Legends Cup II First Round Predictions

The Legends Cup II is right around the corner! Starting on Thursday, the majority of Club Penguin’s large armies will be engaged in a massive 10 day battle to the top. As the organizer of the Legends Cup and a Club Penguin Army Legend, I’d like to make a few predictions about who will do and who will die, who will win and who will go home, and who will kill and who will be killed.

The following rankings are purely based off of educated opinion. They in no way reflect the views of CPA Central or it’s associates. Also, the following text does not reflect how the armies will actually do, but simply how Woton thinks they will. When the word “will” is used, it can be translated to “I think will.”

Day 1 – Western Conference

Army of Club Penguin (1) vs Dark Warriors (24)

The first battle of the tournament will consist of the 1st ranked army facing off against thee 24th. This is the largest difference out of any of the battles. The Army of Club Penguin has been ranked at the #1 position on the Top 10 Armies for months now, while the DW have barely even made it onto CPAWN’s Small Top 10. In a recent battle, ACP showed up en mass, and according to their leaders, this wasn’t even the best they could do:

The Dark Warriors, on the other hand, haven’t even had a scheduled event for a while. The Army of Club Penguin will defeat the Dark Warriors with a simple overwhelming number of troops. However, the DW will be able to use this opportunity to have an actual event, get recognized on the largest media conglomerate in Club Penguin Armies, and build from there.

Golden Troops (4) vs Sky Troops (21)

This battle will also pitt a highly ranked army against a lower ranked one. The Golden Troops are an incredibly powerful force, currently ranked at #4 on the CPA Central Top 10. Although their leaders seem to be under the impression that they’re somehow in trouble, the fact is that they can pull out numbers when they need them. At one of their recent battles, GT showed up in huge size:

The Sky Troops, on the other hand, are not nearly as powerful as GT. They have had some success in recent tournaments, winning battles in both the CPAWN and SMAC tourneys, however neither of those tourneys are the Legends Cup, are they now? In the end, the Golden Troops will defeat the Sky Troops, with overwhelming size and a skilled set of tactics.

Underground Mafias Army (7) vs Water Raiders (18) [UPSET!]

This battle will consist of one old and legendary army against a new one. Recently, the Underground Mafias Army have not been particularly well off. Actually, they’ve been averaging around the #8 position on the Top 10 Armies list and around eight troops on Club Penguin for quite some time now. At one of their recent events, they were able to manage a fair size against their opponent:

The Water Raiders, on the other hand, are quite a small army that are, in my opinion, completely underrated. In their last three events, they’ve managed to obtain sizes of 8 or more troops. This is quite impressive for an army that is only on CPAWN’s Small Army Top 10.

In the end, this battle is going to be a close one, especially for how far apart these two armies are ranked. However, I’m going to take a risk and say that the Water Raiders are going to be able to pull this one off. In the end, it will come down to if they’re having a good event or not. They’ve proved that they can show up in number, while UMA has proved that they can usually manage 12 or less.

Light Troops (10) vs Doritos (15)

This battle is not going to be incredibly impressive. The Light Troops are most definitely a strong army, and they’ve proved over the last few months that they can consistently pull off fairly large size; usually around 10 or so.

DCP, on the other hand, is quite inconsistent in their size. They might be able to pull off the upset, however their site recently got put on private, which means that their troops will have no access to the battle date, time, and information. Due to this unfortunate circumstance for DCP, the Light Troops will emerge victorious.

Day 2 – Northern Conference

Ice Warriors (2) vs Team Gold (23)

This battle will consist of the second largest difference in ranking between two armies. The IW are, without doubt, one of the most powerful armies in Club Penguin and there are very few armies that have a hope of taking them down. Recently, they’ve even been fighting with the ACP for the #1 Top 10 position.

Team Gold, on the other hand, isn’t even on CPAWN or SMAC’s Small Army Top 10s. They are fairly underrated though, as they seem to be able to pull off some fair size during events.

However, due to TG’s inconsistency and IW’s impenetrability, the Ice Warriors will be able to pull off the victory fairly easily. The battle, however, will be closer than one might expect.

Night Warriors (5) vs Army Republic (20)

This battle will be an entertaining one to watch, but won’t be a close one. The Night Warriors are a very powerful army, who can consistently show up with large size.

Army Republic is also not an army to be messed with. They can show up with quite large size, for an army of their stature, and are most definitely underrated.

In the end, however, this battle is going to come down to sheer size, and NW completely has the advantage over it. The Night Warriors will win this battle without a doubt, but AR will show up in size and will most likely get recognized as a Top 10 candidate.

Pink Ice (8) vs Flyers (17)

Despite the two armies only being ranked 9 apparent from one another, this battle will not be close. Pink Ice is emerging as an incredibly strong army that can put up excellent numbers during battles. Their simple size is quite overwhelming and they have a slew of tactics that are at their disposal.

The Flyers are, without question, not as strong as Pink Ice. Although they place at #2 on CPAWN’s Top 10 Small Army List and definitely have potential to be a larger army someday, the Flyer’s size is simply not very large.

Ultimately, the victory will go to Pink Ice, who’s size is simply too much for the Flyers to handle. I also predict that Pink Ice will be able to do further damage in the tourney than just the first round.

Global Defenders (11) vs Watex Warriors (14)

This battle is going to be a close one, but with a clear victor at the end. The Global Defenders are quite a powerful force, that have been overlooked from the Top 10 for quite some time now. They first proved themselves as a powerful army during CPA Central’s Spring Shindig, and are most likely going to do very well during this tournament too. They are usually able to attain a dozen or so troops and perform at their top game during battles.

The Watex Warriors, an ancient army with some serious historic value, had had some difficulty finding a way back onto their feet for while there. However, they seem to be back on the rise and are quickly making their way up CPAWN’s and SMAC’s Medium Top 5s.

This battle will definitely be fairly close, however the Global Defenders will take home the victory simply due to their superior size. One thing you can expect from this battle; a whole load of killer tactics.

Day 3 – Eastern Conference

Nachos (3) vs Rebel Penguin Federation (22)

This battle will definitely not be a close one, but it may prove the true size of some armies. Although the Nachos have been given a lot of flak about them supposedly “falling,” they are most definitely still one of the absolute powers in Club Penguin Armies. They can still achieve at least 20 troops on Club Penguin at a scheduled event (although their leaders are expecting 30 at the battle).

The PRF, on the other hand, are in another one of their slumps (for those of you who didn’t already know). They’ve been unable to find even a rank on CPAWN or SMAC’s Small Army Top 10, although they probably are deserving of one. They rarely stray above 10 troops during events.

This is going to be another battle that simply comes down to sheer size and, in this case, it’s the Nachos who have the upper hand and are going to win. However, I do think that this is going to be a good opportunity for RPF to get noticed. They may not be in great shape, but they’re in better shape than most people think they are.

Sun Troops (6) vs Ninjas (19) [UPSET!]

This battle is going to be one of the most exciting in the first round and is most likely going to be one of the largest upsets in the entire tournament. The Sun Troops have not been doing too well recently. Although they’re ranked at the #6 position on the Top 10, they very well may not be deserving of the position, and they are not very optimistic about their performance. One of their leaders, Boogfalll, recently had the following to say about what would happen if they didn’t win the first round:

This is a mandatory event. As in mandatory, I mean that if we don’t get 25+ on cp I will merge us. No joke. I have already found 2/3 armies that would be happy for us to merge into them. I am currently working on a draft merge post. If you don’t want this army to merge, then you should make us win. All we have to have is faith.

There’s a good chance that faith might not be enough for the Sun Troops, however, as they are usually only able to pull off about 12 troops during events.

The Ninjas, on the other hand, are rising at insane speed. It seems that Pringle and Pochoma’s plan has worked; the newly named army is gaining recruits quickly and has incredible size. In fact, if a Top 10 was created today, the Ninjas would most definitely be on it. At their most recent event, they achieved a massive 22+ troops (count the troops in the below picture, even those of them that are invisible :P).

This battle is going to come down to more than just size, although 22 seems to be a fair amount larger than 12. It’s also going to come down to how well each army has been doing lately and how their recent performance is going to affect their ability to battle. While the Sun Troops have been having leader issue after leader issue with a lack of battles, the Ninjas have been busy training, recruiting, and fighting. They’re ready to show up in size and that’s just what they’re going to do, which is why the Ninjas are going to win this battle.

Green Team (9) vs Platinum Warriors (16) [UPSET!]

This battle is, honestly, going to be the least exciting one of the tournament. Neither armies involved are particularly strong or particularly at their best. Green Team is currently in a major slump. They are having various activity problems and haven’t had a scheduled event for weeks. The fact that they were able to make the most recent Top 10 is somewhat of a miracle.

The Platinum Warriors are, in the major army world, almost completely unheard of. They are ranked quite low on medium and small Club Penguin Army news sites, and should actually be ranked lower than #16 on the Legends Cup seeds (they were filling in for the Ice Vikings, who are quite a larger army than them); 20 or so would have been more appropriate. However, the army can show up with fair size, and are definitely underrated. At one of their most recent event, they were able to pull off 10 troops, while is incredibly impressive for for an army of their stature.

The battle is going to come down to who has the a few more troops online than the other. I may be risking my creditability by making this guess, but I think that the Platinum Warriors will be able to pull off the win. The fact is that GT hasn’t had an organized event for quite some time now, and they simply aren’t ready to put up large numbers at this battle. The PW may not be able to show up with much size, but they have enough for what it takes to defeat GT. This won’t be a pretty battle or, as I mentioned before, one that’s very large, but it will be close, and the results should be educating.

Water Vikings (12) vs Fort Ghost Recon (13)

This battle contains the two armies that are ranked the closest together on the Legends Cup seeds so, naturally, the battle should be a close one. Indeed, it most likely will be close. The Water Vikings are a powerful medium sized army, who could definitely be considered for a Top 10 position sometime soon. They can achieve over a dozen soldiers during scheduled events, and seen to be quite large during unscheduled events too. However, their Leader, Zakdude, had some concerns about the first round. Quoting him:

This….will be HARD. Not because FGR will be that tough of an opponent, which they might, but I will be AWAY. We SUCK when I’m away. I’ll try to check up with you guys in Denver. But I NEED YOU ALL TO BE THERE.

Apperantly, WV simply cannot pull off large numbers without him. Hopefully for them, their other high ranked members of the army will be able to step up and get the event organized for the soldiers.

The Fort Ghost Recon is currently quite proud of where they stand, and the size that they are able to achieve during events. They were recently ranked #4 on SMAC’s Medium Top 10, however this seemed to be fairly without reason, as the FGR commonly does not post their event results or have a large number of events, for that matter. When they do, however, they are usually able to have a solid 10 troops.

This battle will definitely be a close one, as should be expected with seeds right next to each other. The Water Vikings will not show up in full force due to their leader issues, however it will be enough to defeat the FGR. The battle won’t be huge, but WV will simply have a few more troops than FGR, who, despite their leader’s motivational words, have a lack of evidence to prove that they actually deserve a #4 Medium Top 10 position.

You’ve heard my detailed account of who will emerge victorious in the first round, now it’s time to state YOUR opinion! Comment with who YOU predict will win the first round battles, you can fill out the following form in a comment on this post if you’d like:

  1. ACP (1) vs DW (24):
  2. GT (4) vs ST (21):
  3. UMA (7) vs WR (18):
  4. LT (10) vs DCP (15):
  5. IW (2) vs TG (23):
  6. NW (5) vs AR (20):
  7. PI (8) vs Flyers (17):
  8. GD (11) vs WW (14):
  9. Nachos (3) vs RPF (22):
  10. ST (6) vs Ninjas (19):
  11. GT (9) vs PW (16):
  12. WV (12) vs FGR (13):

Let’s hear YOUR opinion on what upsets are going to take place and why! It’ll be interesting to look back on our predictions after the battles have taken place and see what was correct.

Woton, CPA Central Head of Site

91 Responses

  1. Weee!

  2. 1.ACP (1) vs DW (24):ACP without question
    2.GT (4) vs ST (21):ST tries and gets around 7,GT victory
    3.UMA (7) vs WR (18):I think of an upset like Woton,UMA are falling and WR are rising.I think about 15 from WR and about 12 from UMA.
    4.LT (10) vs DCP (15):Gotta go with Light Troops,but a close one here
    5.IW (2) vs TG (23):Close,but IW takes it
    6.NW (5) vs AR (20):AR puts up a fight,but NW is just too big
    7.PI (8) vs Flyers (17):Pink Ice,I’ve never really known Flyers were alive till this
    8.GD (11) vs WW (14):AGGGH.This might be the touughest of all.WW recently got 25-30 at a event,but GD cosistantly gets 15-20.I’m going with an upset by WW.
    9.Nachos (3) vs RPF (22):Nachos,RPF is in a be-ruilding stage
    10.ST (6) vs Ninjas (19):UPSET with Ninjas.CPST isn’t doing too well lately
    11.GT (9) vs PW (16):Green Team barely takes this one.But I forsee a loss in round 2
    12.WV (12) vs FGR (13):By looking at Pics,WV

  3. ummm didn’t u see nw last event numbers on smac they only GOT 5 AND LOST TO A ARMY THAT NEVER ENTERED THE SMALL TOP TEN YET. So i think ar has a good chance of winning

    • That was a mistake. I didn’t see NW’s post because it was bundled under a whole lot of sticky posts at the top. NW won on Crystal, that is certain, but CPS says NW lost on Zipline because they didn’t claim 5 rooms.

      Also, NW had more than 5 troops.

      If you read the end of the post you would have found that NW demoted nearly everyone to Private so that they would be active to earn their rank back, making it very possible that a whole lot of troops will show up to the battle.

  4. Look at the seeding for the tourney for my predictions…

  5. its not that DW can barley make it on to smac top ten, its that no army or news site is paying attention to ourselves, we had an event on and an unscheduled recruiting a few days ago, but no one bothers to pay attention to DW. I mean ACP will most likely beat us but we plan on getting 15-25 there.

  6. I agree with all of your picks except for one. I’m pretty sure that the CPGT vs. PW battle will end up with a CPGT win…

    And what’s a PRF? 😛

    • That’s cool. Focus on the one word I misspelled instead of the 2.5k others that I didn’t. 😛

  7. ACP (1) vs DW (24): ACP
    GT (4) vs ST (21): GT
    UMA (7) vs WR (18): UMA
    LT (10) vs DCP (15): DCP
    IW (2) vs TG (23): IW
    NW (5) vs AR (20): AR
    PI (8) vs Flyers (17): Fylers
    GD (11) vs WW (14): GD
    Nachos (3) vs RPF (22): Ninjas
    ST (6) vs Ninjas (19): Idk? tie?
    GT (9) vs PW (16): GT
    WV (12) vs FGR (13): FGR

  8. Also, I think that DCP can edge LT. I only have two differences from Woton.

  9. Well, at first I agreed AR was going to have a tough time with NW. But I thought we still had a chance and then Tomb, one of their best leaders came up and said, AR could probably beat NW. I think it kind of bumped up our confidence.

  10. ACP (1) vs DW (24): ACP
    GT (4) vs ST (21): GT
    UMA (7) vs WR (18): Tie
    LT (10) vs DCP (15): DCP (When they have good size, they’re BIG.)
    IW (2) vs TG (23): IW
    NW (5) vs AR (20): NW
    PI (8) vs Flyers (17): PI
    GD (11) vs WW (14): WW
    Nachos (3) vs RPF (22): Nachos
    ST (6) vs Ninjas (19): Ninjas
    GT (9) vs PW (16): CPGT
    WV (12) vs FGR (13): WV

  11. DCP’s site is not private… it’s thedoritosofcp.wordpress.com …. not dcparmy.com

  12. FGR did not post pics on only two occasions because we had only 3 troops online during the events, and it was pointless taking pics. I mentioned that in a post. Besides, we got 8 unscheduled, and in 3 of our past 5 events we got 10 or over,

  13. I have the biggest upset of all!! I think WV will win the Legend Cup II

  14. 1.ACP (1) vs DW (24): ACP
    2.GT (4) vs ST (21): GT
    3.UMA (7) vs WR (18): UMA
    4.LT (10) vs DCP (15): LT
    5.IW (2) vs TG (23): IW
    6.NW (5) vs AR (20): NW
    7.PI (8) vs Flyers (17): PI
    8.GD (11) vs WW (14): WW
    9.Nachos (3) vs RPF (22): Nachos
    10.ST (6) vs Ninjas (19): ST
    11.GT (9) vs PW (16): GT
    12.WV (12) vs FGR (13): WV (WV will Win Legends Cup II)

  15. Where is the top ten?

  16. FGR’s been on a recruiting tear, I see a possible 2nd round victory.

  17. 1. ACP (1) vs DW (24): ACP
    2. GT (4) vs ST (21): GT
    3. UMA (7) vs WR (18): UMA
    4. LT (10) vs DCP (15): DCP
    5. IW (2) vs TG (23): IW
    6. NW (5) vs AR (20): NW
    7. PI (8) vs Flyers (17): PI
    8. GD (11) vs WW (14): WW
    9. Nachos (3) vs RPF (22): RPF
    10. ST (6) vs Ninjas (19): NINJA RULEZ!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!
    11. GT (9) vs PW (16): GT
    12. WV (12) vs FGR (13): WV

  18. ACP (1) vs DW (24): ACP
    GT (4) vs ST (21): GT
    UMA (7) vs WR (18): Maybe WR/ Tie
    LT (10) vs DCP (15): LT
    IW (2) vs TG (23): IW
    NW (5) vs AR (20): NW
    PI (8) vs Flyers (17): PI
    GD (11) vs WW (14): WW
    Nachos (3) vs RPF (22): Nachos
    ST (6) vs Ninjas (19): Ninjas
    GT (9) vs PW (16): GT
    WV (12) vs FGR (13): WV

  19. Dear Woton,
    You most likely don’t know me, but I used to work here earlier this year.
    Skloop saw I was getting inactive, and fired me, BUT he promised I could have my job back this summer. I see Skloop is no longer here, but could you make good on that promise please? At first I was Army Historian, then became a reporter. I would Like to be a reporter, but any job would be fine with me. I talked to Kings and Albaro, and Kings said to comment here, and Albaro said I had his endorsement.

    ~Thanks for your time! Lsund
    (P.S. I already filled out an application too)

  20. ACP (1) vs DW (24): ACP
    GT (4) vs ST (21): GT
    UMA (7) vs WR (18): UMA
    LT (10) vs DCP (15): DCP
    IW (2) vs TG (23): IW
    NW (5) vs AR (20): NW
    PI (8) vs Flyers (17): PI
    GD (11) vs WW (14): GD
    Nachos (3) vs RPF (22): Nachos
    ST (6) vs Ninjas (19): Ninjas
    GT (9) vs PW (16): GT
    WV (12) vs FGR (13): FGR

  21. I’m just gonna do this for the hell of it lol:

    1.ACP (1) vs DW (24): DW…lmao, jk ACP
    2.GT (4) vs ST (21): GT
    3.UMA (7) vs WR (18): UMA
    4.LT (10) vs DCP (15): DCP (u never know with them)
    5.IW (2) vs TG (23): IW
    6.NW (5) vs AR (20): NW
    7.PI (8) vs Flyers (17): PI (pie lol)
    8.GD (11) vs WW (14): GD
    9.Nachos (3) vs RPF (22): Nachos
    10.ST (6) vs Ninjas (19): NINJAS
    11.GT (9) vs PW (16): GT
    12.WV (12) vs FGR (13): WV

    …lalala, I hope my answers aren’t all right cause I wanna be surprised 🙂


    P.S. I seriously just guessed since I dont really follow all these armies sizes and crap lol.

  22. I agree with everything except LT vs. DCP it will be really close. LT the most recent picture i seen they had 11 troops but they can max 15. DCP the most recent picture I seen of them they had 13 and they can max 15 aswell. but I predict that DCP will win with about 16-17 troops while LT has 14-15 but im not that sure.

  23. 1.ACP (1) vs DW (24): ACP
    2.GT (4) vs ST (21): GT
    3.UMA (7) vs WR (18): UMA (by far closet battle)
    4.LT (10) vs DCP (15): DCP
    5.IW (2) vs TG (23): IW
    6.NW (5) vs AR (20): AR
    7.PI (8) vs Flyers (17): π
    8.GD (11) vs WW (14): GD
    9.Nachos (3) vs RPF (22): Nachos
    10.ST (6) vs Ninjas (19): FW
    11.GT (9) vs PW (16): GT
    12.WV (12) vs FGR (13): WV

  24. Did you even bother to check our site, or did you just look at it without reading one word? We have events EVERY week. We have events PLANNED for this weekend/week TOO. .>_>

    • No, usually when I’m writing posts that judge 24 individual armies, I like to just remember the events that they’ve had in the past few weeks off the top of my head.

      Seriously though, you may have had events, but you post absolutely no results.

  25. lol I love how everybody has soooooooooooooooo much faith in Sky Troops. xD

  26. GD will probably beat WW

  27. I honestly think WW could have a good chance against GD… They did max 25-30+ last week, but then maxed like 10 earlier this week, it’s un-predictable for them.

  28. Ar does put up a good fight and can get pretty good sizes when needed. Nw is very large though and shows full force. In my honest opinion it will be a close one but AR may be the underdog and win it.

  29. 1.ACP (1) vs DW (24):ACP
    2.GT (4) vs ST (21):GT
    3.UMA (7) vs WR (18):WR looks bigger but its close
    4.LT (10) vs DCP (15):Hmm I say DCP
    5.IW (2) vs TG (23):IW too easy by looking at pictures
    6.NW (5) vs AR (20): NW
    7.PI (8) vs Flyers (17): PI O.O
    8.GD (11) vs WW (14): GD
    10.ST (6) vs Ninjas (19):Ninjas :O
    11.GT (9) vs PW (16):GT but I dont really like them
    12.WV (12) vs FGR (13):WV!!


  31. i swear in one more fucking person says ninjas over cpst they will be raped then teabagged by me, come to battle, you’ll see

  32. the finals are what i predict: ACP or GT for west conference. IW or NW for northern contest, and I predict GD will make it to semifinals for this. the eastern conference is no doubt Nachos or ninjas

  33. ACP (1) vs DW (24): ACP
    GT (4) vs ST (21): GT
    UMA (7) vs WR (18): UMA
    LT (10) vs DCP (15): LT
    IW (2) vs TG (23): IW
    NW (5) vs AR (20): NW
    PI (8) vs Flyers (17): PI
    GD (11) vs WW (14): GD
    Nachos (3) vs RPF (22): Nachos
    ST (6) vs Ninjas (19): ST
    GT (9) vs PW (16): GT
    WV (12) vs FGR (13): WV

  34. Hey you guys instead of that pic u put wr in put this pic in http://waterraiderscp.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/uniform7.jpg

  35. *seen sorry I dont have my contacts on

    ACP (1) vs DW (24): DW DUH >:P
    GT (4) vs ST (21): ST
    UMA (7) vs WR (18): WR
    LT (10) vs DCP (15): DCP
    IW (2) vs TG (23): TG LIEK CUZ DEY WILL PWN
    NW (5) vs AR (20): AR DUH
    PI (8) vs Flyers (17): LIEK FLYERS WILL SOOOO WIN
    GD (11) vs WW (14): WW
    Nachos (3) vs RPF (22): RPF WILL PWN NACHOS
    ST (6) vs Ninjas (19): LIEK I DUNNO
    GT (9) vs PW (16): PW WILL LIEK KICK BUTT
    WV (12) vs FGR (13): WV cuz I don’t feel like saying FGR.

  37. ACP vs DW =Acp victory
    GT vs ST= GT victory
    UMA vs WR=UMA victory
    LT vs DCP= a risk but I say DCP victory
    IW vs TG=IW victory
    NW vs AR=NW victory
    PI vs Flyers=PI victory
    GD vs WW=I think it is an easy outcome WW victory
    Nachos vs RPF=Nachos victory
    ST vs Ninjas=I don’t like this army but I think Ninjas victory
    GT vs PW=GT victory
    WV vs FGR= FGR victory

  38. I think:
    ROUND 1
    ACP vs. DW = ACP
    GT vs. ST = GT
    UMA vs WR = WR
    LT vs DCP = DCP
    IW vs TG = IW
    NW vs AR = NW
    PI vs CPF = PI
    GD vs WW = WW
    Nachos vs RPF = Nachos
    CPST vs. CPN = CPN
    CPGT vs PW = CPGT
    WV vs FGR = WV
    ROUND 2
    ACP vs GT = GT
    WR vs DCP = WR
    IW vs NW = IW
    PI vs WW = PI
    Nachos vs CPN = CPN
    CPGT vs WV = CPGT
    ROUND 3
    GT vs WR = GT
    IW vs PI = IW
    CPN vs. CPGT = CPN
    ROUND 4
    GT vs IW vs CPN = IW

  39. ACP (1) vs DW (24): ACP
    GT (4) vs ST (21): GT
    UMA (7) vs WR (18): UMA
    LT (10) vs DCP (15): LT
    IW (2) vs TG (23): IW
    NW (5) vs AR (20): Either
    PI (8) vs Flyers (17): Either
    GD (11) vs WW (14): WW
    Nachos (3) vs RPF (22): Nachos
    ST (6) vs Ninjas (19): Ninjas
    GT (9) vs PW (16): CPGT
    WV (12) vs FGR (13): WV

  40. I’m Gonna Predict All Four Rounds.

    1ST ROUND:
    ACP (1) vs DW (24): ACP
    GT (4) vs ST (21): GT
    UMA (8) vs WR (18): UMA (LIKELY
    LT (10) vs DCP (15): DCP (Likely)
    IW (2) vs TG (23): IW
    NW (5) vs AR (20): NW (Likey)
    PI (8) vs Flyers (17): PI
    GD (11) vs WW (): WW
    Nachos (3) vs RPF (22): Nachos
    ST (6) vs Ninjas (19): Ninjas
    CPGT (9) vs PW (16): CPGT
    WV (12) vs FGR (13): WV (Likely)

    2ND ROUND:
    ACP (1) VS GT (4): ACP
    UMA (8) VS DCP (15): UMA (Likely)
    IW (2) VS NW (5): IW
    PI (8) VS WW (14): WW (Likely)
    Nachos (3) VS Ninjas (19) Nachos (Likely)
    CPGT (9) WV (12): WV

    3RD ROUND:
    ACP (1) VS DCP (15): ACP
    IW (2) VS WW (14): IW
    Nachos (3) VS WV (12): Nachos

    Army Of Club Penguin VS Ice Warriors VS Nachos

    1. Army Of Club Penguin
    2. Ice Warriors
    3. Nachos

    Pretty much what most people would expect. Especially the Final Round. But you never know what might happen! Dark Warriors might make it to the Final Round! :mrgreen:

  41. Coming from a GT 3i, we have poor chat size.

  42. MY First Round Predictions:
    Western Conference First Round:
    ACP v. DW: ACP wins
    Golden Troops v. sky Troops: Golden Troops on this one.
    [UPSET]: UMA v. WR: This is very close but it would probably go to UMA.
    [UPSET]:LT v. Doritos: That’s tough….but DCP will most likely be victorious.
    Northern Conference First Round:
    IW v. TG: IW wins, no questions asked.
    NW v. AR: NW wins.
    PI v. Flyers: PI wins, duh.
    GD v. WW: I really think WW will pull it off.
    Eastern Conference First Round:
    Nachos v. RPF: Nachos have this one in the bag.
    Sun Troopers v. Ninjas: Ninjas dominate.
    Green Team v. Platinum Warriors: Close, but Green Team will likely win.
    WV v. FGR: Water Vikings will rule the day.

  43. Here are what I think will go down:
    Western Conference:
    ACP will defeat DW
    GoT will defeat SkT(Will be close battle.)
    UMA will pull out some amazing show and defeat WR
    LT will narrowly get by DCP
    Northern Conference:
    IW will get by TG but not by much.(TG may get a good show.)
    NW and AR will be a close battle and I think AR will wi in the upset of the tournament.
    PI will underestimate the power of Flyers but I think they will still just get by.
    I think GD will come in a little too cocky and the Watex Warriors could get maybe 20 and take this battle.
    Eastern Conference:
    Nachos will get by RPF, but not by much. I think RPF could get a good turnout.
    SuT have been underestimating the Ninjas the whole time and the Ninjas are bigger than them. I think the Ninjas will win what will most likely be the best first round battle.
    I think the color green will help GrT get a lot of recruits on Club Penguin and I really think the PW is very unpredictable with their size. GrT will win a good battle.
    With Wv losing their site, i gives FGR an advantage. I say FGR pulls this one out.
    I hope I don’t get these all right.

  44. ACP VS DW= ACP
    IW VS TG =IW
    NW VS AR= AR
    GD VS WW= WW
    GT VS PW= GT

  45. thats bull crap you all make it seem like CP flyers dont have a chance THEY DO

  46. IW and ACP are definelty the favorites for the finals. We will wait and see for the third entry. In my opinion it will be the same as last time IW vs ACP vs Nachos but maybe not the same results.

  47. ACP won vs DW. It’s true, I don’t lie.

  48. Your first prediction was right


  50. First day results:

    Army of Club Penguin vs. Dark Warriors : ACP Win
    Golden Troops vs. Sky Troops : ST Win
    Underground Mafias Army vs. Water Raiders: UMA Win
    Light Troops vs. Doritos of Club Penguin: DCP Win

    I still can’t believe that ST won though lol omg.

  51. 1.ACP (1) vs DW (24):ACP
    2.GT (4) vs ST (21):GT
    3.UMA (7) vs WR (18):UMA
    4.LT (10) vs DCP (15):DCP
    5.IW (2) vs TG (23):IW
    6.NW (5) vs AR (20):AR
    7.PI (8) vs Flyers (17):PI
    8.GD (11) vs WW (14):GD but it could be WW
    9.Nachos (3) vs RPF (22):NACHOS XD
    10.ST (6) vs Ninjas (19):Ninjas FTW of this round
    11.GT (9) vs PW (16):PW
    12.WV (12) vs FGR (13):WV
    Round 2
    IW vs AR: IW
    ACP vs ST: ACP
    GD vs PI: GD
    PW VS WV: WV
    Nachos vs Ninjas: …Ninjas onlt because I know how big they are
    Round 3
    IW vs GD: IW
    ACP vs DCP: ACP
    Ninjas vs WV: ninjas
    ACP vs IW vs Ninjas (I hope Im not right xD I wanna be suprised)

  52. 1. ACP
    2. IW
    3. Ninjas

  53. all WR switch to UMA’s

  54. all GT’s switch to ST also

  55. YES CPF WON!!!

  56. I find it so amusing that every single prediction about CPF vs PI was that PI will win. Yet still CPF with 0 faith from every outsider still won <3 PI thank you for one he'll of a fight… WW here we come 😀

  57. 1.ACP (1) vs DW (24):ACP
    2.GT (4) vs ST (21):GT
    3.UMA (7) vs WR (18):UMA
    4.LT (10) vs DCP (15):DCP
    5.IW (2) vs TG (23):IW
    6.NW (5) vs AR (20):NW
    7.PI (8) vs Flyers (17):PI
    8.GD (11) vs WW (14):GD but it could be WW
    9.Nachos (3) vs RPF (22):NACHOS
    10.ST (6) vs Ninjas (19):Ninjas FTW of this round
    11.GT (9) vs PW (16):GT
    12.WV (12) vs FGR (13):FGR(because now we are getting like 15 and WV is hacked)

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