SMAC-Down III Round 2 Results

Hey SMAC Fans,

Round 2 Results are mostly in, so it’s time to make the post. Results are as follows.

Group 1

Global Defenders defeat Pink Ice

Group 2

Army Republic defeats Club Penguin Green Team

Group 3

Sky Troops defeat Fort Ghost Recon

Group 4

Club Penguin FBI defeats Purple Heads

Group 5

Junk Warriors defeat SPAAF

Group 6

Water Raiders defeat Storm Warriors

Group 7

Electric Warriors defeat Expedition Army


19 Responses

  1. 1st?

  2. I dont get it CPFBI beat PH? There was 2 on PH chat and 1 on CPFBHi chat and PH was on CP? PH has 2 chats thats why XP We were on the new chat.

    Oh well. Were re building anyway

  3. Umm group 7 electric warriors won based oon pics

  4. i really dont know who want the ea verse ew and ik im ea leader but the pics we had got deleted cuz r site got hacked earlier today. so we unfortunally have no pics of the battle. i would try electric warriors site to see who won.

  5. AR didnt defeat CPGT. someone *stares at keith* forgot to sticky the tourney post.

  6. Jw won by default because spaaf dropped out of all of their tourney battles.

  7. lol the pridicction… storm warriors can beat WR

  8. wen is small top ten coming : 3

  9. Can I be judge for Round 3?

  10. can ya post times for the next battle aye its been at least a week now

  11. This is an original idea I had a few months (if not years) ago, tell me what ya think:

    “This may sound a bit weird but…. If you’ve ever been a WWE Wrestling fan (like me) then you know what belts are

    There are a few types of belts such as: WWE Champ, World Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and one tag team belt.

    Maybe we can change the names around a bit, and change them to like: Army Champ(best army), Army Mediumweight(best medium army), Continental Champ(best small army), World Tag Team(best duo army)

    It may sound very strange and messed up, but if we do have belts, armies will want to become a champion and will fight for a belt.

    This could also help with deciding the Top Ten Armies. And for those not understanding the tag team belt its basically two armies fighting another duo of armies.”

  12. Is this going to be unstickied anytime soon….

  13. Hey the Heroes of Cp led by Wwe and Ace have returned

  14. Hey Sw 1 not Water Raiders

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