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Alex: Sorry for editing this wonderful post Pungy. I am very sorry for my inactiveness lately. I have been spending time with family. The Small Top 10 will be out no later than Friday, but I hope to have it out befor then.

Hey SMAC Fans,

I’ve been really preoccupied lately with the SMAC-Down III tournament and all as well as some things in real life. I apologize for the lack of a top ten medium last week. To SMAC Staff: If there is anything I can do to make up for the lack of a top ten please notify me in a comment. Anyways, here are this week’s top ten medium armies.

The following armies have not been included due to given reasons:

  • Green Team: Moved Up to Large
  • Golden Troops: Moved Back to Large
  • United States: Merged into TG

1. Global Defenders (+3) – The Global Defenders are on quite a rise. They are entered in the SMAC-Down III and the CPAE Tournament (this is now tentative due to the merger between CPAE and CPAHO). They are currently in a “fun war” with CP Green Team, which has been postponed due to many tournaments. They are averaging about 15 at an event now and we could see them on CPAC soon. Good luck Global Defenders!

 2. Water Vikings (New!) – The Water Vikings haven’t been included for a while because I thought that they were large. Despite falling somewhat, the Water Vikings still have the power to rebuild and get back in this. They have dropped out of the Black Alliance war. Ajman has claimed control of WV and is whipping WV back into shape. I think we will see Water Vikings back at the top soon. Good luck!

3. Pink Ice (+4) – Pink Ice is currently doing quite well. They are entered in the SMAC-Down III. Although their creator, Hurricanex has temporarily retired, Pink Ice has made the best of things. They are scheduled to have a practice battle with Purple Heads. I think that they may make large if they step up their game a bit. Best of luck!

[Image Coming Soon]

4. Ice Vikings (+4) – Although they haven’t had many events recently, they have a TON of scheduled events that are to take place soon. They have had a few retirements here and there but other than that they have been healthy. I expect to see them back on CPAC, but they will need some work. I feel they can make it. Good luck IV!

5. Scouts of CP – The Scouts are in a rut, which isn’t really their fault. Their chat was hacked and this has caused the Scouts to slow down a bit. They recently had a practice battle with the Platinum Warriors in which they did quite well. Once they get out of this rut, they may rise. Good luck Scouts!

6. Hot Sauce Army (New!) – HSA is back in black (well more red). They have recently declared war on the Blue Sky Warriors and hope to defeat them. They have had great chat sizes recently despite not having an event. Being a legendary army, HSA can get back to being a great army with just a little work. Good luck HSA!


7. Blue Sky Warriors (+3) – BSW in my opinion deserved this spot. HSA has recently declared war on them and they are going to be fighting a David and Goliath battle. I think they can defeat HSA with some help from allies, but without help they are too weak. They are going to be assisted by the Global Defenders in hopes that they can win the war, or at least hold their own. Good luck BSW!

[No Picture Available]

8. Sky Troops (+1) – Sky Troops are really getting themselves into a deep war. They are currently decided which Major Army to declare war on. If they were to do this, it would really get them noticed by the CP Army World. The Sky Troops could advance in the top ten rapidly if they start this war. Good luck Sky Troops!

9. Platinum Warriors (New!) – PW has been rising quite a bit. Iceyfeet1234 is one of their leaders now and he may help them grow a bit. They defeated Global Defenders in a practice battle by default (GD didn’t show). I think that they will need some work before rising but I think they have a chance. Good luck PW!

[No Image Available]

10. Yellow Troops (New!) – Yellow Troops are a new army created by Spiderguy22. They are doing quite well and are currently defeating Light Troops in a war. They fought valiantly and definitely deserve this spot. They could easily get large if they continue to grow at the rate they are currently. Good luck Yellow Troops!

41 Responses

  1. where is TT?

  2. Derp Derp, that picture of WV is us beating CPGT in a scheduled Pb. CPGT is not large, but I’m not saying WV is either.

  3. After our PB we will have pics.

  4. FGR is bigger than PW *D* look for the post with pictures. We beat RPF and PW.

  5. this top ten fails, sky troops get 15+ at pritty much every battle and get a full chat nearly everyday *wary*.

  6. TT got 12 in an unsheduled training…………

  7. PW in Medium top 10. xD They brought like 2 people to the defense of FGR with RPF.

  8. PW is not medium…… they are small.

  9. Die LT, Die. The Yellow troops will soon rise. 😀

  10. what about expedition army 2nd generation and btw good job i think this was a good post : )

  11. Bsw should be higher and has made peace with bsw

  12. Pungy you scuk YT cant be Medium yet at all and PW isnt medium size also they dont get close to medium and A NEW ARMY CANT GET A MEDIUM SPOT!
    give it to Junk Warriors jeez

  13. Oh and Here Pink Ice Pic. It may make us look small BUT!!! this was 9:30 at night tusday. These are our Numbers Late at night 😉

  14. An army that is lucky to get 6 online & usually gets 2 online should not be tenth because they beat LT with a truck load of allies. Besides this Top 10 is pwnsome.

  15. The BSW are higher. Also the BSW is not weak. I am looking at the HSW chat right now, and they have NOBODY. I mean it.

  16. why YT? They average round 5 at events

  17. WOOOOOOOW I REMEMBER THIS POST 😀 And i miss my old army but all things come to an end 🙂

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