Armies That Should NEVER Be Recreated: Part I

Hey Everyone. I know I am the CPAC Graphics Designer, but an important topic has come to my mind. What is this topic? Well if you read the title before reading this you would know.

Armies That Should NEVER Be Recreated
Part I

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Armies
  • Roman Fire Warriors/Fire Warriors
  • Elites
  • Hot Sauce Army
  • Shadow Troops

3. Conclusion



So this post will be about facts of the armies, along with reasons why they should never be recreated. Along with the recreation, the newer army trashes and ruins the reputation of the Generation before it. Since I got feedback of several armies that shouldn’t be recreated: if people like this post, I will create a part II.

Now let’s begin:


The Roman Fire Warriors were created back in 2009 by merging several large armies together. This army strived in the Top 10 making it all the way to the Top 3 and even challenging the Army of Club Penguin in size and tactics. Then the army slowly started to crumble. They then changed their name to the Fire Warriors, which is one of the larger armies that the merge occurred with hoping to keep their dreams alive. Sadly after almost dropping out of the Top 10, they merged into the Nachos.

The former leaders, Pringle64 and Pochoma123 recreated RFW about a month after the merge with the Nachos, and it never got back to the same velocity of the First RFW/FW. They changed the name to the Ninjas who have been very successful.

Reasons This Army Should NEVER Be Recreated:

  1. People need permission from either Pringle64 or Pochoma123 to recreate
  2. After the Nacho Merge, the RFW never got back to their spot back
  3. The Army never stayed in the Top 5 for over a week
  4. RFW/FW is Ninja’s History

2. Elites

The First Generation of Elites was founded and lead by 77Ninja77 in 2008. From that point, there have been a total of 5 new generations, creating six in all. The Elites pop up every few months, strive and get large, then eventually die off. This pattern has continued through all six generations. Elites 4g-6g have been in the Top 10.

The most recent 6G Elites have been the most successful. Their leaders (Temp, Khimo, and at one point Mchappy and Jerry) were one of the most experienced leaderships of the Elites. Most everyone thought the Elites were here to stay after reaching an Elite’s high of 2nd in the Top 10. But as time went on, the Elites started to fall, and eventually, got shut down. (Click Here for Blue’s Post)

Reasons This Army Should NEVER Be Recreated:

  1. People need permission from either Khimo or Tempahh to recreate
  2. 6 Generations of an army dieing/falling is too many.
  3. This army rises at first then dies hard

3. HSA

The Hot Sauce Army was created in 2009 by Lil S0ulja and Hypermext54, but they didn’t shine until Dudex219 and Hypermext54 lead together. The two HSA leaders lead HSA up to 4th on the Top 10 and kept the army in the Top 10 for about a month. After that month, the army started going downhill quickly. The army soon fell into a list of armies that had fallen.

From the HSA Site, it looks like the most recent generation of HSA has been created by Motoxjohn, but they didn’t get off the ground. There has been about 8 Generations of HSA created, but none have been as successful as the First Generation.

Reasons This Army Should NEVER Be Recreated:

  1. This Army has never been as big as the first generations
  2. The army never gets going, and fails every time
  3. This army has had 8 Generations, which 7 too many.

4. Shadow Troops

Back in 2008, Founder and Leader of the First Generation of Shadow Troops, Commando993 brought the Shadow Troops into the CP Army Community. With a perfect recruiting name, the Shadow Troops rose very quickly and continued to reign as a Large Medium Army. After Civil War and inactivity, the army died in June 2010.

In Summer 2011, Leaders Saw/Feephill and Flare brought back this army, and they look better than ever. The entered the war between ACP vs the Retaliation on the side of the Retaliation, and challenged the Army of CP almost single handedly. The ST soared into the Top 5 for a week, then vanished into thin air. Their site still has ACP Invasions from the war, but no new posts.

Reasons This Army Should NEVER Be Recreated:

  1. This army strived back in 2008 with it’s original creators
  2. The Army completely died off with no signs of life in the most recent generation
  3. ST is another army that rises quickly, but then leads to death


These armies have had their reign as Armies in Club Penguin, but then they fell short. An army that dies, is meant to stay dead. The provided examples and reasons are proof on why they shouldn’t be recreated, and if they are, they will soon die out.


Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it! If I were to create a part II, what armies should be included?

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82 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. I believe the Elites6G was just hunting for good leaders such as Mch or Jerry to grow bigger.

  3. Tempah tride to merge SWaT into Elites just so they could get into top ten.

  4. I liked this post. O:

  5. I think Elites 3G was the best..

  6. It’s funny that Poch makes this post on the eve of my re-creation of RFW. For the record. Pochoma did not create RFW
    RFW was created by 5 People – Pringle,Woton,Ganger,Pete and myself.


    • How many of those people left within the first month of it being created? Oh that’s right, Pete, Ganger and what’s that? YOU did. So you have no right to recreate an army that you put NO effort into and left. The only people in that list that actually have the right are Woton and Pringle, but I was there through thick and thin from 2009 (Yes I was at the Creation of RFW, I was 2ic of the Fire Warriors)-2011, which is why I get the right to, and Pringle and Woton agree. Please reply with a valid argument to this point.

      • Also, I was at the start of RFW and stayed till we merged into Nachos, Cas, I disagree to you re-making RFW.

      • Really? ‘squeeze me? I was there too if you don’t remember! I was the one who gosh damn led the army! Even if RFW was Number 3 less than a week (it was actually a week and a half), im the one who led the 8/10’s of the battles! 2/10 of the battles were led by either woton or pringle because I wasn’t available!

        I’m so fricken pissed. Poch, you were 2ic under MY, WOTON, AND PRINGLE’S LEADERSHIP!

        Cas and Ganger left quick, I stayed. The only reason I left was because woton and i getting into so much fights.

        But I swear to god, People can come to me too to recreate RFW/FW because I’M (underline that!) THE ONE WHO LED ALL THE BATTLES!

        I know each leader did their own little part, but gosh dang it not mentioning me just pisses me off since I led the battles. -_-


        • Talk to me on chat.

        • Wow I am dumb. How did you slip my mind <.< Sorry Trick.

          • Listen Cas, You quit when RFW started, you aren’t a founder, We all disagree to you re-making RFW, about of 3/4 of legends disagree, take it or leave it, You cannot match what RFW once was.

            The most funnest army of 2009[Joint with Nachos]
            The army which had the best GFX of 2009.
            The most sucessful merge of CP armies
            The army that wasn’t afraid to stand up to the biggest and the best, yet pull a decent result out of it

          • Yup cas is a fggt

  7. Poch is just pissed that Cas and Funks restarted RFW xD Anyway, still a good post, and I agree with everything said in it.

  8. I have 3 for the next one.
    1. Dark Warriors
    2. Pirates
    3. Ice Vikings

  9. and acp. if acp ever dies, no WAY itll rise again.

  10. Add GPR in Part II. They shouldn’t ever be recreated.

  11. Puffle Warriors or whatever their name was, should be in the next version. They wouldn’t be able to compete with the nowaday extreme armies, such as ACP and IW.

  12. GPR – can only be recreated by myself or Gugu.

    That’s never going to happen- look at the memorial post.

  13. Personally, I think that if you make an army, and you have to restart it more than twice, it’s never going to work out. I’m sick of seeing these “(army name here) 24th Generation, join today!” out of armies that have barely been around for a year.

  14. Reasonable, I’ll give it a C for the idea and organization. But I personally think that this could have been expanded more and have more reasons then “it rises and dies quick” or “X number of generations is too much”

  15. Loved it.

  16. Each time an army is re-created, it takes away the glory from the original generation

  17. I farted.

  18. go poch

  19. RT= 4-5 generations, None of which were as much of success as the 1st and 2nd

  20. The ST were once huge? I thought they were only huge at that one battle against the ACP where they maxed, like, 60+ or something like that.

  21. In the second post you should include the Tacos of CP

    Also, great post

  22. Armies would always thrive if Khimo recreated it, and he never retired nor died.

  23. Was it just me, or did the entire post say “Poch is a boss” over and over again?

  24. CPL shouldn’t be remade. After the 3rd official generation lead by Panthers, Nascar(Temp.) and I, they went down the drain. Every other generation attempted(No offense Khimo and Motox) failed. There has been like 5 unofficial CPL generations formed and 3 official.

  25. ST vanished because SaW only made the army to prove he was a better leader than khimo. He and Flare quit the army eventually.

  26. I’m moody atm so I’m going to be a complete hypocrite and say this post was a waste of my time to offense to the author or anything.


  28. 83rd Biaches

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