FW Change Name to Ninjas – Tapping Into Club Penguin’s Most Valuable Recruits?

The FW haven’t been on the Top 10 since January, but they seem to be fine with it. The FW will always be one of those armies that’s just around. Even if they don’t have much size at battles, they’ll always have a dedicated group of leaders and soldiers who will be a part of the army through good times and bad. With their new idea, they might be looking at a really good time. And what is this idea, you may ask?

Ninjas. One of the oldest parts of Club Penguin History. They’ve been around since Penguinchat and have evolved to make the game what it is today. Now, they may not particularly appeal to many of us more experienced members of armies, who have been around for years, but we should at least remember what they’ve done for us.

Back in the early “Golden Ages” of Club Penguin Armies, soldiers would log onto (mainly) Mammoth, at any time of the day, and know that there was going to be fighting in the Dojo. Whether it be between the ACP and Nachos, RPF and UMA, or the Ninjas. Yes, there would always be a group of penguins dressed in black who would want to join in the fight with other armies. Eventually, they’d learn that these other armies have a website, they’d search them on Google, and there we go; that army would get a new recruit.

However, perhaps we’ve grown too far away from our roots. Nowadays, battles occur only at scheduled times, for hour or less long periods on empty Club Penguin servers. No longer do we go to the sacred Dojo, due to the Card Jitsu mats lying about. No longer do we let regular members of Club Penguin join in our battles, as we, for some reason, forget where we came from and are afraid of “n00bs.” And most certainly no longer do we allow ninjas to be a part of our game.

So, perhaps the FW Leaders Pringle64 and Pochoma213 are geniuses in their idea to change their name to the “Ninjas Army.” Everyone on ClubPenguin wants to be a ninja, why not join a group that lets you be a ninja all times of the day? A group where you can join together with other ninjas to fight evil and all that other crap? Knowing the FW staff, they’ll be able to fix their site up to make it look like a true “ninja hideout” and they’ll be able to boost their Google pagerank up quickly (their brand new chat is already at the number one position when you search “Club Penguin ninja army” and I highly doubt Club Penguin has blocked that phrase). There’s a distinct possibility that they could see recruits flowing through their website in hordes.

This leaves us with a few questions:

  • Is this going to work for the FW?
  • Why didn’t we already think of this?
  • Is this really going to be a true “army?”

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Woton, CPA Central Head of Site

51 Responses

  1. Really dont think this’ll work.
    Naaah, Ninjas are a squad not a army.

  2. 1st, 2nd 3rd

  3. Congrats on whoring yourselves out FW. At least everyone else has the balls to stick to their detication.

  4. Woton. One mistake. No “Ninjas Army”. Just “Ninjas”. NO ABBREVIATIONS. You don’t call Nachos NCP do you? Noooo. Plus I needa change from FW to Ninjas in my WP name xP

  5. 1ST!!!!!!

  6. Nyar ;o

  7. i think this is a great idea for FW to change there name to ninjas, i would expect them to be in the top ten soon.

  8. Ninjas had some trouble with the events earlier due to their name change so, the name change might affect them negatively some how.

  9. It seems to me that if this works as well on CP as it does on paper, then FW may have just had a genius idea. They might get tons of recruits and massive popularity on CP. Or, it might not work. They might end up fighting the PSA or EPF or whatever every time they are on CP, since that is what usually happens whenever a group of ninjas gathers on CP…

    • Could work, but the idea was stolen from a lot of people. I know this army called Fire Ninjas, but they are not as attracted atm.

    • I think I influenced this…
      From my post on SMAC bout armies I wish would be recreated/rise.

      “9. A Real Ninja Army- Why has no one ever pulled off a ninja army? It would be incredibly easy. There are noobs all over CP waiting for a ninja army!”

      Yea I’m a genius.

  10. Just reminds me of SWAT noobs (wary)

  11. Why not? ACP does it. Everyone automatically assumes Army of CP=Good, everyone else=rebels/robbers or whatever. Plus there are some Spy armies.

    Also, I thought there was already an army called Ninjas, which is why I rejected ACP’s offer when they asked me and told me they hated Ninjas, which I then took to mean the actual Ninjas of the Dojo, not an army as it actually was.

  12. It may work. It’s actually pretty practical. Like ACP, the Army of Club Penguin. It seems dull, but attracts recruits because it’s the original and most appealing name. Also, Ice Warriors add on to this because CP is made out of ice. They may end up back in the Top 10 xP

  13. This was my idea I think Poch and Pring might have got it from me.

    From SMAC site:
    “9. A Real Ninja Army- Why has no one ever pulled off a ninja army? It would be incredibly easy. There are noobs all over CP waiting for a ninja army!”

    Yay ima genius.

  14. Won’t work. Enough said.

  15. The idea itself sounds weird. But the income might be promising.

  16. They shouldn’t change their name -_- Fire Warriors is a good recruiting name, they are just not recruiting good enough. Everyone loves “Fire” and if you have “Warriors ” in the name then people are gonna be like,

    “Hell yesh I wanna be a warrior!!!”

    Changing the name to Ninajs is stupid, as it will give the recruits they find to click on other sites that mention ninjas, and they won’t find what their looking for and just decide to leave their “mission” and go back to playing CP.

    Horrible idea.

    FW’s name has lots of history, and changing it is a stupid idea.


    • not to mention you contributed SO MUCH to FW and practically created all of it’s history for the past 2 years, amirite?

    • And that’s from the guy who claimed he was PinkMafias. Trick, you are an idiot. End of.

      • ur retarded, whats ur point of “thats coming from the guy who claimed he was Pink…” ? U have no point. Also, i remember u BELIEVING ME. which makes u even more of an idiot. Also, ur an idiot for having no point in that sentence.

        ALSO, i have been forgiven by everyone except a few nitwits (like yourself) who can’t forgive and forget (which is ur problem)

        Go away if u have nothing nice to say.


  17. smart move. they ll be able to get recruits easier now, but that could backfire on them

  18. They’ll just get narbs that won’t actually search the site and join after the battle.

  19. Time to create FW and torment Pring and poch 😀

  20. I think that at first they’ll get a bunch of recruits, but in the end, all the people who are ninjas already will just join the army, not listen to their superiors, and the whole army will be disorganized during battles or other events.

    Armies want to have their own distinct uniform, traits, etc.?

    I think no, because in the end they’ll all just be a bunch of ninjas walking around and have no organization of any sort.

  21. First of all, they have to update their ranks as soon as someone obtains a new belt. Imagine how dis-organized the ranks will be, and all all the Black Belts and mods they’ll have.

  22. I’ve joined, I wanna be part of this new movement.

  23. Just to let you know,

    Yellow Troops(a new army)and the alliance Invaded Ice Box, and wool socks. We’re invading many more.

    Here is the post when YT and the alliance is going to invade LT’s Empire.


    Thank you,

  24. This is so dumb. Ugh.

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