Revival Of Armies

To most people , reviving armies is a great idea bu others think it’s just stupid. I have even heard some people saying ” When You Revive An Army It Just Means Your To Lazy To Make Your Own ” I am going to give you an  example of am army that has been revived and what happened to them.



The Elites have been revived many times but I am going to post about the most recent revived generation by Khimo and 57to. They were re-opened on Sunday 17th April 2011. They rose quickly, below are some pictures of their first event which was on the first day they were revived.

Green , Green , Green was all you saw on all the CP Army News Sites that week! Elites rose quick for sure, bot they fell a bit quick too. On may 13th 2011 Khimo made a post on Elites site saying he wants to he wants to reopen Elites as soon as he finds another leader. Will Eites rise again? Will they re-open again? Who knows.

Elites were a clear success when they were revived but they weren’t the only army that has been revived and became succesful , some armies in the Medium, Small and Major top ten have had to be revived to become what they are today!

But not all armies are as succesful as Elites and those other successfully  revived armies, some armies get revived but fall within a month and then have to be revived again, I would give some examples but then I would get bad and rude comments. Reviving armies would probably be more important than creating an army , when reviving an army you have to go get the old leaders permission , you have to make the site similar to the old one and lots more. If you are ever reviving an army remember that you must get the leaders permission.


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  1. Why does every post about revival include the Elites… Sure , they’ve been revived lots of times by tons of ppl but honestly, Every post about revival should have different armies etc.

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  3. Uhh… I just made a post a few days ago on the same topic… And it covered the Elites…

  4. O crap u did -.-

  5. Actually, most recent is romans.

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