WW: Medium, or Large?


Today, I’m going to talk about the Watex Warriors, the army that has ‘fixed their site’ after closing it for 5 days and are rising back up.

As everyone knows, the Watex Warriors’ numbers had fallen drastically. Now, let’s not go into detail about that because this has already been covered by many posts already. But it seems like they are rising once again.

On May 15, this picture of a training session was posted on WW site:

Now… that probably would at its best get WW to around the middle of the Small Top 10. However, the WW are rising back up. Now, take a break and click read more.

This is what WW got in a post on May 22.

According to Greenday (WW leader), they maxed out at around 15-20 people. That is, of course, quite a good size considering the lowering standards before term breaks arrive. (And it is certainly a lot better than the 6 people in the picture). The WW also joined the OABYA alliance (Our Alliance is Better than Your Alliance alliance), which consists of IW, NW, and WW. There are about 30 troops in all the pictures posted by WW, which means that each army (IW, NW, and WW) maxed around 10 troops. Here’s a pic:

And if you think about this closely, then it will mean WW is in the same standards as IW (ranked 9th in Large Top 10) and NW (ranked 4th in Large Top 10). However, when Summer approaches, these numbers won’t be enough for the large top ten. So, my question for today is…

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A Look at WW’s Rise:

Why are the WW rising? Here are some possible reasons:

-Return of WW leader Gambler21777. (after Cewan seemed to retire to Waffle Lord)

-Being active. They had many events, often PBs with other armies.

What do you think are the reason of WW’s rise? Comment with your thoughts!



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