Nachos Enter UMA’s “War on Ignorance” – The Next World War?

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World Wars are a term that used to be used far too often. There was a time when, as soon as two armies would declare war on each other, every other army in Club Penguin would have to join in. This isn’t quite the case nowadays, with the exception of UMA’s recent “War on Ignorance.” UMA first went to war with TG, whom they’d be having numerous disputes with. The also went to war with WV, after which WV’s allies, DCP joined in the first against UMA. Now, it looks like the Nachos have decided to join in the fight.

The three Nachos Leaders, Puckley, TanMan, and Ads, all recently collaborated on a post entitled “War Raid – Invasions,” in which Puckley stated:

It has been too long without a war. Things seem to get repetitive without a war going on. Although recruiting, training, and patroling are all very important to this army’s success, it can at times become boring. With wars, you get unexpected action while battling the enemy in an all out war.

The Nachos originally declared war on all of the armies that are a part of the “War on Ignorance,” but later changed their only victim to UMA. UMA Leader Wgfv responsed with a post entitled:

Nachos = Backstabers? Yes.

Now it may seem that this war is fairly unnecessary, as the Nachos really don’t have an actual reason to declare war on UMA, simply that they are “bored.” However, Puckley does have a point. Club Penguin Armies are meant for war, not for just hanging out on chat and debating government systems. War is what keeps an army active, and as great as smaller battles are, war is the lifeblood of Club Penguin Warfare.

To learn a little more about people’s motives for being a part of Club Penguin Armies, I’d like to ask you YOUR opinion on the Nacho’s declaration of war.

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It may seem that UMA, if not outnumbered before, is completely doomed for now. Not only are they still at war with the DCP, WV, and TG, but they now have to fend off the massive Nachos. However, it seems that UMA is confident as ever. They recently published a post entitled “Uma to become World Power,” in which UMA Leader Wgfv states that UMA’s key to becoming a World Power is simply tactics. This does seem a little too easy of a way for UMA to actually become a World Power, but perhaps tactics will let them further grow. Wgfv added a few pictures to show UMA how their tactics used to look, this square / line being one of them:

This war certainly has the potential to become huge. Already, there has been a lot of conversation about this turning into a World War. As an army legend, I honestly would say that a World War could be quite refreshing from the small PBs and insignificant wars that we’ve been experiencing recently. Hopefully, if this does turn huge, the war will be able to stay focused on actual battles, not on flaming posts and hacking, which is what we’ve already started to see.

The get a full report on the recent turns in war, I had a chat with Nacho Leader Puckley.

Interview with Puckley

The Nachos have been being criticized lately, by people saying that it’s unnecessary to declare war because “you’re bored.” What do you have to respond to this?

This is Club Penguin ARMIES. The point is to have wars and fight each other for fun. It shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Do you think that UMA will be a tough opponent in this war?

I’m not going to be too over confident, but I believe the Nachos will be able to take care of them. All of our training and recruiting will pay off for us.

How far are you and the Nachos prepared to go, in terms of invading UMA’s servers?

We’ll go as far in as whatever it takes to win the war.

UMA has accused the Nachos of “stabbing them in the back,” saying that you guys have been their allies ever since their creation. What do you have to respond to this?

Really, us and the UMA haven’t been that close lately, so it isn’t like we were “brother allies” at the time. Plus, the war was just meant for fun. They overreacted.

UMA has been known to fight their wars using flaming posts. How will the Nachos respond to these?

There has been a lot of talk about this becoming a World War. Do you think it will?

If allies are brought into the war, it could, However, I think it’ll just stay one on one.

If this war doesn’t go through, are there any other plans for the Nachos in the future?

You can always expect more out of the Nachos. We’ll have something planned, but right now we’re just focused on this war with UMA.

Puckley’s responses are very light, and it’s obvious that he truly is in this war just to fight on Club Penguin.

How about YOU? What do YOU think of this war? Is it good for both armies, or is it unnecessary? Comment with YOUR opinion on this post!

Woton, CPA Central Head of Site

Rising or Dying? Storm Warriors

Hey guys Cman here with another Rising Army post. So I am going to do something new from now on instead of my Rising Army posts! I thought it would be a good idea to let the wonderful and supportive readers of SMAC decide if the army that I right about is Rising or Dying. Hence the title “Rising or Dying”  So without further adieu, the Storm Warriors!

The Storm Warriors were created on the eve of April Fools Day.(March 31st for those of you who didn’t understand that) On their very first day that got 6 people on Club Penguin. Now those of you who have or have tried to start an army know how impressive that is for the first day.

 Here’s a picture of the Storm Warriors first day on Club Penguin.

Since this first day they have had many events and some really good recruiting sessions. I think that if they can keep up their good work they could definitely make it into the Small Top Ten in no time.

Nice size for and possibly ready Small Top Ten.

 The Storm Warriors get seven people on Club Penguin in this picture.

So now it’s time for the question we have all been waiting for. Are the Storm Warriors Rising or Dying? You be the judge.

[polldaddy poll=”4974879″]

The Storm Warriors’ Links:

Storm Warriors’ Site:
Storm Warriors Chat:

If you want your army to be my next “Rising or Dying” post, then comment below with your army name and site!

Ads Week: Darkness League

Hello, Piper.

I’ve discovered that Ads week is the perfect time to show you guys my new army, DL. Dl stands for Darkness League. DL started on April 18. The army will be fully operational on April 27.






Reason: Democratic would be the way to go, but we can’t have noobs deciding our fate and what we should do. And I would do Dictatorship where one person decides but that wouldn’t be fair. So I’ve settled on communism. So all Owners get to decide.

SERVERSCapital: Fjord (I know Nachos own it, but on SMAC site nobody has it.)

 Main Server: Abominable

Secondary Server:  Deep Freeze

Secondary Server: Frozen

Recruiting: Tundra

Party Server: White House

Back-Up Capital: Crystal

I also might add top notch gfx.


Piper, DL 1ic

Behind The Scenes [BTS]: U BE TROLLING MEH!!!

Hello, and welcome to the show you know all to well! BTS!(I could keep doing exclamation points but that would be obnoxious)


Trollz! Ugly monsters…Or hecklers?

Now when I say troll you guys are going to think of huge ugly tough beasts. But what about the internet trolls that we all know to well (like this show)? Now there are two kinds of internet trolls. One just plain out trolls that are out to get you. Two are the CP Trolls. Now the pyramid of CP goes like this:

Hackerz>Trolls>Mean Jerks>Regular>Nice>Mods>Super Mods

So right under hackers Trolls are the next worst thing. Now there are a lot of individual trolls, but most big time trolls come in groups.  A recognizable Trolling group is “Reaper Trolling.” Led by Theyt3 they are trolling chats today. But hey, Trolling on CP can be fun. But not on armies. Lets say you interrupt people WHEN they’re exchanging hearts (emoticon) by saying something obnoxious. LOL! That would be fun! But in CP Armies it sucks. I mean here’s a few examples of trolling people on Cp Armies

  • Flooding there xat chats with spam (Not Cool dude.. Not Cool.)
  • Especially SWEARING spam (That’s just cold man)
  • Being annoying -.-

So, a lot of trolling happens on chat. Trolls raid the chat and spam and crap. And then the Army get serious revenge that sucks BALL for the trolls. Like hacking.

So remember kids,


Trolls will hate. Do not feed them. Do not show your annoyance and anger. DONT FEED THE TROLL!



    I have noticed a lot of critics of Ads Week, and of the Legends voting. I just want to remind everyone that the VIEWERS voted that we should have an Ads Week. They also nominated their own Legends, and they were in no position to say that “none of these people are Legends”. Please be nice to our hard working Reporters, especially in the Comments section. There is no need for more anger in the CP army world.

    Good day.


    Today is the start of the CP SMAC PRIZE COMPETITION!


    Are you excited? I know I am. Here are the possible prizes you can win:

    1. 500 xats
    2. 50 days
    3. one month cp membership
    4. coin code
    5. $5 ultimate game card (500 xats & 50 days)

    Now here’s how this will work. There will be 5 competitions. Each competition will be for one prize and one prize only. Only one person will win each competition and there will be only 5 winners total.

    The first competition will be out on Friday!


    20 Things That Make An Army Successful

    Hey guys it’s Mini Buffalo here and I am going to tell you guys twenty things that makes a army successful.

    1. They have Good Leader(s).

    2. They have a decent chat size.

    3. They have Active Troops.

    4. People follow orders when they are suppose to.

    5. They have a active site.

    6.  They have a lot of events.

    7. They make a post everyday or every two days, so that the troops will see that something new is up on site.

    8. Leader(s) make sure they have unscheduled recruit or tactic sessions.

    9. The Leader(s) treat the troops fairly.

    10. Leader(s) to make sure the active and loyal troops get promoted and they make sure the inactive and not loyal troops get demoted.

    11. To make sure anyone is not disobeying the rules.

    12. To make sure that the army has good leader(s).

    13. Leader(s) should be very active on their chat, which they usually are since they lead the army.

    14. They should try to avoid unfair banning.

    15. To get the troops to be as much active to the army as possible.

    16. They should have a party once in a while.

    17. They should try to get their troops on club penguin as much as possible.

    18. They should have a xat chat and website which most armies do.

    19. They should give out promotions/demotions once a month.

    20. The Leader(s) should have experience in leading armies. If the creator doesn’t have to much experience in leading a army, try to get someone else who does have experience in leading armies to lead, also.

    These are twenty things that make a army successful. I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

    -Mini Buffalo (This post is 272 words long.)

    Army in Focus : Snow Warriors

    Sorry for not posting in a while I totally forgot I started this post so I have to start again so anyway here it is.

    Today’s Army in focus is the small army snow warriors and I think most of the people reading this post today have heard of this army. The snow warriors are currently in tourney of the globes hosted by the number 1 small army global defenders. They will be facing the scouts of club penguin but do they have a chance? They emerged victorious on Yukon against ECP. Now I don’t know who that is but snow warriors weren’t alone they where with sky troops in that invasion.

    Here are some pictures from that battle

    Now I know who ECP are and I feel stupid.

    Those were images from a different battle. Now for an interview with Simon 6789

    Me : Hello

    Simon6789 : Hola

    Me : I believe SW are in a tourney hosted by GD?

    Simon6789 : Yes we are

    Me : Do you think you can defeat the scouts?

    Simon6789 : Well Yeah I think we can but scouts are medium we are small means nothing.

    Me :  Is there an army you will like to face in the tourney and why?

    Simon6789 : Yes, I will like to face ducks and I will like just to go to the end and win the tourney

    Me : Is there an army in the tourney you havent heard of?

    Simon6789 : Hmm, Fort ghost recon but I have heard of them but I thought they died down

    Me : What armies will go through round 1?

    Simon6789 : Snow warriors, Not sure, GD and ducks.

    Me : Ok thanks for your time.

    Simon. Np

    Now I know the interview turned into an interview about the tourney and I am sorry for that. Now once again in the comment if you want your army to be posted about do this.

    1) Army Name?
    2) Army Leaders?
    3) Site link and Chat Link
    4) Why should I post about them and don’t say because its my job 😉

    Bye guys and for the hell of it here is a vid that some of you might find funny


    Sky Troops

    The Sky Troops. Anybody reading SMAC has heard of them. They seem to get tangled up in a lot of wars and conflicts. To get a look at how the Sky Troops forged, let’s look at their(very long) history. It’s very organized and has frequent pictures. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look at them.

    Continue reading

    Light Troops

    The Light Troops of CP is a friendly, rising, and awesome army. Here is the history of Light Troops:

    The Light Troops ( LT ) was created on January 10th by Ioioluk4 when Ioioluk4’s other army, Blue Miners Army ( BMA ) died.
    Immediately after LT was created, the army began to rise, at rapid speed. LT was able to get into the CPAC top ten within a month. Unfortunately, at that time, GT and DCP took all of our servers, and we had no choice but to make a mega merge with 3 other armies – Ranger Troops, Ghost Miners Army, and the Warriors of CP, to create Light Ghost Troops ( LGT ). Because of owner&leader issues, LGT died in approximately 2 weeks.
    After LGT died, Ioioluk4 brought back his first army, BMA. Then, Ioioluk4 decided LT is a better name than BMA, so Ioioluk4 merged BMA into the LT 2G. We were rising again, but this time, at an even faster speed. However, at the beginning of April, lots of troops became inactive, and Ioioluk eventually declared LT dead. But just 1 day after LT was declared dead, it was restarted by Ioioluk, making this the LT 3G. The Light Troops today is an army thriving at fast speed. So what are you waiting  for? Join us today! We welcome everybody!

    Continue reading