The Three Way Battle Across the Top Ten: Light Troops, Ice Warriors, and Ninjas

Hi guys, Kooldude247 is bringing you report! Today’s report is about a three-way Practice Battle between the 2nd place Ice Warriors, 5th place Light Troops, and the 9th placed Ninjas. It should be an intense battle, although a lot of battles are overrated before they happen, or fall short. Let’s analyze this battle to check out the possibilities of what outcome may take place.Short Synopsis:

The Top Ten’s armies that have bounced around the Top Ten almost the most this year have gotten together for a 3-way Practice Battle: the Ice Warriors, the Light Troops, and the Ninjas. Before I go into detail, let me give you a brief description on what has happened for these armies in 2011.

About the Armies:

The Ice Warriors probably took the most untied #1’s in the Top Ten this year besides ACP than any other army. Despite the high ranking in the Top Ten, IW is probably also one of the most unsteady armies. If memory serves, the IW have been in every spot in the Top Ten in just the past year. They have currently steadied in the Top 5 recently, and hope not to lose it again.

The Light Troops have had their highest ranking of 5th in the Top Ten, while having a low of dropping out of the Top Ten. The Light Troops have certainly had an offbeat year, but pretty successful their year was. Under the leadership of Bluepaint, 1a3t, Spikeike, and Royal, they seem to be rising at their highest point in the entire life of LT, into the Top 5 for the first time.

This army [Ninjas] are the most stable of the 3. In the earlier part of the year, the Ninjas were the Fire Warriors, but changed their name to Ninjas. Their name change was an instant success, getting them into the Top 4 a few weeks later (sometimes averaging in the 50’s). Yet lately, they’ve been in the 20-30 area, and have fallen to 9th place. 

Why The Battle Is Taking Place:

This battle has something to prove for all of these armies. The IW is defending their spot as second by going for the win, while the Light Troops are proving they are worth 5th, and the Ninjas could be proving they are doing better than the Top Ten thinks. 

The Prediction:

Well, predicting a battle is just like being a weatherman: you have to use the facts you have and make an inference. Lately, LT has maxed an amazing 30 on Club Penguin, so most of us are expecting high performance from the Light Troops. I expect their average to be around 15-20 in the battle.

The IW are lately doing super-duper, and I expect them to average 25-30 and to be the best in size at this battle. Lately they’ve been averaging around 20+, but I still expect them to pull through. I expect IW to ‘protect their spot on the totem poll’ and win this battle.

Ninjas are currently dropping, but they are still averaging in the same window as the other two armies in the Practice Battle. We haven’t seen pictures out of them lately, but these guys are definitely a shoe-in to a big performance.

Analysis of the Data:

Well, the data shows that this will be a close battle [although you never know what will happen in a battle], and is expected to be very close. A room that has all three armies will most likely be full, and I expect for a lot of troops to get locked out of a room. The averages for each army should be in the 20’s, and some maximums to be in the 30’s. This battle will be very interesting to watch.


This battle upcoming is going to be a real huge battle, it will be nice to see, and is expected to have big sizes. Who will win this? Will it fall short of expectations or live up to the hype?

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CPA Central Reporter,


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  1. FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I don’t really care, I just want the top 10.

  3. GT will win *wary*

  4. IW, probably. But the other opponents will sure give them a run for their money.

  5. Its a 3 way 😆

  6. Well lets just wait who wins!

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