Are We Getting More Lazy?

I apologize for the absence of my posts, I know you all missed them =P but I was working on a site project. Thus for your patience, at the end of this post, there will be cake.

Yes, yes we have. Thats the entire post :D. JK, click “Read More” to see the entire post.

I’d like to start this post with a quote that perfectly defines who we are:

If human beings don’t keep exercising their lips, he thought, their mouths probably seize up. After a few months’ consideration and observation he abandoned this theory in favor of a new one. If they don’t keep on exercising their lips, he thought, their brains start working ~Douglas Adams

For any of you who haven’t, read “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” series, its quite entertaining and makes fun of how the world runs now. Now onto the actual post. Read that quote, do you know what it actually is revering to? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you the definition I get out of it and as we all know, my opinion is the only one that matters 😛 . Just look at this image of my brain:

Okay, sorry, off topic. That quote refers to the fact that we have become talkers. All we do is talk, but we never deliver. We say

we’ll improve things, go to battles, be active, earn our promotion, but those are usually lies. Instead we sit on chat doing nothing, being lazy, and telling everyone what we AREN’T gonna do. I know, I do it too. I try to hand stuff off to other people to do [Sorry Boomer for MOH post haha], try to find shortcuts. But I know that I still have to work to get things to be successful, to get this going. And I ask that you all do the same for me. Get on CP, get active, don’t waste your time on chat. Stop talking and use your head. There are things you can do, things that will get you noticed. All it takes is a little effort.

I know, you don’t feel like it, whole day of school made you tired.

BUT WAIT!!! Most of you are on summer vacation, school is over, so whats your new excuse? You’re at the beach?

Ewwww, of course you’re not at the beach. Everytime you get out of the water people rush to push you back in think you’re a beached whale.

I feel your pain, I have to do the same thing but look at me. I’m main owner on ACP chat, I got the rank of ACP leader, I’m an author

on CPAC, I’m a recognized legend by CPAC and by many other army leaders. I had to work towards it, it wasn’t just given to me. You guys can do just the same and get to the same point as I did, just keep working towards it. Loyalty, thats the other thing I was to address in this post. You claim to be loyal to your army, yet you can’t get onto CP except during battles because the nothingness you’re doing on xat is so much better. ” :O How dare you tell me to do something for my army. I joined, I comment, I read the posts, I’m on chat daily, what more can you want???” Well, this is my response [Look at the Jack Sparrow Pic].

I’m playing you a sad song on the world’s smallest violin. Guess what!!?!?! We all had to go through this, all had to work towards our rank, are still working to keep the armies going strong.


Back in MY day, that was in 2008 [not really that long ago….but long enough], promo days weren’t  scheduled. They were random, decided by the leader whenever he felt like making them. Ranks  weren’t as important as how strong your army was, and how long you could control Mammoth for.  Xats? No such thing. Powers? No such thing either. No distractions, chats were hardly even needed.

There is hope however, we can do it again. We can ignore all distractions, get onto cp more, create  constant war, constant fun, and constant activity. But we can only do it together which is why  everyone must make the effort to do it. We HAVE gotten lazier, used to sitting on our chats doing  nothing all day, only getting online for “important” battles. All battles are important, all raids are  important, everything is important to keeping the armies alive.

So the question you probably all have, other than wondering how you didn’t know that I was as handsome as my wonderful toothless grin pic shows, is how can you fix this? How can you prove that you aren’t lazy? Its simple really……

Raiding, Recruiting, Running on CP. The 3 R’s. Keep yourself and your troops busy on CP whether its a fun practice battle between another army or your own army split in two. Recruit, go on a march through the entire server, have a parade basically. And raid, A LOT. Find a chat who seems to be active, and go invade one of their servers. Any one, doesn’t have to be their capital. Log onto the server, recruit for 5 minutes and see if the army responds, otherwise after about 5 minutes tell someone on that chat so they can get that army onto the server. Thus, instant practice battle. How nice is that?

How is this relevant? Well the LEGENDS CUP is coming up and in order to win armies need to increase in size and become more active than the other armies yes? Well if you out-practice and out-recruit an army who currently is about the same size as you, you have a better chance of beating them. Come on people, get off your couches, your chairs, your beds, and your floors, and get onto CP!!!

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The Cake is a Lie

Was this post too ranty? Did I insult your whale-like stature? I apologize, let me play that violin again for you 😛 [That mustache/beard combo, it makes up for it all doesn’t it?]

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  1. Great post Shab and I agree.

  2. I do not have a whale-like stature. Instead I’m a walrus. I am not fat.

  3. I’m too lazy to read this post

  4. Yes, we are very lazy. I think it’s time that we train and prepare for our battles in the Legend Cup. If not, we have a bigger possible chance to lose. We want to have fun at these type of events, and it’s even more fun if we prepare and have some fun at the end. Winning isn’t everything, it just matters if you have fun in the battle, so get off of your lazy a**es and train, prove yourselves that you are a great Leader/Troop. 😛

  5. Eh I just skipped to the pictures.. Forget reading… and Shab, good post. You play the worlds smallest violen well.

  6. yes finally!Someone with a portal reference!

  7. Dude i agree i feel lazy myself

  8. Amazing! Didn’t know you can make lots of sense while being funny. Only Shab can do that. Thanks for another great post! an epidemic going around. So much precious time is wasted when we sit idly, talk about nonsense, and wait for a scheduled event to happen.

    Maybe formalities (schedules, rules ..) is killing us. We wait things out to happen rather than attack when the tide is high and scary. Or the lack of another army to challenge us leaves us lowering our defense.. And what happens next is an army comes knocking in our door, and we scuttle behind the said-formalities and schedule an event so we can postpone and gather troops to take on the challenger. Only to show up on the event with a disappointing size and a laughable performance.

    Why can’t we take on the challenger right there and then. Smack him in the face, take your best shot. So what if you leave bruised and with a black eye now. Doesn’t the ego-beating serve much greater purpose into waking you up into how out of practice you are? There’s always another day to get back to them. Today’s loss isn’t the deciding factor as to how great you can be. You don’t shrink into saying, “I’m a loser” and whine and leave it at that. Rather, you know your weak areas and improve on them. You can prove yourself a better warrior when the next tide comes.

    By the way, we don’t get to improve ourselves by taking on the same dreary task. Imagine lifting a 5-pound dumbell for a month when it would’ve been more beneficial if you go on and slowly add 1-pound every day. How much stronger will you be at the end of the month if you did the incremental (add one a day) route? You’d be 30 pounds stronger.. Well, I’m saying it’d be hard to move from 5-pounds straight to 35-pounds in a day span.

    So time is of great essence, and what we do with it. Wake up people!! We’ve snoozed enough. Here, chug a Monster drink.

    ..if you still down know what to do after drinking a Monster, scroll up and read Shab’s post a second time. He spelled it down for you. If you’re still clueless and too lazy to find it yourself, damn me if I copy&paste it. Go effing look for the paragraph with the three R’s. e_e

  9. You forgot the noobs that always say “I have a life”.

    • Its not always the “noobs” who say that, …*cough* Boomer *cough*

    • You are kidding me xD

      Because you have a life now makes you a noob?
      LOLWTF. I disagree -_-


      • I get annoyed when noobs say that.

      • Shab. Let me give you an example.

        I haven’t been on in a while, I didn’t retire. I just didn’t have the time. I go on the site and find out I got demoted, when I ask to be ranked again a leader says ‘No you weren’t active’

        I would say ‘Something came up. I didn’t have the time’

        Leader would say ‘You could have tried’

        ‘Sorry, but I couldn’t. I do have a life.’

        The soldier is automatically a noob because s/he says s/he had a life. No one will guess that maybe, they had a sport tournament or something. I guess I made a fool of myself. But saying you Have a life is not stupid. It’s a reasonable excuse.

  10. weve gotten much lazier :S

  11. My comment got lost in a black hole.. Still awaiting moderation. A bot is probably approving the comments.. After an hour, bot’s response, “.. is still processing..” e.o Stupid damn machines. >.<

  12. I have a life…

  13. Touche for the “The Cake is a Lie” thing xD

  14. okay..thats starting to hurt my feelings. :'( im gonna walk away and resist the urge to check on this post every ten minutes.. whatever. let me take a run for it maybe i wont be as lazy when i come back. *turns up the music and submits to forgetful bliss* *starts running too* xp

  15. Don’t forget to remove the “DONE” from your post title before you publish it, Shab.

    Also, capitalize the post title.

    Also, make the “Read More” in Heading 3.

    Besides that, very nice post, as always.

  16. Were not the only ones, the whole world is getting lazy, the reason the U.S is with such a bad economy is because of the people, they refuse to work.

    So yeha, good post.

  17. Its all your fault for making xat chats in cp warfare…

  18. i blame the cake

  19. 1. I love that book
    2. Great Post
    3. Yes CPAC is getting much lazier than when it started. If you look at Woton’s post from August 2009, it said that we will have at least one pic a day. There seems to only be one or two pics a day. There should be 2-4 a day.

    • The question here is not whether the staff of CPA Central is getting lazy, it’s whether soldiers in armies are getting lazy. If you honestly think that the staff of this site is lazy, then I think you need to take a second look at the site. I personally am currently organizing a massive tournament, accepting author applications, and working on a theme upgrade for the site, all the while continuing to post about the news. Also, if you actually took the time to check your facts, you would see that this site has published at least two posts a day for the last two weeks straight, which is more than enough. Yes, we’ve had some lazy reporters here in the past, but we’ve also had some incredibly hard working staff members, so please don’t generalize the entire staff, and make sure you understand what a post is asking before you answer the question in a comment.

      Also, I’ll assume that by “pic” you meant “post.”

  20. I did enjoy my time here when I was actively in CP Warfare but can we be honest about something? Did CP warfare really helped us in some way? I think not, I felt like it broke an innocent part of me. Before I found this I never even knew half of this “vocabulary” I know now.

    But I now Im retired from this but still enjoying reading all these flame comments which could be easily found 😛 I think the only thing I learned from my time here is to watch my tounge and how to bloody use it to win fights.. I feel like size and tactics never win the battles here except for our words.

    But I think xat made it all worse. When I visit xat there’s never a day I don’t see a wannabe hacker/sl*t/manwh*re. Forgive me for the slighty rude words, I could say “blame it on xat” but I had a choice to leave it and I still ask myself why I made that choice a year too late…

    The point is maybe it’s good that more and more are leaving this community. Come on let’s be honest, our little community isn’t the most safest place for a child.

    P.s. I can’t believe I have to say this again but

    P.s.s. If you read the ingredients you would wish it was a lie so you won't need to eat it.

    • You made a lot of sense for somene who doesn’t have enough time on their hands to be hanging out in xats or cp armies. Right on, people leave cp armies..i don’t think to pursue a life, although thats the most sought after reason. I know a leader/maybe-even-a-legend who comes on xat to steal an army’s leader into playing yet another video game. If you have to blame anyone/anything, blame the whole gaming industry.)

      I’m sure that one year you spent here is not all that bad. I, for one, keep coming back for friends. Now, did you not learn to use reason and tact into winning an argument? Didn’t the mixture of different temperaments hanging out in xat teach you to see/k the best in people? Or maybe in your case see what is good social behavior, and what you shouldn’t be..? Maybe even grant yourself even more self-love or self-respect? Or help you find the guts to speak whats on your mind when you strongly oppose what cake is being served..?

      To escape to a different game. To attend to real life responsibilities. To spend time with family. To spend time with friends. To concentrate/excel in academics. You do whatever gives you most fulfillment at any given time..or in the long run. Personally, friends keep me from getting mad (insane) about the everyday nuisances of real life. Now who is there to argue about me having no life for being in cp armies.

      As some consolation, I thank you for making me take a step back and see things for what it is. If theres anything left to be said, I say strike for balance.

  21. Great post. PS HGG rocks! So Long And Thanks For All The Fish is my favorite of his. Go Marvin!

  22. im feelin’ lazy right now. Maybe cos it midnight. But wait! It hit me 4.95467231896 seconds ago! Why don’t we start a LOAD of one man armies that fight 1 on 1 fights for servers?!?!?! it’s a good idea isn’t it! and then, all the one man armies join together to make a mighty army called
    “Were F**ked Up (WFU)
    and we can fight the only army, 2000 men strong, the ” We F**ked You” (WFY) and keep fighting until a hippopotamus shed’s a tear! I’M GONNA BE A LEGEND 4 THIS!!! YOU’LL SEE!
    It hit me again! there’s another army that disagrees with fighting altogether put there still powerful and there called “Do We Have To F**k Things Up?” (DWHTFTU?) What do ya’ll think? I’ve been called normal by 2 people! My Mom and Dad 🙂 i’ve been hit again my armies gonna be called
    “The Duck In The Puddle, Do We Have To Have The 63? (TDITP,DWHTHT63)
    IT HIT ME AGAIN!…..To be Continued.

  23. Continued…. Later…..

  24. Continued…. I already said Later….

  25. Continued….. IN A WHILE…..

  26. Continued….. OH MY GOD GO TO BED ALREADY!

  27. I,I,I Just do not what’s going on right now…

  28. Um, yeah. You think someone who you can see a little bit of their ribs is WHALE-size? Oh WOW. You must be a REAL sissy and drama queen. I DO think Xats aren’t good for CP warfare….but your posts are still lame.

  29. We just don’t like CP anymore…..

  30. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galexy is from Monty Python….

  31. Lol look at the second poll’s results…

  32. All I can say is, some people don’t care. They shouldn’t even be in armies, that’s how pathetic they are.

  33. […] I was reading Shab’s latest post this morning (see it here), and it was on a very relevant topic of how we’re managing this army right now- […]

  34. It used to be mostly kids in cp armies now its turning into lazy inactive teenagers.

  35. I think we’ve just lost interest in CP, and gained interest in Xat and interacting with each other. Nowadays, the 8-year old who says “Let’s get on CP!!!” is ridiculed, while a 15 year old who never gets on CP is welcomed, when really, it should be the opposite.

    Also, because we’ve lost interest in just fighting on CP, we’ve been trying to figure out how to complicate it to make it more fun. That’s why people would rather read a philosphical post than a battle report most of the time, and reporters aren’t as interested in battles as they are philosophy, simply because they are bored of battles.

  36. I love how so many people voted “Yes” on the first poll when most of them are probably lazy troops in denial. Then the second poll has “No” with the most votes. I just find that quite amusing.

  37. […] just take it back in a day or two or next time. Otherwise, you’re just being lazy [See THIS Post] and don’t want to fight on CP for it back which is counter-productive to the whole […]

  38. […] you are flat out lazy (which is the majority of those that aren’t on). I suggest you all read this post. From now on, if you do not get on Club Penguin during an event, you will be guested. When we ask […]

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