Scamming and Scamming Safety

Todays topic: scamming. It happens, people complain, but does much ever actually get done? Many people signed the anti-hacking bill, first created by Person1234 and then recently updated by myself, but is that actually followed?

I recently found 1 case in which it wasn’t and am sure there are many others. My reaction?

A little pissed off, yes. Even after this person admitted they had scammed someone, and after pointing this out to the owners on chat, it was ignored. I was then banned after trying to reason with the scammer myself. Pics? I can prove it. Just look at these:

Afterwards I was found out that he wasn’t actually in TG but still, completely ignored. What kind of corruption is this? Club Penguin Armies are for kids, these kids aren’t always the brightest, they don’t always know whats best or how to tell if someone is lying or not. They haven’t experienced that in real life yet, why should they experience on here first?

Its our job, the ones who know how to tell a scam from the truth, who can punish those who bully or abuse the innocence of others. It is up to us to protect them, to prevent this, and to keep things fair. Back to the anti-hacking bill, seen HERE , where if you search for “team gold” you’ll find that TJ signed it representing TG and that Ganger signed it representing GT. DCP is represented by my signature, Boomer’s, and Aninja’s. As for CPH, they didn’t sign it [and I’m not sure who they are….]. As the bill states:


is under the definition of hacking for the purposes of the bill. Well, Cold violated that, he even admitted it. His punishment?

  • Permanent expulsion from ALL armies you are ranked in. If an army refuses to fire the individual OR that individual refuses to step down from their leadership rank, should they be leader of an army, all armies who have signed this bill agree to immediately declare war on that army.
  • No other army may accept that person into their army. This means that the person is banned permanently from the Club Penguin Army Community.

Thats right, expulsion from all armies. Did I even get a “Cold, thats a horrible thing to do. Give those powers back [It was decided that since Cold didn’t have the superkick, that just Nameglow and light were enough of an appology]” Instead I was banned by cold himself and Ganger, a “proud” supporter of the bill just joked about it.


I’m sorry if it seems like the entire post is about Maz and Cold, it isn’t.

This can’t continue untouched, the scamming, the constant hackings of sites. Just yesterday or today, TG’s site was hacked.

Seriously…whats the point of hacking someone’s site? I mean seriously, do you get some thrill out of ruining other kids fun? Deleting all the work they’ve done?

My answer is: you shouldn’t……you just proved that you’re a bully, that you need to hurt other kids just to get satisfaction. That, to me, signifies that you’re insecure or something about yourself. Its really no big accomplishment…..they’re just going to create another one, rebuild, or create a new chat.

I suggest that the new leaders of the large armies, the medium armies, and even the small armies post the anti-hacking bill on their site, or link to it in the sidebar somewhere. I suggest they tell their soldiers that they support it, that they try to educate their soldiers about how to protect them from scamming.

Its sad that this even has to be done but it does. I know I’d feel a lot safer and so would many of the kids in the cp army community if the army leaders did what they can to prevent this kind of stuff. Feel free to post the following safety tips, all I ask is that you include my name at the end.

1. There is no such thing as “Free” xats. Never give your account away or the password away to anyone, even the leader of your own army.

2. There is no such thing as a “double your powers” trick. Don’t give away your powers to people, especially if you don’t know them, they most of the time won’t give them back.

3. Take screenshots if either of these happen and let your army leader know. They should put a note in their next post or current post  telling their troops to watch out for that guy.

4. Never do a “I’ll pay you back later” thing, you hardly ever get paid back. Use the handy “trade” app and make sure that your trade is even. Use if you want to trade stuff on trade chat or on any chat.

PS: Later in the week I’ll post tips on how to prevent scamming and hacking.

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  1. 2nd?

  2. Here’s the thing: Many people who scam powers on army chats aren’t even in armies. Same goes for hacking. The anti-hacking bill really won’t fully work because of it.

  3. Great, informational post. Well done *y*

  4. Scammers should be banned from CP armies.

  5. I’m jealous 🙁 You didn’t get a pic of me D: and by CPH did you mean CP Heroes? (shifty)

  6. When it comes to the Anti-Hacking Bill, the only way to stop them is to carry a big stick. As in, threaten them.

  7. I wont be back until thursday sorry about the inconveniance

  8. I find this kinda pathetic cuz it seems like ur posting about this just to humiliate the scammers. The poin of this post is to show those pictures and it if weren’t you would have blackened out the peoples names and/or not even have the pictures at all!

    Sad post, :/


    • Espally when this comment comes from someone who said he was Pink Mafias.

      • Your funny. Really, you made me laugh.

        That was long time ago, and if you still hold a grudge for that then get over yourself. Nobody likes people who hold grudges. Ever heard of Forgive and Forget? People have forgiven me, people put me back on legends page, people have forgotten.

        Except you.

        Go away if your just going to make a fight with me, trust me. You won’t win. Ask anybody who has gotten into an arguement with me before.

        Anyways, I would say “right backatcha” or somethin, but Idk who you are.

        Who are you again?


    • Ya Shab, it’s a terrible post because you didn’t spend like 5 hours protecting some assholes privacy. I mean, if you scam shouldn’t you be completly free to get away scot free? Why that only makes sense! /sarcasm

      • To shab: Becuz it seems like (to me) that the only reason you made this post was to humiliate those people and to get everybody to hate them/ ruin their reputation (if they have one). Knowing whats that is like (lol), I say its disrespectful and semi-evil lol…

        To Josh: Stop being a smart a. Its not funny. Whoever they scam are stupid enough to fall for the scammer’s trick. Its not the scammer’s fault, its the person who got scammed’d fault. They shouldn’t be so stupid to fall into it.

        Its my opinion, you don’t need to make sarcasm remarks against it, smart as.


        • So if some low life scammed you, you won’t go b*tch and complain?

          And if there weren’t any scammers no one would be scammed… So you can’t blame the victim of the scam because they didn’t know any better.

          “Knowing what that is like” qoute sounds like that Benji guy hurt your ego.

          I hate scammers as much as the next person.

          • What? I wouldn’t get scammed cuz I’m not I wouldn’t go complain. And it’s common sense to know if someone is tricking you, “I’ll double your p

          • What? No. I wouldn’t go complain because Im not stupid enough to fall for it.

            There will always be scammers, so you can’t say “if” Its common sense to know if theres a person scamming for xats and powers on a XAT CHAT, and your not even looking at them face-to-face making the deal. “I can double your powers if you give them all to me” doesn’t sound suspicious at all…?

            He didn’t hurt my ego, I did. Guess u were gone when that pm incident happened, but i got my ego back so its fine. Plus my ego from the start was being an ass unless i like you so its perfectly fine.

            Good for you.


            P.S. Ignore that other comment that was unfinished if it shows up, it was from my ipod.

          • Just surprised by your comment there to Shab and Josh since it sounds like you dont give a crap when a scammer scams… And actually the “if” is referring to you being scammed since I would never know if you DID get scammed.

            No hard feelings though just hate scammers.

          • Ik u hate scammers, and thats fine. I dont mind them since they don’t bother me at all. But I see where your coming from now, if I did get scammed (even tho i wouldnt lol..) i would be pretty pissed off. But not only pissed off at the scammer, but at myself too cuz i was stupid lol.


          • You seriously can’t expect everyone paranoid of scammers.

        • Scammers deserve to be humiliated. I am still confused as to why you show sympathy for the scammers (even less so after the PM incident), so I’m just going to assume you have Stockholm Syndrome.

          • Whats that? And, no. Im not saying its alright to scam, I just don’t think they deserve to be humiliated. I mean, idk anymore lol I posted that 2 days ago I think so I could care less about the pics. I just commented on what I thought O_o

            I dont think I ever said “I like scammers” (too lazy to scroll up and check)

            But nah, if they scammed a poor little person (whos really stupid) then they deserve to be humiliated of who they really are.


        • So basically, you’re saying it is alright to scam?

  9. Who thinks ACP and TG will go to war?

  10. You say CP armies are for kids… Why are you posting then?

  11. Some asshole hacked into Green and Kun’s account and took everything from them.

  12. You make this post, yet, I’ve seen hackers as mods on ACP.

  13. I’s team gold, they are hacker central. At one time they were controlled by hackers

  14. Armies need to learn that hacking isn’t a for fun thing, it’s sort of serious.

    Also, apparently TG likes being hacked, because it “grew them slightly”

  15. Thanks for making this controversy even worse…

  16. The Cowboys were just hacked last week. All pages- deleted. Last year I was scammed by Greenblah904 when he wanted to “double my powers.” How could I be so stupid? He was a good friend, I trusted him, then he absolutely let me down. I am SICK of these things. People are ruining the fun for everyone, and no matter what you try, it won’t end. People like to be retarded like that.

  17. How has no one noticed this yet? It’s Person1233 not “Person1234”.

  18. I looked at Cold’s xat profile and he looks exactly like Justin Bieber.

  19. I think that it’s bad to scam, but I also think that if you’re stupid enough to fall for it, then you kind of deserve to get scammed. Both the scammer and the victim are at fault.

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