ACP and IW’s Practice Battle a Bust

Today, the IW and ACP fought in what was supposed to be a massive practice battle, however it just didn’t seem to work out.

This practice battle was set out to be huge. The ACP and IW were both very close to first in the last Top 10, so the two armies decided to schedule a massive practice battle to determine the true victor. Quoting ACP 2ic Bobcatboy10:

The Ice Warriors have a lot of confidence and they are closing a gap between our size and theirs. It should be a close battle and I hope a lot of fun. We need all the ACP soldiers to be prepared and know how bad this battle means to not only the Ice Warriors but our army, the ACP! Be ready, it will be a tough one but I know ACP will pull through!

However, the PB did not turn out to be all it was cracked up to be. Apparently, soldiers from both armies were not available for the battle due to the date being Fathers Day. Despite the unfortunate date, the ACP were able to muster up some serious size, maxing over 30 troops.

Actually, ACP’s size was the largest they’ve been for a while now, even while missing troops who had to spend time with their families.

The IW, on the other hand, were able to show up with some size, but were not even close to ACP. After about 15 minutes, they surrendered the battle to ACP, although the two armies agreed to reschedule the battle for Saturday, June 25th, a week from now.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battle! How did each army perform, despite the lack of troops from Fathers Day? Does either army deserve to be in the #1 Top 10 Position? Is “Fathers Day” a legitimate excuse?

Woton, CPA Central Head of Site

22 Responses

  1. reasonable, and first

  2. I couldn’t make it either. Good job to both armies though.

  3. Father’s Day should absolutely be a good excuse. It’s just one day that’s important , and as long as it’s rescheduled, everything should be ok.

  4. Wonton should really approve the comments faster so he won’t get my hopes up (wary)

  5. Pretty stupid of Funk/Ken to schedule it on Sunday. Lol

  6. Don’t be too hard on Wonton,he must have a lot of work to do Kenneth.

  7. ACP won and guess what people i didnt come for the same reason

  8. The battle shouldnt be on fathers day on the first place, its about spending time with your father no playing a penguin game. So i think its a good excuse and would be much better if it was reschuduled

  9. HTML work in Comment?


    Redd Kool

  10. What happened to the CPAC medium top5?

  11. why is their a guy saying cp is unfair

  12. Nice thinking about scheduling.. 😛

  13. i only came to the first few minutes of it so i agree tht tht day should be an excuse

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