Results Of The Pink Ice Vs Global Defenders Pratice Battle

Hello SMAC,this is my first ever post on SMAC and it is about the PI Vs GD PB.This was a good fight and both armies had some good tactics and this battle but i also think PI is falling and soon is going to come back to the Medium list.But you can also see in GD picture that PI was no match in this PB.GD maxed about 10-12+ and it looks like PI only maxed about 8-10+.So maybe PI will be joining the falling list with CPGT and will be back in the Meduim top ten in no time if they dont step it up.Anyway i got pictures from GD site but i couldn’t find any pictures on PI site.This also let you know that GD wins because PI doesnt have any proof that they won.

GD Pictures

Global Defenders Jbombing PI

Global Defenders saying “We Fight For Narnia”

Global Defenders saying “We Scared You?” Pink Ice doing a 😮 tactic

Global Defenders doing the emote E+6.You can see the size that GD has 9 and PI has 7

Global Defenders answering to Pink Ice question “Who Winning Now” by saying “Us”


I also got a interview with GD Leader Pungy1234.




Me:May i interview you about the PB GD and PI had?




Me:How do you think Global Defenders did in this PB against  Pink Ice?

Pungy1234:We did very well.We defeated them by a fairly large number and I’m proud of GD.

Me:What i heard is this the Fourth time Global Defenders beat Pink Ice?


Pungry1234:Yes it is.


Me:Do you think that from this battle Global Defenders should be in the top ten and they earn the spot?

Pungy1234:Yes i do believe that.I believe that Global Defenders should have gotten Major before Pink Ice.PI mainly got major because of a picture with lots of rogues in it.I say this in all due respect to Pink Ice.

Me:Ok thanks for your time


Pungy1234:No Problem


This sounds like this might turn into a war between Pink Ice and Global Defenders i also have proof that he said that Global Defenders should be Major Before Pink Ice and etc.Tensions are rising between Pink Ice and Global Defenders also i have a picture of Zak Pink Ice Leader saying that he hates Global Defenders because of 2 of Pink Ice Fromer Leaders Monster47345(Me) and Hurricanex1 join Global Defenders and quit Pink Ice so here also picture of that for proof to.I feel like a war might start soon.

~Monster47345 Reporter

Battle for Bellyslide – Overview

Yesterday, the long-awaited first battle of the war between the Kamikaze Alliance and UMA was fought. It was a long, hard-fought battle between these two accomplished organizations. In the end, they both claimed victory. The size of UMA overpowered the alliance in some parts of the battle, while the alliance kept up with good, successful tactics, forcing the UMA to counter back. Click ‘Read More’ for the overview of this battle. Continue reading

Rising Small Army? Lighting Warfare Of CP

I have not posted in a while because I have been busy with TT and DCP but im back now and my grandpa has passed away R.I.P Grandpa

Hello fellow SMAC-ers or whatever you want to be called. This post was commented by someone in my IV post and I thought may as well post about them because they could be a good contender for the small top 10 and anybody who makes small top 10 on nay site can read these posts and look at the pictures.

Lighting Warfare was created by Tedpeanut on april 25th  2011 but they had 3 weeks off  and they have done pretty good for themselves but short on pictures since they weren’t created that long ago and couple of days but here they are.


*2 interviews to be added*

1. Army Name?

2. Site and Chat Link?

3.Why you should be posted about?

 Sorry for shortness but when I find 2 ppl to interview.

Ninjas Successfully Defend Cozy from Team Gold

Yesterday, the Ninjas Army succeeded at the Defense of Cozy, successfully repelling Team Gold.

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Kamikaze Alliance VS Underground Mafia Army – Results

The battle was close, and in the end both armies claimed victory.

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The Top Ten: Terrible or Terrific?

Yes, the alliteration was intended. If you don’t know what alliteration is, well, sorry. Today, I’ll be talking to you about….*looks at card*….. ah yes, the Top Ten, or rather, tens. Are they really as bad as everybody says they are? Or are they great, as others seem to think. Let’s have a look and see, shall we?

Top tens. They’ve been made since news sites began, but the most famous for having a top ten and the site believed to have started some of the “biased” or “perfect” top tens would the Club Penguin Army Central(CPAC, if you don’t know). The top tens of today are basically the order of which army is doing better, usually based on size with the number 1 ranking being the best, and a short paragraph(if that) on how and what the army is currently doing. They have upsides and downsides, but do the downsides outweigh the upsides enough to stop doing them? Or do the upsides outweigh the downsides? I plan to find out today.


A major problem with top tens is not in the top ten itself, but in the viewers opinion of it. Many people now believe that if a person mentions an army that they have a high rank in, that army doesn’t really deserve it. Many will say “My 6 man army deserves 10th small more than your 7 man army!!!shift11!”. This creates problems between the viewer and the writer. Sometimes, people quit top tens or reporting altogether because of things like this.

Wars and Feuds

Of course, the top ten can cause many feuds between leaders of armies. These feuds have and will many times lead to a war between the two armies. These are usually over a position in the top 10. A good example of this was(and yes, I know these are large armies) when CPAC ranked the Night Warriors over the ACP. The ACP immediately began attacking the Night Warriors in order to get back their spot of #1.

On the other hand, this keeps armies active, if they are fighting for a position in the top 10. Top 10s have kept CP Armies fighting for positions and kept them active for quite a while. 


Yes, I had to put this one in here. I was considering making this a whole different post, but here’s the big question for me these days.

Are the Small and Medium top 10 one and the same?

Well, when I was younger in terms of CP Warfare, Sky Troops(He mentioned his army! biazed!) and the entire Tri-Army Alliance went to war against the Parkas. The Parkas were considered medium, but weren’t in the medium or small top 10. They were kind of stuck in between, getting 10 at events. Now, let’s look at both of the current top 10s to determine whether or not this is true.

In the SMAC medium top 10, the Global Defenders hold the #1 spot. In their picture, they look as if they could have around 14-15 in it. This is good size, considering the depression CP Armies are in.

 However, the #1 tied small army, the DCP, have 14 in their picture.

Similarily, the #2 medium Water Vikings

 and other #1 tied small Ninjas have aroun 11 in their pics.

So it would seem that, as of now, the medium and small top 10s are about equal. This could change in the near future, but this is as of now.


So, it is time to make a conclusion, and mine is that the Top 10 is Terrific! Although it causes many disputes, it keeps armies active and alive.

Let me know how you liked this post! That’s all for now. cya!

The Summer Kick Off Treasure Hunt – Winners!

The Summer Kick Off Treasure Hunt turned out to be a huge success! Over 60 people participated, while is quite a large number when taking into consideration how much time and effort had to be put into the hunt. Unfortunately, only five people can be winners of the contest. First, however, let’s take a look at the hiding places for the suns.

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ACP vs IW Pre Battle Report

Well tomorrow two of the biggest armies in CP warfare right now are going to have a massive battle that could determine who will be #1 in the next Top 10. The real question is who will win?

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Who will win the Legends Cup II?

Yes, excitement is begining to build ahead of the Second Annual Legends Cup, which was believed to be a success last year, is now back and bigger than before. The question which is on everyone’s lips is;

Who will win?

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10 Ways to Get Your Army to be Recognized

Hey guys it’s Mini Buffalo here and I am going to tell you ten ways on how to get your army recognized by other armies or army reporting sites. Also, your army might be on google or bling if you do at least one of these ways. I know that some army leaders are obsessed with getting their army on google or bling. That is why I am telling you these ways, also.

Here are the ten ways.

1. Have a lot of events. Having a lot of events will get your army to be active and people will see that you have events often.

2. Ask a reporter on a army reporting site like SMAC to post on your army.

3. If you are a reporter on army reporting sites, try to report on your army, but not too much since that would be advertising. You should report on your army once in a while.

4. Have a lot of Practice Battles with other armies. Having Practice Battles with other armies will make your army be recognized by other armies and army reporting sites.

5. If you are in another army which most people are, tell some of the troops about your army and they will join/recognize that army.

6. Post a lot on your army website because army reporters and other armies will look if you have new posts or not.

7. Declare war on a army that is a enemy of your army. You should declare war on that army that is your enemy because army reporters will report on the war between your army and the other army.

8. Enter Tournaments on army reporting sites because when you enter a tournament, they will post about your army in the results of the tournament rounds and people will see that your army entered the tournament.

9. Post photos after you have a event because army reporters will use the photos to post it in their post about your army or will put it in a Top Ten.

10. Talk to the head of the reporting site to be hired as a reporter, if you have experience or ask them to tell one of the reporters to post about that army.

These are the ten ways to get your army to be recognized. I hope this will help you guys if you want your army to get recognized. I hope you guys enjoyed my post and tune in for my next post.

-Mini Buffalo (This post is 411 words long.)