NW: To Medium Again? | WW Fails to Get 30+ CP

Apology: Sorry, some of the information was inaccurate. I didn’t see NW’s post, it was under a whole lot of sticky posts. This post has been updated with the accurate results.

Hello SMAC,

A few days ago, the Night Warriors, 5th largest army, attempted to invade Zipline from the Club Penguin Shadows.

Although NW won, their sizes may not be the size of the 5th largest army.

Here are some pictures:

CPS joke bombing NW at the town.

CPS line at Town.

NW at snow forts.

However, later, in an invasion of Crystal, the NW got even worse sizes. Although CPSA said that they lost, the NW seems to be unhappy. This can be seen when NW has went to drastic measures. They have demoted nearly the whole army back to the rank of Private. 

Well, I guess these numbers ARE dissappointing for a 5th large army.

Leader Vince/Cowboysfan13 said:

With extremely disappointing results at the invasion of Crystal, drastic measures will be made.

  • There will be a massive recruiting
  • We will recruit for 3 hours every Saturday, instead of recruiting everyday for 30 minutes
  • The ranks will be reset

Yes, your rank will be reset to Private. Complain, quit, do whatever you please. The fact that we have decreased in troop size requires this action.

This shows that NW may be back to medium.

[polldaddy poll=5158593]

And, on a completely unrelated section, the WW has failed to get the amazing results in their training session. In a Liberation of Ice Shelf, they only managed to pull off around 10 troops.

The WW also attempted to invade Rainbow from CP Shadows (yes, this army again). The results can be found in Wexfief’s post.

I don’t know what happened. We did great for the weekday events, averaging at least 10, but what happened to the weekend events? I was expecting at least 10 and an average of 15, but we barely get 5 for both weekend invasions, enough to invade a server.

So perhaps the 30 troops was just another army helping out.

What do you think?


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  2. Why would an army want help on a training session? It’s called recruiting on a popural server; gathering recruits

  3. Obviously you are retarded, as the results of both invasions are on the NW site, in which you can clearly see NW outnumbered them.

    • Oh, I didn’t see the NW post, it was blocked by all those sticky posts and things. I’ll add the pictures in right now.

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  5. DO THE TOP TENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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