Blizzard Warriors Claim Light Troops Cheated in a Practice Battle

Yesterday, BW and LT had a pretty good practice battle, but both armies have gotten into an argument.

BW, ranked 6th in the top ten, battled LT, ranked 5th.  Both armies have been getting decent sizes latley, and it was expected to be a good battle.  After the battle, both armies had a little fight.  But let’s take a look at the battle first.

Below are BW making angry faces at LT at the dock.

Below, BW make a vertical line in the town while LT make a line across the chat bar enjoying some cake.

After the battle, BW claimed LT cheated by putting this pic on their site.

BW leader Blizzard880, told everyone what icp is.

If you don’t know what icp is, it is a twitter blog by some guy named Ducky. And if he tweets one thing, a lot of people follow him like crazy!

BW claimed that LT got Ducky to get a bunch of people to get on Club Penguin and help LT.  In response to BW, LT claimed that BW had troops from Red Rampagers to dress up in the BW uniform and help them win the battle.  LT also denied to pcing icp.

  1. ICPblog is just a normal person, i don’t see why he isn’t allowed to join an army. You’re just really jealous.
  2. I fired ICPBlog 3 days ago.
  3. ICPBlog never tweeted anything, get proof…

 It seemed both armies had equal sizes, but the matter of both armies cheating hasn’t been resolved.  I’m going to let you decide who won the battle.

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Comment with YOUR opinion on who won the battle and make sure to take the poll.

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  1. Looks like a tie to me

  2. Second, and I’d say it was a draw. They more or less had equal sizes, not many pics of tactics aside from lines, though.

  3. Well for your information RR merged into BW. Lol

  4. Well for YOUR information they unmerged. Lol


  6. xD No, they merged back LOL

  7. Lol yeah they did ask blu.

  8. What’s with all the hating on LT?

  9. So we’re back to this stuff again?

  10. light troops did not cheat ok we didnt YES ILL ADMIT THAT ICPBLOG USED TO BE IN LIGHT TROOPS BUT he quit and we never saw him again ok i was on blizzard warriors chat as well they bribed people who used to be in light troops to help them and used red ramagers as well
    i was on chat while they were bribing look at the pics we have on light troops site you just have to scroll down a little bit to find it

  11. Having people randomly join you is fair game, as long as you aren’t getting them from another organized army. If getting random soldiers from various parts of the Club Penguin world is illegal, then any person who logs on to Club Penguin and fights for your army, knowingly or unknowingly, that is not on your armies’ Ranks page on their site, would not count, which would be impractical to keep track of.

    • They didn’t join, Roberto made them moderator so they would help BW. It was just for the battle, none of these troops really joined BW.

      What’s with all this hating on LT? You only took BW’s proof, so i can call this pretty biased. You are basically voting for BW by using only BW pictures.

      • That’s toeing the line. I don’t think getting people from xat to come to your chat and fight for you is acceptable, but obviously random bystanders on CP that decide to take part in the fun would be fair.

        Personally, I feel that both armies are being hypocritcal by accusing each other of cheating. Honestly, a picture of someone saying “im pcing icp” isn’t anywhere close to proof. The very fact that you have that picture shows that you’re more interested in finding a reason for them to automatically lose rather than actually winning the battle yourself.

        Forget about whether or not they are cheating and just fight the battle, would you?

  12. i love how everyone is getting upset over a practice battle….BW shouldnt have said LT were cheating and LT shouldnt have responded back saying BW cheated, geez everyone is so childish.

  13. Well that’s how LT is, their army is 90% noobs.

  14. I think BW is just mad they lost. 😛

  15. blizurd woriers cuz i dun lik lite trupes

  16. Bluesockwa2, i am done with my CPAC application.

  17. The LT are 99.99% noobs but I’m sorry to say that they probably won. 

  18. ___━━____┓━ ╭━━━━━╮
    ____━━____━┗|:::::::: |。◕‿‿­­­­◕。|

  19. Everyone is a noob in some way …

  20. BW claimed that LT cheated but BW is just so despreat to win that they claimed we cheated well guese what we didnt BW ur just jelouse that LT is higher in ranks and that ur goinn to be out of top ten soon

  21. I think it’s pretty obvious now that BW cheated and still lost, according to the LT site.

  22. you dont just settle who won by using a poll, because u dont know the truth and if you dont know dont settle it with a poll!!!

    because LT could have cheated but LT might not have cheated!
    BW might have been telling the truth but BW might not be!

    ~Subzero aka Meano4

  23. LT WON FOR SURE i saw whole battle belive me i know that LT won and BW cheated and first of all ICP quit LT and second ioio quit man

    EASY WIN!!

  24. LOLWUT?
    Now Blizzard is just making up excuses for RR helping them, such as “RR remerged into us before the battle”

  25. I Just hate Everything Against Lt in my Mind

  26. ACP then BW, whos next?!?!?!


  28. I hate it when 2 armies claim the other does something and then their both acting like 3 year old children.

    • It’s called “debating and arguing to get the victory”.

      That’s what presidents, and pretty much everyone does, they don’t act like 3 year olds, they DEBATE.

      Acting like 3 year old is more like “OMG LT WON OH EM GEE WE WON STOP IT WE WON!!! JUST ADMIT IT YOU KNOW WE WON OMG YOU N00BIEZ1!!”.

      I’m pretty sure neither me or Blizzard act like that, therefor we are not 3 year old children, we’re people who can difference “they’re” from “their”, unlike you.

  29. Guys i was at acp chat. Light troops tried recruiting me, so there is the answer, LT DID cheat by recruiting people.

  30. Hey Guys! – I did not get fired, I quit because they was using me. I am sick of people using me!


  31. Love reading old posts

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