is an overstatement. We are in the New Era, probably our Final Era unless we get a new person with a brain in.

  10. People who know me, will know that I absolutely love that last picture. XD

  11. wow you got a nice pic of my mom there lifting that log

  12. Elitesof I have 1 thing to ask you,
    Did you marry a girl named Blugirlrox at xat?

  13. Yeah why?

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