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Note: The reporter applications have been accepted and the commenting on this post has been turned off. The new staff members will be announced on Sunday, June 3rd, after the Legends Cup is over.

CPA Central Reporter positions have always been a coveted position. Being a staff member on CPA Central is an incredible and is a job that plays a large role in Club Penguin Armies. Now, we’re letting YOU have a chance to become a reporter on CPA Central

We haven’t had staff applications for a long time now, and for a good reason too. Most new reporters that we hire will make a post on their first day, and then get bored and never post again. So, if YOU want to become a reporter for CPA Central you have to be willing to sacrifice time and effort and actually BE ACTIVE. You will be fired if you are inactive, and all you will have done is waste our time and yours. So, please don’t waste our time. If you are going to apply to become an author you have to honestly be committed to staying active.

All reporters are required to make at least two posts a week. Now, these posts are not too complicated to write. As a reporter you will NOT be writing philosofic posts about random subjects, you will be posting NEWS. Mostly, news about battles. Basically, you’re going to have to write two posts a week that look exactly like this:

Now think to yourself before continuing reading this post: “Am I actually going to post two battle reports that look exactly like this a week?” If so, be my guest, continue. If not, please don’t waste our time. Also, take a look at your style of writing. Think to yourself: “Does my spelling and grammar actually look like those of these posts or do i tipe l!ke dis.?” If it does, please continue. If not, don’t.

Now, if you are actually going to write a battle report that looks exactly like to one above two times a week, please fill out the following form in a comment on this post:

  1. Your name:
  2. Any experience you’ve had reporting:
  3. Why you’d like to be on this site:
  4. A guarantee that you’ll be active:
  5. An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war:

In a few days, we’ll announce who the newest FOUR reporters will be. Those who are accepted will be expected to fulfill the previously stated requirements. After a while, they’ll be given more and more freedom to cover various other posts, and may even become upper staff members or the next Head of Site someday!

Also, we’re going to be accepting ONE philosopher. This person will basically be expected to be a second Shab. They’ll have to post at least once a week and their posts should be covering various subjects, etc.

So, if you’d like to be a philosopher, fill out the following form in a comment on this post:

  1. Your name:
  2. Any experience you’ve had reporting:
  3. Why you’d like to be on this site:
  4. A post about anything related to Club Penguin Armies (try to spark an idea about Club Penguin Armies that no one’s ever thought of before and make sure that your piece is discussion starting):

I’ll be accepting a new philosopher based on who I think is intelligent and interesting enough to do a good job at the position.

Comment away, ladies and gents! But seriously, if you aren’t going to be active, don’t.

Woton, CPA Central Head of Site

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  1. 1st

  2. Sultan Mafia
    no experience before reporting for a newsite but I do reports and do overviews of UMA’s various’s wars
    I’ve been following CPA Central since it started and I’ve always wanted to be a reporter for CPAC
    Colonies? Yes UMA revolutionized CP warfare bye making weaker and defeated enemy armies into colonial posession’s of UMA(Yes we did do this to DCP and GT even though DCP did rebel to independance and GT reformed). Now this introduced the idea of using your forced colonial populace as conscripted soldiers in your army or as auxilliaries(Roman term for non-Roman troops). But if your one of those people I guess it does raise a moral question? Is it right to forcefully make the loser in your wars now basiclly your servants? The real question is that will CP Armies be following Henry Kissinger’s idea “that it’s only good if it helps you” so the question is are you willing to approve of this new form of imperialism? And cruelly crush any rebellions against your colonial empire?

    if you make me philospher I’ll be doing total annexations of nations and the idea of rogue nations because you know that CP armies has those nations that everyone hates and just wants gone.

  3. Why did you remove the old post? I made a comment and now it’s gooone :<

  4. Ignore this, I just wanted to see if Img src works in comments.

    • Oh, OK, it doesn’t. I thought I could use it in my reporter applications.

  5. 1.Splasher99
    2. I am a SMAC reporter
    3. Sometimes there are news of large armies that never get posted about, and I want to try and fill in some of the gaps. 🙂 I also like reporting.
    4. Overview of the FA vs BA vs OABYA War
    Hello everyone,
    The war between the Fruit Alliance (ACP and Nachos), Black Alliance (various large armies), and Our Alliance is Better than Your Alliance alliance (NW, WW, and IW) seems to have come to an end.

    The war started when ACP leader Kenneth1000 announced on ACP site that they will be having a ‘fun war’ with a few large armies. He noted on the top that it wasn’t a war out of hate, just a war for fun.

    The armies that war was declared on quickly got together, and named their alliance the Black Alliance. You can find their site here:

    The Black Alliance started by raiding the ACP and Nacho servers such as Fjord and Breeze.

    Soon, the Black Alliance invaded the ACP Capital Breeze.

    Both sides claimed victory, but many sites viewed ACP and Nachos as the victors.

    Then, an Invasion of Fjord followed. ACP and Nachos emerge as the winner.

    After playing defence for some time, ACP started a series of invasions in the “March of Annihilation”. The first March was set for UK troops, while the second wave was set for US troops. Strangely, there was no resistance from the Black Alliance.


    Meanwhile, the Night Warriors, Ice Warriors and the Watex Warriors created their own alliance, the OABYA alliance, turning the war into a 3 side battle. The OABYA alliance claims to be loyal to their FA armies, and are helping to invade the BA. They had an invasion of Summit.

    After a few invasions in the March of Annihilation with no BA resistance, many armies started to take it that the BA was over. Some leaders of the BA armies started to admit this. However, one day, invasions of the ACP nation were scheduled on BA site. But no one attended these invasions.

    Through these events, it seems that the FA and OABYA are the victors of the war. What do you think?
    Note: Some of my SMAC posts are:

    • I forget my guarantee to be active. Yes. Anyway, can you approve my application comment yet? I think it may have gone to spam.

    • And you’ll need to imagine a bit that the links appeared as pics.

    • Rating: A-

      Comments: Great post! What you can do though are add interviews and polls (just write [Insert Interview/Poll Here] since this is an application). A list of all armies in the alliances would be great as well.

  6. Your name: Hwhwk
    Any experience you’ve had reporting: CPAL, CPAT, CPALSAC,
    Why you’d like to be on this site: I want to be able to help post and make sure to keep all CP citizens informed of army news and what the latest stories are.
    A guarantee that you’ll be active: Yes. I will be as active as I can be.
    An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war: Well, as many people have seen over the last month, the ACP and Nachos had been battling the BA, or Black Alliance. After one large battle against them, it seemed that the FA, or Fruit Alliance, had done what they needed to start a supreme spree of invasions, or as ACP called it, the March of Annihilation. Eventually, the IW and NW joined in to help the FA attack the BA, but after some passing time, they split apart from the FA, creating the OABYA(Our Alliance is Better than Your Alliance). Both continued to attack the BA, but for most of their invasions and raids, the BA didnt even show up. After the large battle of Fjord, the BA stopped posting about their losses and they began to just fall apart. Bit by bit, they broke to the point where it seemed like the BA never existed. After Ioioluk had an interview on the site, Ioio explained that the LT weren’t going into another war like this ever again, and the BA was most likely finished. The battles basically ended from there, as they knew, that the FA and the OABYA had pulled through and defeated the BA.

    • i hope to get pics. i wasnt at my faster computer at home when writing this, so I couldnt put on pics, sorry.

    • Rating: C- or D

      Comments: You could use an introduction and some battle info. You should also make paragraphs, not one whole huge thing. Take this word of advice and practice.

  7. Your name: Jed Pen
    Any experience you’ve had reporting: Yeah, every other successful news site (CPAE, SMAC, CPA Guide, CPAWN etc)
    Why you’d like to be on this site: I think my last answer gives it away, but I’ve applied SO many times, and never made it
    A guarantee that you’ll be active: Yes
    An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war: Oh, I just wrote one. Time for another.

    Recently, Army of CP and the Nachos (at that point ranked number 1 and 2 in the top 10) became allies. In order for the top two armies to be allies and be active, they have to have wars, but both just lost their top target. Their answer, make a world war. That day, Nachos and ACP declared war on every single major and near major army in the Club Penguin Army world, for fun. Most of the other armies, completely offended by this declaration of war, gathered and formed the Black Alliance, or BA. The Ice Warriors, decided not to be a part of this war. The other armies decided that was not fair and the Ice Warriors did not have the right to drop out of the war. Soon, the IW joined in on ACP and Nachos side, forming the fruit alliance. To many, this war looked unfair from the beginning.

    Early Stages of the War

    In the beginning, the BA actually were able to keep up with the FA. Almost every battle was insanely close, and could have gone either way, however FA won most of them. After one of the closest battles I have ever seen on Fjord, the black alliance, lead by UMA, GT, CPST, and LT, looked like a definite threat. But soon, WW and NW joined in on the FA’s side, once again making this war appear rather lopsided.

    The End of the Black Alliance

    Scared by this, many armies in the BA left and dropped out of the war. However, most of the BA stayed to fight. From this point on, the FA began to dominate the BA. Soon, the Nachos and ACP told the WW, NW, and IW to leave their alliance to make this war more fair. The WW, NW, and IW quickly formed a third side, that basically allied with FA, changing nothing, the OAYBA. But at the same time, the Black Alliance had pretty much dissolved into nothing.


    The BA vs FA vs OABYA war was pretty much a complete failure, seeing how the BA took it when FA said they declared this war for fun. But isn’t that what we are all here for, fun? I could also see this war repeating, because since ACP and Nachos are now allies, one of the greatest rivalries in the history of CP Armies is gone, the only world war that could happen is if another army comes to the top 3 and is not allied with ACP and Nachos. But sadly, 4 of the top 5 armies were part of the FA or OAYBA, so until UMA, GT, or CPST hits world power, we’re doomed to see a similar war to this again.

    • Rating: B (or B+)

      Comments: ACP and the Nachos did not declare war on every single major army. But people make mistakes anyways so it doesn’t really matter.

      You should also include some information about the major battles and the March of Annihilation. You should also add pictures and polls and blah blah blah. But not too bad.

  8. 1.Your name: Pwener1
    2.Any experience you’ve had reporting: I’m currently a CPUN reporter and Justice and I was on my school newspaper.
    3.Why you’d like to be on this site: It would enhance my reporting skills.
    4.A guarantee that you’ll be active: I will try to be as active as I can.
    5.An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war: It’s hard to say when this started, but if I had to pick a date, it would be April 28, 2011. This was when the Nachos declared war on UMA. 2 days later, peace was made with UMA, but UMA allies WV and LT continued the war. On May 5th, LT and WV surrendered to ACP and the Nachos. Unfortunatly, I believe the official war post was deleted when the Nacho site was hacked. On May 21st, NW, IW and WW formed OABYA. On May 22nd, the Black Alliance tried to invade Fjord. They failed to take Fjord. OABYA took Summit on May 25th, and Cabin on June 5th On June 6th, BA’s failed battle of Ice Breaker seems to mark the end of the war.

    Sources: Nacho and NW sites.

  9. 1.Your name: Buritodaily
    2.Any experience you’ve had reporting: Was once a reporter for CPAC.
    3.Why you’d like to be on this site: I am less busy then I was last time I was on CPAC and want to give it another try.
    4.A guarantee that you’ll be active: Yes
    5.An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war
    Well, recently a war has broken out between armies all over the Club Penguin Warfare world. FA vs BA vs OABYA war!
    This war all started when BA, (The Black Alliance) a collection of small and meduim armies declared war ACP. Perhaps one of the main armies in the BA, the Light Troops were going into war with ACP but knew they could not do it alone. So they gathered many other armies and formed the Black Alliance. Soon, ACP decided they should get an alliance of their own. They made the FA. (The Fruit Alliance) The Fruit Alliance at first consisted of ACP, Nachos, and IW. But soon NW would join in.
    The battles were huge. With the FA and the BA both getting sizes of around 30+ the servers were filled and the feeling of war was in everybody’s minds. At the beginning it looked as if there was no real clear winner. With both armies with very close sizes and tactics also performed well, also both were claiming to win. It went on like this for a short time, but soon BA seemed to be falling and the FA seemed to be rising. Many armies in the BA dropped out, like AR, and even LT. Soon more began to follow until BA was reduced to almost nothing. Inactivity took over. But the FA continued to invade. BA still stayed together with the few remaining armies though. Over time, NW, IW, and WW started talking. They decided to form their own alliance. Mainly against BA they formed and decided to invade BA. Their sizes were very impressive as well. They decided to call the alliance the OABYA. They never fought FA or even attempted to cause a conflict and instead just simply finished BA off.
    BA was practicly nothing now. And the few remaining armies dropped out as well. Victory seemed clear for FA and OBYA. And over time this war would slowly be forgotten as a prime current conflict and the alliances temporarily came to an end. But still, some talk of remaking BA and striking again.

    Thank you for reading my Review of the FA vs BA vs OABYA war
    Hope I am chosen! – Buritodaily

  10. Your name: Jake
    Any experience you’ve had reporting: I was a reporter for a news site that replaced CPAC when it was hacked, as well as creating 2 news in cooperation with Funks. I’m currently constructing my own site known as CP Warfare Universe.
    Why you’d like to be on this site: As you had mentioned, this is a large opportunity if I do get accepted. It would also get me recognized a lot more in the CP Army Warfare community, but that isn’t what I’m really hoping for. I’d like to provide the views of CPA Central with the best updates possible, and hopefully they’ll like what I give them and accpet me into the team. 🙂
    A guarantee that you’ll be active: Absolutely! It would be a huge honor to be allowed as a reporter- I wouldn’t let it go to waste just like that.
    An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war: Sorry if this isn’t the best- I haven’t followed the entire war, but I’ll give the best report based on what I know…

    In my opinion, the current war consisting of the Black Alliance, Fruit Alliance, and OABYA Alliance has become quite boring- and at this point in time seems completely pointless. Those that were angered at the topic of ACP and the Nachos declaring war are overall losing interest in the war entirely now. With many dropping out of the 3-way battle as well as plenty of people seeing no point in it, the ACP and Nachos are left to make the decision if they would honestly like to continue the grueling combat consisting of many, if not all, major armies. In the beginning, the Nachos and ACP claimed this war only to be “fun,” but many know otherwise, especially those who opposed FA right from the start (OABYA). It’s obvious the two armies did this to show off and use the conflict to rise to their once dominant sizes to stand out from the rest. They may have had a reasonable explanation for declaring it in the first place, but were they honestly thinking about how each army in the Black Alliance may have felt? You can tell from BA’s reaction that they were anything but calm and willing to go along with it. They were angered and probably very surprised at the thought of two World Power armies wanting to join forces to declare a war on each of them. In the end, though, the entire thing basically failed. As noted before, the whole concept has become entirely pointless, even for many in the FA Alliance- the ones who started it all. With that being said, the struggle is most likely soon to end. From ACP’s actions in this war (but not so much the Nachos), who knows what they could be plotting for the future to pick up their act?

    Not extremely long, but I hope it’ll be enough to give you a good idea of how I’ll do here. Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone!

  11. Ok, I might apply once again. But I have one question: What if we can’t find anything to write about? When I was reporter before, I often tried to find something to write about, but most of the time I found all of the topics taken. In the Large Army World, there are only about five or six topics to write about each week. How is every reporter supposed to write two posts a week without having duplicates?

    I’m probably sound really whiny, but the reason I retired is because I got frustrated trying and failing to find a topic, and if I am going to apply, I don’t want to have the same problem if I am picked for reporter

    • There are actually a lot of topics to write about. Whenever I’m in the mood to post, I can almost always find a battle to write about. If not a battle, then I can usually find some sort of issue to post about.

  12. 1. Red Dude877
    2. I am a Server Regulator for SMAC previous Reporter for CPAE
    3. Its vacation I am more active in basically everything related to CP Armies
    4. Recently a all out war started in CP Army Warfare. The Black Alliance (BA) declared war on ACP. Light Troops knowing they couldn’t do this alone, got help from small,medium, and some major armies. The BA thought they had this in the bag, but the Nachos, one of ACP’s greatest and newest allies made an alliance of their own, IW joined in too. The name was the Fruit Alliance (FA), IW was Blueberries, ACP Limes, and Nachos Oranges. Now the other armies that were in the top ten, WW,Night Warriors, and the other top ten armies thought “Hey lets join in this war!”. They were first in the Fruit Alliance. But then broke off and started their own alliance the OABYA (Our Alliance is Better than Your Alliance Alliance” The War raged as BA invaded ACP’s capital Breeze. The FA defended it and invaded many BA servers. Then the OABYA stepped in and attacked the BA. The BA started dying as WV stepped out and so did basically all small and medium armies. The LT were left alone, victory seemed clear to the FA and OABYA which it was. LT surrendered and FA and OABYA were victorious. This war will remain in history as almost all armies competed in it.

    Red Dude877

    • Just as a note to Owners – Red Dude worked for SMAC as a Server Regulator, but copied all of the Servers from CPAWN’s page. He is not to be trusted – he was fired from SMAC right after he did so.

    • Rating: D-, F?

      Comments: The first sentence made absolutely no sense, likr Burito’s. And this post is just awkward.

  13. Hey, can someone approve my application before it’s lost? It may have gone to spam, not sure.

  14. 1. Your name:carrit10
    2. Any experience you’ve had reporting:well i did one applacation for smac before and now i am wrighting cp army notes on papers at home for fun
    3. Why you’d like to be on this site:because i really want to be part of some famouse site and see if ppl like my posts
    4. A post about anything related to Club Penguin Armies (try to spark an idea about Club Penguin Armies that no one’s ever thought of before and make sure that your piece is discussion starting):
    You have seen Nachos right? well they were never been kicked out of the top 5 major. But they also had a couple awards too .But this wonders me what would happen if nachos were beaten by some random army. would they trade spots and they would be dead. I think not because nachos never gave up. Because they had awesome and brave leaders. But some were overthrown because they did not do a good job as being leader. Like acp nachos fell a little But then they were at 3rd place .Now
    they are having there CPAC tourney battle vs RPF. They will most likely win. But if they don’t they will say we are dead or have an active count or something else. Now nachos have like 75 comments on their active count and i am pretty sure they will keep their top 3 spot or go higher. Then they would have a party or a chat rally. Now my guesses that they will go to the final round and just mabye win like last year. the 3 leaders are very confident about getting to the finals and win it all. so i am hoping they can atleast get into the final .It will be a hard fight if Acp and iw make it into the last round to .
    But now i am going to end my post

  15. Your name: Harvin13, Mafia, Lidstrom. Most Notable Harv or Lidstrom.
    Any experience you’ve had reporting: I was head of CPAZ, A CPAE philosopher and I was in armies since the color wars so I know how everything works media wise.
    Why you’d like to be on this site: I feel as if CPAC is the golden land in CP armies. I wish to be chosen because I have came close to being on the site 3 times according to Skloop.
    A guarantee that you’ll be active: I am on every day, love journalism and really like reporting because it gives me authority in my own mind and self completion.
    An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war: Ok Well I don’t rely know much as I came back in the summer and that was not summer. I apoligize and truley hope that it doesn’t effect my chances. If you would like me to give another war summary please reply and I will be most gladly.

  16. 1. My name is Redd Kool
    2. I was Head Reporter for CPAE (before it died). I work for CPAWN (Chief reporter) and SMAC (but maybe not if I get this job xD)
    3. Well, Why sign up if I am not going to be active? Kind of “duh” don’t you think?
    4. Fun War?
    The War now known as FA vs BA vs OABYA is a war that has taken up much talk in CPAC’s posts over the last month or two. So before I begin, let’s look at the sides, who is who:

    Fruit Alliance a.k.a. FA
    -Nacho Army
    -Army of Club Penguin

    Black Alliance a.k.a BA ( I have listed major contributors)
    -Underground Mafias Army
    -Golden Troops
    -Sun Troops
    -Army Republic
    -Dark Warriors

    Our Alliance is Better Than Your Alliance a.k.a. OABYA
    -Night Warriors
    -Ice Warriors
    -Watex Warriors

    Now that we know who is who, I can actually get down to the business of my post. This three way war, with over 10 serious armies in it, was all started over a very unserious cause: the boredom of new allies ACP and Nachos. The two armies, being the biggest, had no one to fight, so they agreed to start a “fun war.” In this manner, they would declare war on Top Ten armies but in the end all servers would remain with who had them at the beginning.

    This war, though not intended in this way, caused a lot of frustration among armies declared war on. Many thought the Fruit Alliance had no right. Others just thought it was stupid while even others liked it. In the end, this war proved a great one to be forever remembered. The Fun between the newly united Black Alliance and the Fruit Alliance was not an obvious thing. Armies pulled out then in and other armies never included joined. For a while, NW, IW and WW had joined the FA, but as the BA grew angry and after many battles, ACP and Nachos had them leave. Quickly the three decided to stay in the war as allies. So then came OABYA.

    The Our Alliance Is Better Than Your Alliance Alliance brought a whole new part to the war. What could have ended soon was carried on as the OABYA started a kind of spark. Night Warriors, Ice Warriors and Watex Warriors also reminded everyone how the war began through fun with their alliance’s name. Not to say the fun was forgotten, as this all is a game, but just, the good-intent was pushed aside as armies became enemies. Around the time the OABYA joined, BA sort of died. FA managed to keep up the entire war.

    Now, there is way too much in this war for me to bore you with history. Is that no the purpose of school, while this is fun? So instead of listing the battles and such, I am going to allow your mind to rest with these thoughts and questions:

    The FA vs BA war was always intended as fun. But did that remain? Is this all not technically fun? This war started with the alliance of the two top armies. Will this ever happen again? And finally, a war this major, could it be possible to be repeated? Sure, wars get as big as this, but not for fun. This war was not out of malevolence, just pure fun spirits. But will two armies ever agree to declare a fun war on 10 major armies again? It is definitely possible.

    Redd Kool

    I am a free spirit and do well without having to write on something I could care not to. I am also not completely satisfied with the above report. Please skim these two articles of mine:

  17. O.o my comment was removed I think. xP

  18. Your name: Eettuuyy

    Any experience you’ve had reporting: None XP

    Why you’d like to be on this site: I would like to be on this site since CPAC really contributes to Club Penguin Armies, and I would like to play a part in contributing to CP Armies too, one way or another.

    A post about anything related to Club Penguin Armies (try to spark an idea about Club Penguin Armies that no one’s ever thought of before and make sure that your piece is discussion starting): Most armies have a government. No matter what kind, Democratic Republic, Monarchy, Communism, Fascism, etc., they all play a part, big or small, in the way an army works. My question is: can governments help an army to have some sort of organization, or can it hurt an army, if it’s leaders’ actions contradict the government, sparking talk of revolution (like what happened with Meat in ACP)? Maybe most of the soldiers will be content with the current government of their army, but what if they’re not in the future? Could governments spark mass revolutions or disbandments of the largest armies today, or even have a change of systems in CP Armies? Maybe.

    Thanks for reading my report on army governments!

  19. Your name: Great Alex12
    Any experience you’ve had reporting: No , my first time as reporter
    Why you’d like to be on this site: Because is cool and I want to do something not just to stay in Club Penguin armies
    A post about anything related to Club Penguin Armies (try to spark an idea about Club Penguin Armies that no one’s ever thought of before and make sure that your piece is discussion starting):
    Want a link or what ?
    I made Nation pages for some Small / Medium armies and they look pretty good .
    I’m author on Golden Troops site and I made some posts . I think I have enough experience to be a reporter because I know what to do as a reporter .

  20. 4th, I spread the news.:3

  21. Wring post please delete my previous comment o.e

  22. Name: Redrocks98
    Any experience you’ve had reporting: I been in smac, cpaho, medium amry news ( ioioluke made it for a short period of time, but is not dead)
    Why you’d like to be on this site: Well to me reporting about armies is better than ever. You get to learn and be a part of more armies basically, And it sweet to see armies that are so small at first and soon rise onto cp within a few weeks. just look at cpgt they had there down falls and now are a top ten major army. This is why i like reporting armies !
    A guarantee that you’ll be active: YES I WILL BE ACTIVE! (XD who wouldn’t want to be active on this site?) (this is the best news site ! )
    An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war:
    Some of you might’ve heard what FA , BA, and OABYA stand for and what they are. Well they are all alliances. Which is a mixture of armies that are fight and work together for the same thing. BA ( black alliance) was the first alliance in this war. The BA cause was to go against ACP ( ACP is fruit alliance ; which is FA) and make them “dead” . That didn’t exactly work for BA but they still maxed ABOUT the same size at ACP 25+. Then almost everyday there was war going on on cp “ACP verse BA” and then the night warriors decided to make there own alliance. Which was called Our Alliance Better than your alliance (OABYA) Their main color was blue. They maxed about 20+ which is still good for an alliance. The wars were tuff on some days and some were already a perfect win for each alliance and then the day of May 29th, 2011 the wars suddenly ended, BA declared the alliance was ended they were prefered dead. The BA died from armies falling on their own ( loosing troops,etc,etc.) and that countered on the BA. And it was all left with the OABYA and the FA. According to ioioluke OABYA was an alliance that was helping the FA. So the winner is……………………….
    Fruit Alliance! Why you may wonder? Because FA was bigger than the OABYA and OABYA was helping FA in the first place. And since BA Dropped out there for FA wins the alliance war!
    Here are some pictures of each army.
    Our Alliance Better than your Alliance:
    Black Alliance:
    Fruit Alliance:
    I hope you did enjoy this post, and maybe learned a thing or two about the alliances of cp!

    – Redrocks98

  23. I know it isn’t up there, Woton, but could I apply to be a historian? If so, my info is:

    CP Name: TyloV5

    Experience: I was a reporter on CPA Central before

    Why Do You Want To Be On This Site?: Because I’d love to help document and inform other people about the history of Club Penguin Armies

    Would You Be Active?: Yes

    I understand if you’re not in need of a historian, but if you are, please consider choosing me.

  24. 1.Your name:
    2.Any experience you’ve had reporting:
    3.Why you’d like to be on this site:
    i want to inform the cp army world about recent events
    4.A guarantee that you’ll be active:
    I swear ill be active and ill inform woton about when im gonna be on vacation or something
    5.An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war:
    Here are the aliiances during the war
    Fruit Alliance: Nachos And Acp
    Black alliance: many many many armys
    The black alliance main goal was to destroy Acp.The Nachos sided with the Acp. The Ice Warriorstried to koin The Fruit Alliance but they both said no. Then the 2 alliaces battled it out on breeze.The Black alliance maxed from 29-34 and the acop maxed 20-27 and so did the nachos. Both sides said that they won breeze but the win was given to the Black Alliance. Then the IW made a new alliance called OABYA. It consisted or 3 armys Watex Warriors Ice warriors and some blue amry xD. Then the black alliance last againts the Fa. The OABYA Raided the black alliance tehy maxed 30 troops and did a full circle in he town. Then the black alliance started to loose its will to fight and the BA surrendered to the Fa

  25. curse u pie
    OVER 9000
    cuz im cooler than all of u ppl
    i mad a army called the super talented united people in disguise!!1 it will be 1000000x cooler then all of u armies and we will declar war on the acp and we will win!!!! after we will destory all armies for fun!!! our severs r breeze,fjord,subzero,tundra,suumit,cozy,yeti,and zipline!!!!!

    thank u for reding my post! hope u enjoy it!

  26. 1.Your name: Karakoran
    2.Any experience you’ve had reporting: I’ve made like 20 billion posts a few months ago. Mostly Philosiphy and History.
    3.Why you’d like to be on this site: To post?
    4.A post about anything related to Club Penguin Armies (try to spark an idea about Club Penguin Armies that no one’s ever thought of before and make sure that your piece is discussion starting):

    The idea of free speech has often been rejected by armies on second nature. The idea that someone could say whatever they wanted seems extreme, for even the freest places in the real world do not allow you to say apsolutly everything. However, they seem to find no middle ground. Indeed, in the eyes of most it is all or none.

    It is indeed a perilous cycle. Freedom of Speech requires Conciousness to lust. But Conciousness generally requires Freedom of Speech. Think, armies without Free Speech, ACP, tend to have relativly unaware masses. However a place with Free Speech, CPAC, tends to have people aware of most events. Most will not allow someone to post a rant againt Dictatorship, or make a post on them losing a battle, but CPAC will.

    However, my readers, what i do not understand is that, while you may like an army, how can it truly be so great if you cannot say what you wish without fear of being kicked or banned? I do not ask the mods or owners of armies, for they make the rules. But the members, the soldiers, THE army. As a member, they get the premission of going on chat and sit tightly until they get modship.

    It appears that, in truth, the armies of the people, for the people, and by the people have perished from this Earth.

  27. Omfg Woton, I could kill you right now.

    • Sorreeeeeee. I already had this post written out, and I wanted people to be more clear on how active they’d have to be.

  28. CP Name (Or the name you want for the Staff Widget): Wwebestfan

    What is your Army experience?: I was sorta in armies in late 06/early 07, but quit for a long time and came back in mid 08. So about 3-4 years. I created DCP, Brought them to World Power, highest mod in IW, Mid mod in ACP, Highest mod in Nachos, Low owner in GT, Mod in GW (Back then),Re-creator of the current CPST, and more.

    What is your Reporting experience? : Maybe like 4 months… I was to busy with armies.

    Please write your opinion and write about a “random topic” (ie. noobs, servers):

    Servers, Do the names matter?

    Their is a lot of ways in this type of topic, mainly because of all of the servers, and what type of random names they have. Servers that most armies “Care” or “Want” to own:
    -Sub Zero

    and more.

    As you can see, these names sometimes make no sense, mainly because Club Penguin is a online WInter Land.


    First off, Mammoth? That’s a Animal. Why would a Virtual Online Game (Club Penguin) name a Popular Server after a pretty much unknown Animal which was like 1,000 years ago? It makes no sense, but this is probably the most popular server throughout CP Army Warfare.


    Breeze, Yeah, that I can understand. But why would armies want it?

    Maybe it’s because it’s known for ACP Owning it? All of the history throughout it? We do not know. As I, being a Major Army Leader a lot of times. I would never even think of invading this type of Server.

    Why would someone want it? It’s on the first page of the Servers List. It’s going to be always full, therefore; you can’t recruit, or even battle on it majority of the time.


    Summit is a Winter Land, but why would you want it?
    It was the famous blogger, Oreo Summit’s main server. He was also in ACP at the time.

    People/armies tend to go after servers “Owner” by ‘famous’ Club Penguin Bloggers. Such as;

    -Yoda Ads

    and more.

    As I, Being DCP Leader. I made Summit the DCP capital for a long time throughout CP Army History. I did it because I just loved winter lands, and because it was Low-Populated majority of the time. Hey, you may not be able to score a lot of recruits on it, but it’s great for battles.


    Now this, is a REALLY POPULAR server in CP armies, like Mammoth.

    It is known as the Nachos capital for a long time. They also have a type of all-armies war on it mostly every year. Just to show there love in the server. Nachos are one of the first armies to be Created, another reason why it is popular throughout warfare. It is also known for Riffy8888 going on it a lot (He’s one of the most popular CP Bloggers.)



    Yes, known as being the Ice Warriors capital. It has had a LOT of history in the past; mainly with GT invading it and winning it from IW.

    GT majority of the time had the OA helping them invade it, because IW was too big for just one army. Subzero is also a Winter Land. Which I recommend to Club Penguin to make more winter servers for the Club Penguin theme as it is.


    When I look back at this, I see that armies usually only go after the certain armies capital. Why would they do this? This will most-likely make the defending army stronger, because it is there most important server, and in needs. I believe it can also make the Invading army more popular, as being known for invading “That armies server”.

    It has happened before, and will probably happen again.


    In conclusion

    I do NOT believe that they go after the name of the server, just on how popular it is, is what I am Predicting at the moment. Will this type of servers into their names change? Will armies go for the names in the future? We don’t know yet, we just have to keep watching and keeping posted.

    Bye for now,


  29. “Etac14, Monsoon, and Mitzi, you win a Contributor position on CPA Central for a week OR your site or army’s site’s RSS Feed on CPA Central’s sidebar for a week.” ~The Summer Kick Off Treasure Hunt – Winners! (Posted on June 18, 2011 by ☆✮тєн✮ωσтσηz✮☆ )

    Does the contributor position include being able to post in CPAC? Because if so, I have an article I would like to contribute or be featured.. Ofcourse I understand if ☆✮тєн✮ωσтσηz✮☆ wants me to use RSS feed instead –ie, my idea is ignorant and shallow. Still, I’ll be a thousand-fold more appreciative being featured than being forced to use my RSS winning.

    You might wonder why I’m posting it here: (1) This post is a sticky, (2) I posted the very same article (see below) as an application for the philosopher position on a previously identical post, which is now deleted from CPAC. Also, I have doubts in my capability to give post once a week (the new requirement, previously it was once every ten days). And I worry about running out of ideas to post about.

    But anyway, I hand you my article. I hope its worth being featured.. Else, let me know what I could’ve done to make it better..


    “Beyond just new recruits” ~by ๓เtzเ

    Just like every person is different from another, every army has its own culture. The culture sets the mood for the xat room. My first xat room experience was mixed with rping and anime smileys making my noob head swirl. I was that stranger looking in, watching how people interact and who not to trip wires with. Until someone lent out a rope and guided me into changing my xatname and picture. Elder-god Chance made me; I became Spike, Goddess of er, i forgot..and did I mention I’m a girl! Spike. Girl. Get it?

    Still feeling like an island, and full of noob questions, I set out to find answers first in the xat room, where no one has the patience to give me straight answers. Beginner’s luck stumbled me in the good hands of Oerpink, who met me in club penguin to help me get into army uniform and get used to switching between the cp window and the xat window. And later, a bit of diligence filled me in everything else I needed to know via yester-week’s posts from my army’s site.

    We all start somewhere. New recruits are just as important as old timers in an army. What the new recruits lack in experience, they make up for in enthusiams (lots of it!) and their need for approval. They are as fired up to show up in recruiting as someone experienced would on an invasion/defense battle. Possibly, be more willing to help out other new recruits, because they have the patience, and as to finally prove to themselves that they are no longer noobs. They have yet a long way to go before they establish a reputation (hopefully, good) -an identity by which others would view them. But their journey is one that is more rewarding in a short time span than someone who’s been in cp armies much much longer. Hurray, to noobs! Er, new recruits.

    I’ve decided to spread my reach to other armies. For one major reason: I was set out to learn what makes one army different or better than another. I might’ve outgrown my noobish shoes as my smirk changed into *goo smiley here*. Let me explain.. I used to smirk at the thought of how others hop from one army to another, as a shortcut up the army ladder (rather than thru hardwork and time invested, or should I have said time-spent?). I had that same luck fall on me, and now I realize that hopping armies is possibly an answer to one’s craving for more recognition. Maybe because the original army is not quick in handing out recognitions as they were for punishments? *wary*

    All in all, a title is not as important as the role one is going to play in an army’s rise. And since an army has only a few rungs on their ladder, and to not tip the army with more leaders than members (please refer to physics, on center of gravity), a cp old-timer would then venture out to establish their own armies. But with all new armies being set up, maybe one right at this very minute I’m typing this, ..needless to say, goes back to the basics. Of. Recruiting. And tada! You just found yourself doing what you didn’t want to do before. Right where you left off, other than with a new commanding title/rank (a 1ic and what-not).. But what do I know, I’m not a cp old-timer to know thus far.

    So the most important question an army leader has to answer for himself is: (1)what would make his soldiers stay on his army, and (2)what does it require for his army to either maintain or heighten its morale.

    I daresay you and I are no different. We all want approval. We all want recognition. We want to help out our army beyond what is expected of us. Yeah, we could use some responsibility and the feeling of self-importance that goes with it.. I therefore, challenge all army leader to be as creative in finding new ways of meeting this demand for approval and recognition. Afterall, other than recruiting new recruits which flawlessly continue to fuel an army’s drive, you also want to address that one leak that could very well sink your army’s ship.


    • The Contributor position is mostly to just be able to look in on the inner workings of CPA Central (the stats, drafted posts, etc.), however if you have a particularly well written post, I might consider publishing it.

  30. Your name: Dasher999
    Any experience you’ve had reporting: I’ve been an IW reporter for a while, I was a member rank when I got it. I am also a reporter at my school, if that counts. xD
    Why you’d like to be on this site: Because CPAC is a site all about things in my specialty area, and I really like reading and critiquing this site, so I’d love to be able to make post’s myself.
    A guarantee that you’ll be active: I’m in a CP army, so I come to this site anyway, I go on the computer about 5 days a week, ect.

  31. I don’t care if i’m a philosipher or a reporter so I will apply for both.

    Reporter Application:

    1.Your name: Goofysoccer
    2.Any experience you’ve had reporting: Worked for CPAE before they merged into CPAWN
    3.Why you’d like to be on this site: I would LOVE to have the honor of posting on this prestigous website. I LOVE working with news and Club Penguin Armies.
    4.A guarantee that you’ll be active: I promise to be an active reporter for as long as I have the honor to. I promise with my heart that if you will accept me to work on this prestigous website, I will be active. It would be the greatest honor of my Club Penguin Army career forever, if I am accepted. I will not just post on my first day and completely forget about it in the next week. I will be active as long as I am Author/Editor on this website.
    5.An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war: At first Kenneth1000 of ACP announced that there would be a Fun War between The Fruit Alliance (ACP and Nachos) and the Black Alliance (Many Armies including UMA). At first it was expected that the Black Alliance would win the war because they had very many armies in it. That thought proved wrong. The FA dominated every aspect of the war. The FA was so dominant that BA stopped showing up to battles. Then the Night Warriors, The Ice Warriors, and the Watex Warriors formed OABYA (Our Alliance is Better than Your Alliance) and showed dominance as you can see in these pictures:
    The war was now a war between OABYA and FA and the FA soon also stopped showing up to battles, but if they did show up, they showed up in small numbers while OABYA kept showing dominance. The war is now over and in my opinion the OABYA won the war. However the OABYA joined the war to help FA so technically speaking FA won the war, while OABYA had the biggest sizes.

    Philosipher Application:

    1.Your name: Goofysoccer
    2.Any experience you’ve had reporting: I worked for CPAE before they merged to form CPAWN.
    3.Why you’d like to be on this site: I would LOVE to have the honor of posting on this prestigous website. I LOVE working with philosiphies and Club Penguin Armies.
    4.A post about anything related to Club Penguin Armies (try to spark an idea about Club Penguin Armies that no one’s ever thought of before and make sure that your piece is discussion starting): Well I missed the old Club Penguin warfare when there were not any tactics. When it was only snowballs. Some people might disagree though. I have noticed that Armies were bigger back then and that might have been because CP Armies were more fun back then when there weren’t any tactics. Maybe when the type of CP Warfare changed from Snowballs to Tactics, people didn’t like the idea and quit their armies because it became boring. I (Somehow) want to change CP Warfare from Tactics to Snowballs like before. Since some people disagree, I will have to have a poll for it. It will be a 2 Week poll and in the end, majority will win. Maybe using the power of CPAC, (A website almost everybody looks at) we can change CP Warfare.

    I hope you liked my applications. Thank you for taking time to read my application.


  32. What if Ive already commented on Funk’s post. I really can only teach my ways when Im in a certain mood. Lemme see if I can get a copy of my comment

  33. 1. Butch
    2. Not much, nothing real.
    3. Because this is a place where I can get a point across, spread my beliefs, and spark a thought in the mind of a reader, giving them a new idea.
    4. This is, sadly, something that has already been done. But! I have a very different perspective

    As we all remember, the golden ages were the times of which CP armies flourished. The weak became strong, and the strong became stronger. This, is when Disney noticed our presence. As this happened, armies fell. But some, like the ACP, nachos, Iw and others remained strong. They dominated the army world, still do, and now have little competition. This, is why armies will not rise as a whole. Their are 2 paths we can take, the well walked path which you see most the others taking, or the shrub ridden hidden path which few dare to glance at. This, is the path I would take. Traveling on the well worn path you see most your friends walking, you are a simple cog in a giant mechanism. Machines are built to break down and be replaced. let us go back to the other path, the hidden path. Traveling on this you encounter many break offs and splits to go to the well worn path, but you choose to avoid them. You meet the few others trotting along and find that this path goes on much longer and has much more promise. This makes you wonder, what makes most people walk upon the other path, of simple mindedness and endless repetition. This is because they cannot lead and conduct themselves. The ones in power on the well walked path are some of the few who came to the end of this path, and broke it. You stride along, gaining power and allies as you realize that the other path is only strong because nothing is being done about it. The residents fight amongst themselves to keep us out of the way by using pressure. They once walked this path, and they found the end. Their machine must be broken, you realize, and if you could take the minds of this path and the sheer numbers of that one it would create an unstoppable force. The destruction of large armies is what’s necessary to rebuild the army world. This is not destruction, this is making room to build. If the large armies are eradicated, then small armies will flourish. A new generation of fresh ideas will be instated. Things will change. We will always adapt to win. Then, in a few years, you will walk the not so trodden path yet again, long forgotten by the others, for ways have reverted. And another will take the not so trodden path to bring about fresh ideals, but when you find the end, your time is almost up.

    Which path would YOU take?


  34. Your name: Pungy1234

    Any experience you’ve had reporting: CPAWN President, SMAC Head Reporter

    Why you’d like to be on this site: I want to help out CPAC. My army, the Global Defenders has left the Small-Medium army world and I want to be more in touch with the large army world. I’ve been on the CPUN staff for a few weeks now and have many good ideas there. I take good news (as in quality) to heart and always have tons of respect for a person who can write well. I rarely misspell words incorrectly. I feel like I could do the same for CPAC as I’ve done for SMAC and CPAWN. CPAC is truly the best site for CPA News, and I want to keep it that way.

    A guarantee that you’ll be active: As I do with any site that I am on, I take my job seriously. I am a very respected Head Reporter at SMAC and do my best at CPAWN. I try hard at everything I do and you won’t be disappointed with me.

    An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war:
    Precursors to War
    The Army of Club Penguin and the Nacho Army were ranked 1st and 2nd on the CPAC Top Ten. Both armies realized that they really needed a good war to keep them there. Their answer: a war against a large alliance, specifically, the Black Alliance.
    The Spark That Ignited The Fire
    The war was sparked by the Nacho Army and the Army of Club Penguin declaring war on all Small and Medium Armies, specifically the Black Alliance. The Nachos and ACP were not accepting other armies into their alliance, while the Black Alliance was. The Nachos said on their website, “Other armies are welcome to join the war, but not with us. Join the Black Alliance or start an alliance of your own.” Many small and unknown armies joined the Black Alliance. The war was fought.
    Interview with Tanman626, Nacho Leader
    Pungy: Can I interview you for my CPAC Application?
    Tan: K
    Pungy: Why did the Nachos declare war on the Black Alliance?
    Tan: We did mainly to get armies active and for some fun.
    Pungy: Did you have intentions of turning it into a world war?
    Tan: Not Really.
    Pungy: How did you feel when OABYA joined the war?
    Tan: Well I kinda wanted them to make it interesting.
    Pungy: Did They?
    Tan: No it ended after that.
    Pungy: Did you feel satisfied with the outcome of the war?
    Tan: Not at all.
    Pungy: Why not?
    Tan: No battles hardly, people didn’t even try.
    OABYA Joins the War
    Towards the end of the war, another alliance joined in, the Our Alliance is Better than Your Alliance. The OABYA consisted of the Watex Warriors, the Night Warriors, and the Ice Warriors. OABYA really only joined in the end of the war, which was part of the reason that they didn’t see much action. They did have some battles, but other than that not much came out of OABYA.
    Black Alliance Quits
    The happening that marked the end of the war was really the Black Alliance quitting it all. The Black Alliance never truly made a formal surrender, but left the war. The FA and OABYA claimed victory, yet FA truly won the war, as OABYA joined it towards the end. I hope you enjoyed reading my post.
    ~Pungy1234 CPAC Applicant

  35. Sorry I applied as Reporter before I noticed their was a Philosopher Category. “Philosophy” as you put it is what I love though.

    1. Your name:
    Redd Kool

    2. Any experience you’ve had reporting:
    CPAE Head Reporter (dead) CPAWN Chief Reporter SMAC Reporter

    3. Why you’d like to be on this site:
    Because CPAC is a guarantee someone will listen to what I have to say, I love spreading my ideas and I just like writing.

    4. A post about anything related to Club Penguin Armies (try to spark an idea about Club Penguin Armies that no one’s ever thought of before and make sure that your piece is discussion starting):
    Another good one:

    Thanks, and sorry about my double app. This Philosopher is the one I want.

  36. 1.Your name: Lsund

    2.Any experience you’ve had reporting:

    Actually, I used to work here and at SMAC. When I worked here, Skloop fired me, BUT said he’d give me my job back in the summer. I also worked on Shaboomboom’s old news site a year or 2 ago.

    3.Why you’d like to be on this site: I want to be on this site so I can contribute and make things easy for others. I also want to be on here, because when I first got this job, I let everybody down. Now that it’s summer, I can be extremely active, and I would like a chance to redeem myself.

    4.A guarantee that you’ll be active: I will be totally active

    5.An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war: Well, I just recently came back to CP Warfare, but I did some research on it. This sounds a WHOLE LOT like Order 67 to me. Back a long time ago, Major armies declared war on any non-major army. Order 67, in my opinion, was the greatest thing to ever happen to CP Warfare. It showed Small and Medium armies CAN accomplish things, when they work together. But I’m getting off topic. So, ACP and Nachos declared war on all Small/Medium armies. They said any army can join the war, just not in their alliance. So that’s when Black Alliance came in. BA was an alliance of small Medium and Small armies, and were doing pretty decent until OABYA came in. That pretty much killed all chances BA had, because to win against ACP AND Nachos, you have to be united.

    So there’s my form, hope to join CPAC 😀

  37. And I will be judging everyone just for fun and for Woton’s convenience

  38. ya im sorta upset, my application need approval and now its lost and it was the 25 comment. so um now its lost -_- but if u can still approve it or find it plz do it sorta got on my nerves : (

  39. wait no forget that comment i made a mistake sorry cpac, : O : O but hey we all make mistakes right ? : )

  40. Your name: Kooldude 247
    Any experience you’ve had reporting: SMAC Head Reporter, CPAE former reporter (Offered VP but declined).
    Why you’d like to be on this site: I love writing reports & I’ve always loved CPAC.
    A guarantee that you’ll be active: Guaranteed.
    An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war:
    Before I start my report, I would like to say I’m a UMA 4ic.

    This is a big war that started with ACP & Nachos declaring war on the following:
    Light Troops
    Team Gold
    Underground Mafia Army
    Club Penguin Sun Troops
    Dark Warriors
    Golden Troops
    The ACP & Nachos claimed it to be a fun action, but the armies declared war on took it very offensively, as they thought that this was ACP & Nachos taking advantage of their power. The armies who were attacked made an alliance called the Black Alliance. The Fruit Alliance mainly consisted of ACP & Nachos, while Night Warriors, Ice Warriors & Watex Warriors made their own alliance called the Our Alliance is Better Than Your Alliance. The OABYA vs FA vs BA war was huge, until a major fall in the war. The BA seemed to become less resistant until one OABYA invasion, the Invasion of Summit.
    The Invasion of Summit was a HUGE change in the war. It was one of the first invasions on the BA without BA defending their server. From this point on, the Black Alliance would fall apart.
    In a report on CPAC of the OABYA Invasion, the war reached it’s climax. It also contained an interview with Ioioluk that stated that LT was out of the war. It was a major statement & from there on out, the FA vs. OABYA vs. BA war had practically reached it’s end. But a big turn happened on June 1st, 2011. The BA took mass invasions of armies of the opposing alliances of the following servers:
    Ice Age
    Ice Breaker
    Jack Frost
    Snow Fort
    Snow Globe
    It seemed to be a big strike back, but no results were posted, so it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. With that said, the strikes could be a rise back into the war.
    Now for some interviews on both sides!
    Kooldude: Do you think the Black Alliance is coming back with the big invasions?
    Vinny: I don’t think so.
    K: Has the OABYA/FA side won the war?
    V: I actually thought the war was over personally between us [BA] and the Fruit Alliance, but between OABYA and us [BA], they declared war on us without me knowing about it.
    K: Will any armies in opposing alliances of the BA invade any time soon in your opinion?
    V: Against BA? Probably not, no alliance has, or ever will get as big as what we [BA] have gotten to, except for FA of course.
    Kooldude: Do you think the Black Alliance is coming back with the big invasions?
    Dvorak: Nope, I see it as BA is dead.
    K: Has the OABYA/FA side won the war?
    D: Well, BA is dead, we’re alive and strong… so yeah…
    K: Will any armies in opposing alliances of the BA invade any time soon in your opinion?
    D: Well, we’re always prepared for a war, so there may be that chance, but I think it’s highly unlikely.
    If this were a report, I would put polls in. I hope I make the cut!

    • I’m also a 2-year-in-a-row Spelling Bee Champion at my middle school against people 2 years over my grade. I’m also in Battle of the Books so my grammar is very intellectual.

  41. I quit with the ratings. I’m getting fatigued. I did what I could. You should say yes to anyone with an A rating and not accept anyone with a C, D, or F.

    And the MKWC thing isn’t really an ad btw..

  42. Your name: Teh Pie (Spikeike)
    Any experience you’ve had reporting: CPSAN Sec. Head/Head (#1 Small Army News Site before SMAC), Smac Head Reporter/Secondary Head for 6 months.
    Why you’d like to be on this site: I’ve always been wanting to be a part of CPAC, and I miss being on a news site dearly since I retired from SMAC.
    A post about anything related to Club Penguin Armies (try to spark an idea about Club Penguin Armies that no one’s ever thought of before and make sure that your piece is discussion starting):

    Could the End Be Closer Than We Think?
    It’s something we think about, hear about, and most of all, dread about. The end of Club Penguin Armies. We all wish we could stop it, but we all know at one point that it will happen. But the question is, When? Now we all know CP came to a close call earlier today (June 20) when they lost their domain. Many of us think that Armies will end when Disney shuts CP down, but I believe there are other ways that armies could end that could happen at anytime. It could happen in years, a few months, or tomorrow. The second thing that comes to my mind right away is a mass hacking outbreak. What would happen would be hackers would basically kill all of the major armies. Hackings of army sites are so rare now that they never occur on a regular basis, but back last summer hackings of army sites happened all the time on a regular basis, but ever since IATW were shut down hackings hardly happen anymore. But the possibility of another hacking group as powerful as IATW emerging still remains. They wouldn’t do all the hacking, but they would serve as role models for others to try hacking and so on.

    Another way that armies could end is that another game comes out, or someone develops a program that armies decide to move to. This would take armies out of CP, but put them in another program. Though, most likely, armies wouldn’t survive for that long in another program.

    Whether it’s hacking, migration, or just Disney pulling the plug, we will never know when the end will come for us.
    ^ The above would be an example of what my posts would be like, minus my signoff and questions to the viewers. You would not be taking a long shot by hiring me as a Philosopher being i’ve worked at successful news sites before, and I won’t rant or be biased. Plus, if I fail to post the one required for a Philosopher, expect 2 posts the next week from me. 😀
    ~Teh Pie
    UMA Leader/ God of epic.

  43. 1. warriorr99
    2. I have been a person to retract news to the local news since I can’t broadcast cause I’m not 18. And my mom is head of the newspaper and an english teacher so she has taught me a lot on journalism.
    3. I have wanted to be on this site many times before. I always read new posts and try to find out as much as i can. I want to give all the news I always pay attention to what conflict is going on so I think people should know. Not like people chatting, but armies conflicting with each other.
    4. I am going to give the army report of the wars involving BA OBAYA and Nachos and ACP. When the nachos declared war on UMA it was just to keep both army’s troops active, I knew the war was for fun. But since they were good allies it would be that reason. UMA said nachos were betraying and hacking then, and nachos said the same thing about UMA. Well soon after UMA got allies such as LT and WV. When UMA surrendered. The nachos found 18 WV invading a server right away at least 25 nacho troops went to the server fighting WV. WV claimed they won but nachos bumped to at least 30-35 troops winning the battle. After that LT tried invading. UMA said they would come help but only 3 showed up and soon left the battle. Nachos clearly won the battle, but LT would not accept defeat the battles were at least 5 minutes over an hour each time. LT would not stop till they had won. ” LT is just a bad sport” some would say because LT would never accept defeat. Later in the battles ACP and Nachos became allies. LT was actually considered the only active army in the BA due to WV not participating in the battles after that. ACP and nachos formed an enormous pink blob when LT came to a the battle. The “Pink Bunnies” had about 60 while the BA had about 20. LT later had a defence against nachos and ACP when they got backed up to into the attic of cp. LT would jam ACP and nachos in the lodge due to the room was being full. ACP and nachos had about 20-30 in the attic while LT may have had 15-25. LT could’ve won is what I think in till they left to forts where ACP had there power. So did nachos. Then it was averaged 30 ACP and 20-30 nachos. Soon after LT kinda surrendered and got involved with OBAYA. The BA really never showed up to those battles. Also either this was a rumor or real the BA declared war on nachos and ACP again. Nachos made the first post by Mr. Eddy i could tell they were ready to fight. BA never showed up. I think that’s why nachos are falling a bit. Not much events. Personally I think when ACP allied with nachos was the real reason nachos are falling. Most armies don’t like ACP so they would join nachos to beat ACP. I guess when people realized nachos liked ACP they would all join ACP. The nachos inside really do hate ACP probably. Just ask gares who is a retired trooper from nachos or carly on chat even eddy. If you ask them if they like ACP they might say yes. Some ACP even hate nachos with pride. ask anyone anytime. After all this mess I saw the post finally that during the time OBAYA was fighting the BA, LT was at war with YT. So I think it prooves that all wars with the BA should be over because the BA really isn’t an alliance anymore

    ~ warr

  44. oh and I will be very active heh.

  45. 1.Your name: Alex Cone
    2.Any experience you’ve had reporting: SMAC and CPAP Head Reporters
    3.Why you’d like to be on this site: So I can post about large army news asw well as small and medium army news and to furhter help the CP Army community
    4.A post about anything related to Club Penguin Armies (try to spark an idea about Club Penguin Armies that no one’s ever thought of before and make sure that your piece is discussion starting): My first ever post.
    What makes a good recruiting server?

    Well, every army has to get troops. Some go onto chats to get them, while most go on Club Penguin to get recruits. No matter what, all armies have to recruit on Club Penguin, so they claim recruiting servers. I will do my best to point out, in my opinion, the qualities that make a good recruiting server.

    The qualities of the recruiting server depends on the size of the army. Many people think that the server should be big with lots of people in the town and plaza. I dont think so. I will separate it out into small, medium, and large.

    Small Armies:
    The average small army cant get a lot of people to events(duh!). Most people say that it takes 10 people to recruit 1 troop, and you get 1 active troop out of every 10 recruits. I say the reason for this is because not many people notice 3 people dancing and saying the same thing. For small armies, I suggest these kinds of servers:

    •The server is somewhat small getting 2-3 bars.
    •there are about 5-10 people in the town and same for the plaza
    Now, for some servers that are like the ones I suggest small armies recruit on.

    •Ice Pond
    Medium Armies:
    Medium armies can usually get a good amount of troops on CP. This gives them more attention. I suggest that medium amies recruit on servers with the following qualities.

    •The server gets a medium amount of people. about 3-4 bars.
    •There are 10-20 people in the town and same for plaza
    and the example servers are

    •Half Pipe
    Large armies:
    Large armies usually get a nice amount of numbers, 25+. This gets them a lot of attention. Here are the qualities for their recruiting servers.

    •Has a large amount of people on it. 5 bars to full.
    •30+ people in the town as well as plaza. 25+ in forts
    Here are server examples.
    •Any of the servers that start with “A”
    So very clearly, we all need different servers in order to recruit. comment on whether or not you agree with me. cya!

    Alex Cone

  46. Name: Becca (becca1368)

    Experience: I have previously been a reporter for CPAC.

    Why I’d like to be on the site: I love writing. Simple as that. I enjoy writing about anything, any place, and anyone. In my free time, I journal and write stories. I never wanted to retire from CPAC, but I was not contributing to the site due to difficulties in real life, so I was forced to. I want to be on this site to do what I enjoy.

    I absolutely guarantee that I will be an active reporter. I will give up my time and effort so I can fufill my duties as a reporter and write two posts a week. The minute I am not able to do that any longer, I will give up my position instead of being an inactive reporter.

    My sample post: An overview of the OABYA/ FA vs. BA War:

    Ignore the “CPWN” stuff. I gave up on that project.


  47. 1. warriorr99
    2. I have been a reporter for my local news in town. But I just give them the news.
    3. I really love getting involved with journalism and giving the behind the scenes and real news of armies
    4. I will be very active at ALL times on CPAC central.
    5. Here is the whole story of The BA and OBAYA and the pink bunnies a.k.a Fruit alliance or ACP and nachos

    In the beginning the nachos were kind of getting inactive so they declared war on UMA for fun and to keep both armies active. UMA responded with ” Nachos are so childish” and later on said nachos had hacked them nachos responded the same way involving UMA. So there it was to allies going against eachother over a war that was meant for fun. UMA were beaten harshly at a battle against the nachos, so UMA brought there allies LT and WV into this mess. Then nachos were victorious the next battle. After that battle ACP became allies with nachos, I believe this is one of the reasons UMA surrendered to the nachos in this war. Most of you think LT was the stronghold to bring the war still going as BA, but they weren’t. A day after WV was invading Fjord from nachos. WV had 18 there. When nachos found out al the troops rushed down and defended Fjord. WV pretty much quit after that. LT made this post about how they were gonna crush nachos. Next battle only LT showed up even though UMA said they would come. There were about 20 LT and 25 nachos. LT thought they were winning but ACP rushed down to the battle and all of the troops turned pink. Nachos called themslves pink bunnies as ACP joined in. They crushed LT but LT didn’t accept defeat people began to call LT bad sports for not excepting defeat when its FA-40-45 and LT 20-30 The LT finallyaccepted defeat when they actually took a lead. The LT went to attic and jammed the FA by making the room full. LT was actually doing pretty good in till LT went to dock and was immedientley beaten. This whole thing about LT not accepting defeat happend at each battle. Finally LT surrendered. ACP and nachos were basically brother allies after that. I think that’s why nachos were falling, also because BA declared war again but it was just a rumor and nachos were pretty much doing nothing. ACP grew when nachos fell. I think this is the reason nachos fell because small some small armies hated ACP so they joined nachos. When nachos became allies I guess the small armies quitted with disgust. The nachos still just don’t like ACP and some old soldiers in ACP feel the same way about nachos. Ask some good soldiers in nachos such as mr.eddy and gares they will tell you that ACP just gets on there nerves. I can see why too. In the middle of all of this OBAYA ( NW IW and WW) found themselves in a war with BA. The BA never showed up to any battles. The OBAYA thought they had done hard work. All they did was make a chat and turn dark blue. They didn”t have to fight anyone. I found out that LT was in a war with YT during the “war”. I don’t think LT new about this. Later IW fought UMA in awar and ACP showed up to the battle of mittens I think whenever ACP shows up UMA just quits. I think that is a bit wimpy. Not being offensive. After a while when people knew that BA wouldn’t show up at events some small armies declared war on them. They thought they were good. I think anyone who is at “war” with BA should just stop. I think BA is officially dead. Or I could be wrong, if you wanna find out for sure just go talk to LT . LT is your best bet due to WV and UMA dropping out of the war. ~ warr

  48. Your name: Jake23224
    Any experience you’ve had reporting: None 😛
    Why you’d like to be on this site: I find reporting news very exciting!
    A guarantee that you’ll be active: I don’t have Summer where I live but I promise I will do my very best to be active and keeping up on the latest news, etc.
    An overview of the recent FA vs BA vs OABYA war:

    Results of the War
    Let’s look back a few weeks ago from the battle of the Fruit Alliance vs. Black Alliance vs. OAYBA (Our Alliance is Better than Your Alliance).

    As we all know BA did poorly for the past weeks and have given up on this war. This was a bit surprising to the other alliances. But before their surrender, they never appeared in some scheduled events several times. Has this cause the Nachos to fall? Why wasn’t ACP affected? Lots of questions remain unanswered.

    After this war ended, the Nachos moved on a slow pace, their size decreased in the following weeks and their performances got lower. Some say they act like this ever since BA gave up, some say they weren’t focusing too much on war. And some say they’re just lazy and hanging out on chat. This is not how an army is supposed to be, Club Penguin armies are loyal, friendly and active groups who fight for the glory and some just for fun. If you don’t even participate, why did you even join that army in the first place? Anyway, let us continue…

    OAYBA, Consisting of Ice Warriors, Night Warriors and the Watex Warriors. They (OAYBA) struck at server Summit on the month of May, while BA showed poor resistance.

    From the beginning, when Nachos and ACP declared war on almost 7 armies. They told us that it was just for “fun”, as the leaders said. “Fun” doesn’t really fit on the description. A few weeks later, OAYBA joined, since the FA wanted no more but a few armies in their alliance. The Nachos were concerned about BA’s absence so Puckley, one of the Nacho leaders, wrote a post:

    “After the battle of Fjord, the Black Alliance has shown very little action nor resistance to the Fruit Alliance. Many armies of the Black Alliance didn’t even post results of their failed attempt to conquer Fjord. Then, there has been no response to the March of Annihilation battles scheduled for all of this week. Now, the BA shows no resistance to our invasions on their servers; they don’t even attempt to defend. Is this the Black Alliance’s message of a surrender? The ACP and the Nachos will not stop our invasions. We were serious about having a war. Keep on fighting, troops.”

    Why did BA surrender? Why weren’t the other armies affected by the Nachos’ downfall? Will Summer bring them back to normal?

    We will find the truth later on, for now, keep your chins up and FIGHT!

    – Jake23224

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