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These are both things some people rarely think about.  Why do we have small and medium armies?  What will happen to CP armies in the future?  Don’t just sit there, click that button!

The Point of Small/Medium Armies

Obviously, armies are small or medium because they either don’t have enough people to be large  or a lot of their troops are inactive.  Every army starts out small, some armies are small forever, and others get lots of people to join in just a few days.  But why are people involved with small and medium armies when they know they could be in an army that’s in the top ten?

The reason for so many small armies is anyone can create them.  But to become large, the army will need to stay active and listen to the leaders.  The leaders need to make sure the army likes them, or else no one will listen to them. 

Why do people join small armies in the first place?  Some of the people are new to armies, so when a small army recruits them on Club Penguin, they don’t know about all the other larger armies.  Others join it knowing they can get higher ranks because the army is smaller.

 And a few join for other reasons…


Before sites like SMAC, small and medium army news weren’t reported on that much.  News sites like CPAC reported mostly on major armies.  Why would people join armies that didn’t get any attention? 

Of course, many armies that were once small are now some of the largest armies.  But some armies were alive for a while and never made it to large.  Many small and medium armies aren’t well known while large armies can easily be reconized by many.

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The Future of CP Armies

(Let’s say Disney doesn’t manage to shut down CP armies.)

Armies have changed a lot since the beggining.  Many new tactics were created, many new armies exist, and the whole system is more organized with the use of WordPress and xat.  I bet the people who were in armies at the beggining didn’t think it would end up like this.  

Ten years from now, probably no one who’s involved with armies now will still be in them.  That will make it a whole new CP army world.  The leaders, armies, and legends will all be new.  Will we still be using WordPress and xat?  Will any of the current armies still exist?

Imagine yourself in ten years.  Chilling in you parents basement, searching all over the internet to find a job. (Just kidding.)  Then you notice that you still have some CP army sites bookmarked.  You decide to check what armies are like.  What if mighty armies today like ACP, IW, and the Nachos were super tiny or dead?  What would the standards be like?  Would you only need 20 people at a battle to be a World Power?  Or will armies be getting over 200 troops at battles? 

Maybe armies will be the same.  Maybe they won’t change at all over a period of time, like this:

It could always go back to like it was in the good times, but that chance is 1 in a million.  Now that I’m done blabbing about this stuff, I’ll ask what you think.

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An Idea

And finally, I have an idea for a battle.  It would just be two teams.  A bunch of armies would be assigned to each team.  A certain amount of rooms would be used for the battle.  Both teams would log on to one uncrowded server.  There would be a judge for each room being used for the battle.  The fact that there would be many people on each team, the teams would split up into smaller groups and go around trying to claim rooms.  They must be in a room for a certain amount of time to claim it(I’m thinking more then just five minutes).  Once a team claims a room, they can either stay and defend it or go try to claim more rooms.  After about maybe one or two hours, the battle will be done, and the judges will decide how many rooms each army claimed.  Several chats can be made for each group in each team.  Larger armies will be split up onto different teams, while smaller armies will join together to make a team.

Well, that’s it.  Comment with your opinion on this idea for a battle, the future of armies, and the point of small and medium armies. 

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  1. 4thness

  2. 5thness

  3. Small armies have been reported very well since I started being a leader. CPAE when funks made the small top tens was very active, maybe even more active then SMAC is now. After CPAE was hacked and deleted we went to CPSA which wasn’t as active as CPAE, but they did report well. So my point is small armies had more news before then we do now. CPAE barely posts, and SMAC is inactive.

  4. Oagals, 40? Yeh, I think him and Icey could stretch another 15 in there.

  5. Ten years from now, probably no one who’s involved with armies now will still be in them except Oagal and Icey.

  6. If you have the same computer in ten years, I will give you $100. Just remind me.

  7. Who bookmarks sites?

  8. Some armies ask people to bookmark the army’s site on their computer, I figure a few people actually do it

  9. Cool post ! But who knows if cp will even exist 10 years from now. Maybe…cp will be in 7D … a form like 3D where you put on a helmet and go into the virtual world so armies will be like WHA !
    Cool huh 😛 ?

  10. I rather like your idea.

  11. cpac reporters need to stop with the ideas

  12. I don’t think army sites should be required to talk about small armies.
    I’ve always thought that the point of an army (other than having fun) was to rise to the top, become the best army you can possibly be. Obviously, you’re going to have to start out small, and not everyone can make it the point where they are considered to be a large army. But until then, you have to make a name for yourself. FGR bursted on to the scene when the Nachos declared war on them in early 2009. If you’re not going to do anything to make yourselves known, why should we know about you?

  13. smal armes not wort it les u mak dem

  14. You should at least try to keep up with rising army’s. We dont have to wait for PR’s to come to us when we can come to them.

  15. CP Armies are dying. It’s never been this bad….

  16. CP armies are now Xat armies. Let’s change our name and find a way to battle on Xat instead.

  17. love it


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