CP Armies & Reality

Many of us fail to realize a simple truth about CP Armies: They are based on what we experience in real life. And as real life affects CP Armies, CP Armies affect real life. What do I mean? Well,

First, we have how armies of real nations differ from Club Penguin’s, and also how they are similar. Some differences:

5 Differences

1) You can only play the offense in Club Penguin. In real life, with a strong military defense strategy, the enemy can lose enough soldiers until the cause is worthless and the defensive side is strong enough in comparison that they win. In CP, you dont die, nor risk death, so unless treaties are made, offense is the only way to win.

2) Peace cannot be achieved in CP. In real life, a large army is kept to maintain peace, and war is obviously bad. But the whole idea of Club Penguin armies is to battle and have fun with it. Peace is seen as boring and pointless. As Oagalthorp has once told me, the ACP had trouble finding enemies to fight in the beginning, and the army was in a stage of descent until more armies came to quarrel with.

3) Weaponry is completely different. Snowballs are about as close as you get to weaponry. Militaries use guns, bombs and more when they fight. Penguins use snowballs and jokes.

4) Methods of attack are different. In reality, stealth and military lines are used for battle. In real life, quiet and camouflage can be to of your best weapons. In Club Penguib, chaos and color is preferred. Not to mention the fact that battling on CP consists of shapes and pictures.

5) Victory determination differs. In real life, the loser is who has retreated or lost the most battles or even suffered the most defeat. How the battle was played doesnt matter, just the result. In CP, you look at who had most in battle and how well tactics were used. No one needs to retreat in CP, unless rooms are filling and they want a different room.

5 Similarities

1) There are uniforms. Armies always have a common uniform to follow. Though this is less stressed on CP, you still have one.

2) There are ranks. All armies have ranks. Higher ranks have more authority. Many CP armies even copy military ranks exactly.

3) Battles are for the same reasons. In real life, most war is for territory or to set a nation straight. In CP, battles take place for more server territories and sometimes to keep another CP army to the guidelines armies agree on.

4) The strong survive. The victor is usually the larger, stronger army. Strength comes in numbers, so usually both kinds of armies need more numbers to win.

5) Usually the strongest nation controls the rest. In CP, armies like ACP, Nachos, NW, etcetera (dont freak if your not mentioned) control all small and medium armies. They control what happens on CP for the majority. In real life, nations like the US or UK or China etcetera control the world and its nations. They monitor what happens and males sure what happens they agree with. Whether for better or worse, small is managed by large.

Now, what is the good and bad about being in CP Armies? To start, here are some cons of being in armies:


  • Being in a CP army means playing Club Penguin, a thing you most likely do not share with most friends.
  • Being a High Rank means responsibility that may distract you from real life responsibility ie Homework.
  • Being a High Rank can add to subconscious stress that is not needed.
  • Quite honestly, CP armies are fun and keep you away from the real world, much like any video game.
  • You may forget what is important in life, like family, not the game.

And of course, now some pros:


  • Being in a CP army requires a hardwork ethic which is beneficial in reality.
  • CP armies allow you to meet new people at least with one thing in common with you.
  • Being a leader or high rank etc in CP armies allows you to practice your leadership and politics in a more minute way then a class at school.
  • CP armies provide fun and entertainment to a seemingly boring day.
  • Being in an army gives you a sense of power or responsibility.

So, can being in Club Penguin armies actually be promotional to your intellectual growth? If you think about it, you can learn a lot in armies. You can learn a lot about yourself: what you like, what you dont like, how people respond to you, how you respond to people, what way of acting you like best. You can learn a lot about politics: what is right, what is wrong, what is best for people, what is best for government, what you think things should be run like. You even learn a lot about people: how they act on chat, how they act in reality, what people generally like, what they typically dont like, problems people have, ways to deal with someones problems, etc. So you see, this could actually stimulate intellectual growth. You may not learn math or science, but you learn about life. As long as you keep that fine line between reality and this, you can find yourself much wiser and intelligent then peers who do not play this.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading all this. I hope you got to think a little and learn some. It is an interesting way to think of Club Penguin, as equally interesting a conclusion this is.

~ Redd ~

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  1. A bit lengthy, but well done if I do say so myself. Pictures to be added maybe. Sorry for inactiveness.

  2. Wow. Great post Redd. You worked really hard on this, me can tell. Also, check your email inbox 🙂

  3. umg 2nd i win teh internetz yay

  4. Great post Redd, and a very interesting read. I agree with what you said, you can glean knowledge from armies, as long as you don’t forget what’s important-real life.

  5. The best post in a while. I applaud you

  6. 4) Methods of attack are different. In reality, stealth and military lines are used for battle. In real life, quiet and camouflage can be to of your best weapons. In Club Penguib , chaos and color is preferred. Not to mention the fact that battling on CP consists of shapes and pictures.
    In Club Penguib , chaos and color is preferred. 😆

  7. CP armies help people develop good grammar as well.

  8. what is happening to this website oh my god

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