Top Ten Armies: 30/04/11 – With a Top 5 Medium

Hello, welcome to the new edition of the CPA Central Top Ten Armies and top 5 medium.

On my last post there was a poll for a Medium top five to go along side the top ten itself. It proved popular, so there will now be a top 5 medium list every two weeks (Unless a total outrage comes out from our readers). ANY events after the top ten will NOT be counted for this top ten.


The Top Ten Armies


1. Army Of Clubpenguin (+0): The ACP get stronger by the week and once again keep their top spot. They beat the Nachos in a Practise battle with numbers of around 45. The new leadership has failed to lose so far, and has proved very successful with the soldiers. The ACP recently enforced new divisions, called Echo, Delta and Alpha. Delta had good results with around 20 at their event.

2. Nachos (+0): As you saw above, the Nachos lost to the Practise battle with the ACP, but still had outstanding numbers with around 35 – 40. The Nachos recently “backstabbed” the UMA by changing sides and invading the Underground Mafias Army. There are also other armies invading them, but the Nachos have gained the ACP and IW on their side.

3. Golden Troops (+2): Although GT are 3rd, they are no-where near the standard of the ACP and Nachos, who seem to be breaking away from the rest. The main reason for the GT being here is their constant 20+ at unscheduled events. They also went against the Elites in a practise battle and won that with around 25 – 30 against Elites 15 – 20. They kept on showing their size and unscheduled events, and they never failed in size since the last top ten. The GT are slowly rising up the top ten and are closing in on the top 2.

4. Underground Mafias Army (+6): They came close to the top 3, but wer beaten to it by the Golden Troops. The UMA impressed in their battle against the DCP, and have shown consistent sizes. Usually, 4th place has huge numbers, but a fall in size in most armies makes this a special case. They also took Whitehouse from the rising Nachos.

5. Team Gold (NEW): The TG have made a huge boost in size since the last top ten, and have got sizes of around 30 on some occasions. The TG have worked their socks off to get in the top 5, and beat the struggling IW to 5th. Their hits have had a sudden uprise and Spice even said “Help with the 48 join comments”, whether this is true or not is unknown. But we do know that Team gold are rising.

6. Ice Warriors (-3): The IW are falling in size, and are even lucky to be 6th. They had around 10 at their last event, and are put here to see if it was a blip or not. If they get sizes like that again, we could see the IW falling out of the top ten. They maxed 15 against the CP Crew, and only just won that Practise Battle. The IW need to show they are not falling, or they could fall even further.

7. Light Troops (NEW): Only just after declaring themselves dead and reaching 6th in the top ten, they re-made and got 7th in the top ten. The LT have also got a new site domain ( They are also helping Elites defend summit from the Nachos, as part of the alliance against the Nachos. There have been plenty of post’s on their site, and are keeping really active.

8. Doritos (+1): The DCP are doing the same as the GT, edging slowly up the top ten and getting higher every week. They got stunning size against the GT, but it is probably the only notable thing the DCP have done over the 2 weeks. The DCP havent had many events, and also lost to the Elites in a battle for Summit, but claim they can’t invade it because of the “Summit Protection Law”.

9. Elites (NEW): Yes, the Elites are back to the top ten. If you didn’t know, the Elites were once an army near the bottom of the top ten. They soon died and had many generations. This is now the 6th generation, and is proving to be successful. They are averaging 15 – 20, and Khimo has done an amazing job at the Elites to restart them. Their upcoming event is defence of summit from the Nachos.

10. Clubpenguin Sun Troops (NEW): The CPST first generation was once a medium army, and they merged with the Gold Warriors to make the Golden Troops. They were remade by some former leaders, one of them Wenny, and have proven better than before. They are getting consistent 15 – 20’s at events, and are new to this top ten for the first time ever.


The Medium Top Five


1. Rebel Penguin Federation (-4)

2. Night Warriors (-8)

3. Water Vikings (-5)

4. Clubpenguin Crew (+2)

5. Army Republic (+1)

NOTE: Ice Vikings were close and the Watex Warriors died and are restarting.

Thanks for reading


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  2. ROFL LOOK AT TG, [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  3. 1st!

  4. tats a crap top ten

  5. WW didn’t die… Get your facts right Funks.

    • FUNKS FAILED! WW didn’t die. They needed to reorganize!!!

    • WW has just had another bump in the road, we didn’t die.

      • Must’ve been one big bump.

        • You could say the same for FW

          • Keep up with all the recent events — I quit two weeks ago. I never said “OH FW IS SO GLORIOUS FW IS SO AWESOME FW IS EPIC EPIC EPIC AND FW PWNS EVERYONE ELSE” did I? Uh no. FW sucks right now. I laugh at the fact that Steve Tim was demoted by Poch. They haven’t had any events. They’re sh*t right now. No members on chat. Barely any mods on chat.

            But WW here, haven’t they restarted like 20 times already? Now you’re restarting it AGAIN. Goodness, how many times do you have to restart and die again till you realize it’s useless to keep trying?

          • Those were… harsh words, Etac. I am saddened that you feel that way.

          • I’m not.

          • Shes kinda right tho

          • Have you guys ever notice that WW and FW are too much alike? FW and WW BOTH keep rising and falling, they’re allies and keep on changing so many stuff. Also, barely any people since WW restarted are on chat. Oh and both of them have lots of Asians 😆 You can say that they are almost twins XD

          • I never remember saying WW was that great, but we have a history of coming back from the dead. – FW doesn’t

    • Omg guys, don’t get into a ruckus. First off, some leader (not saying the name) said that the site should be under construction. Apparently, it took a week which is abnormal o_O. WW looks as if they died, but that’s a mystery. As long as the troops are talking, WW didn’t die.

  6. Kingfunks4: CPAC will not except abuse or swearing to reporters and action will be taken next time.

  7. ever since i quit nw i have been laughing at thier fall…..

  8. Team Gold FTW (Y)

  9. Funks, the pic with UMA, it’s a 6 months old picture from when they were a world power! Anyway, I got no complain with GT’s position, but still, UMA’s pic is 6 months old..

  10. UMA are not a world power, edit that in.

  11. that pic from Uma is like 2 years old

  12. Agree.

  13. hey i agree but idk about elites but they’re new i guess.. and cpst is good.

  14. IW has never been out of a top ten

  15. i can help iw rise. I retired after and got inactive and i got everyone on iw with funkiki. IW WILL NOT FALL OUT OF THE TOP TEN! NOT UNDER IN MY FUCKING ASS

  16. 1. ACP — Of course ACP should be first, they’ve always been first/second/third, and that’s not going to change due to their name.

    2. Nachos — I can’t complain — they’ve been doing pretty well. In my opinion, they deserve second, but they’re nowhere close to first.

    3. UMA — Lolwut…

    4. GT — GT is quite impressive. Because the requirements for becoming a Top 10 army these days are so low, I’d say they deserve 4-6.

    5. TG — Last time I checked on them, they were nearly dead. I guess a lot can happen in a month. Anyway..

    6. IW — Yup, they’re falling in such a short period of time. Why? No idea.

    7. LT — Sure, I guess they deserve 7-9. A good army. At least WV wasn’t in this one…

    8. Doritos — If I have nothing nice to say, I should not say anything at all.

    9. Elites — Like I said before, it’s going to become big then fall. Trust me. Give it up to a month and a half, or even a month.

    10. CPST — What…=/

  17. NW, DW, WW, and FW are all armies that are near extinction. Trust me on this one. NW has fallen a lot, considering they were once the #1 army. DW is also on a surprising downfall. Weren’t they once #3 or something like that?

    WW site is under construction, yeah. But still, it doesn’t seem alive. No one is on chat anymore, and right now, the chat is the only open part of the army.

    FW is nearly dead. Barely anyone on chat (except for the owners and a few mods), and they got less comments (only two, but two matter) on their active count than they did three weeks ago. They haven’t really had an event (I think..?) for two weeks.


  19. With this new Top 10… it brings many new competitors… and many new surprises…


    Team Gold: I am actually surprised to see them come back. I havnen’t been paying much attention to a few top 10s, but I think Team Gold dropped after Golden Troops merged out. If they did, this was an effective strategy on the Golden Troops’ part.

    Light Troops: I knew they’d get in here someday. I remember that they just came out of this huge merge that brought a new army to the Top 10. Good luck to them. I hope to see more of them.

    Elites: After 6 generations, they FINALLY make it back to the Top 10. I remember a post on their 3g, and I joined their 5g, but it always failed after a few weeks or months. If this one does well, it might actually prove to be an upcoming challenge against the Top 3.

    Sun Troopers: Isn’t it ironic that Skloops retired, when he created this army, and yet now it emerges into the Top 10? Personally, I think that this army will have a few struggles staying in the Top 10, with competitors like RPF and especially NW, who is fatally suffering.


    UMA: Rising 7 spots? Is that the largest rise in history? Well, they were a major army, greater than ACP. However, ACP’s name basically brought them strength. I can see UMA now as someone who can challenge ACP.

    RPF? Fallen to a medium army stage? I can’t even imagine this.

    NW: I remember, just a month or two ago, they almost brought ACP down to their knees, and threw them under with a Top 10. Now, they’re drowning in the Medium army Top 10.

    Army Republic: It’s not a surprise to see them back.

    Club Penguin Crew: Once a legendary army, now rising through the medium ranks. If they beat NW, I think they’re bound to shoot up straight into the Top 7.


    Seeing that the Nachos and UMA are at war, I think that this prediction has been shattered. I thought that UMA and the Nachos, both strong enemies of ACP, would team up and finally take on the ACP. This would end up in a World War, perhaps. Maybe everyone would join UMA-Nachos’ side. Well, IW had a previous war with ACP, so they’d be in. However, the Nachos just sided with ACP in the war, and UMA is fighting with the Nachos, so this prediction is very unlikely to happen.

    Seeing as IW is now falling along with NW and RPF, I predict there will be a major change in the Top 10 in these few coming months. Think about it. We’ve already lost WW, DW, NW, RPF, WV, and IV. If all of those armies merge together, it’s very likely that ACP will finally face it’s match.

    Overall, this Top 10 is very surprising, and I personally think CP Warfare is overgoing a dramatic change. Huge change in numbers. People are quitting CP, more than those who are joining.


  20. Ok so I’m not biased since I’m NW but I agree that NW shoudn’t exactly be on there. NW don’t hate on me for this but its true. I’m always on NW chat and I watch what goes on. The leaders don’t lead anything and theres no events whatsoever. Theres our 3ic whos never on. Our 2ic whos rarely on cuz hes paying computer games like Minecraft. Our 1ics who come on at times but always leave at random times. -.- To top that off more than half of NW troops skip the events, leave bored, Roleplay for hours and hours at time without listening to higher ranks or are just plain lazy. Yes, this is my giant rant on how NW needs to friggin get their heads together and start doing more CP based stuff. I’m more upset at how the leaders are rarely doing anything. (no) To NW: Get your head in the game…

  21. Blame the lazy soldiers boomer blame the lazy guilty soldiers

  22. why does NW get so much hate? :/

  23. Oh so when GT get 1 at an event, they still get 9th, but when IW slip up just by 15, they go down hard.

  24. How the hell did RPF get Medium? .-.

    • ikr,dw also and i dont even like rpf that much, it seems like you have to have like 5 events every week to be on the top ten….

  25. I REALLY dis-like htis top 10, I’m satisfied with the Elites 9th spot, but the rest is just ridiculous…

  26. I am kind of excited.
    I made an army and I hope it is gonna be on THIS top 10

  27. Woot,Light Troops is in the CPAC Top 10. Woot. (I’m in light Troops,if you want to know my rank,Its 3ic,3rd In Command)



  29. WW, NW, FW, RPF, DW and IW are all going downhill. These were all either in, or contending for the top ten a month ago 😯

    • IW went downhill for a few days because our 4ic funkikiflurry left us for a few days. He being the one that kept us active. I think he should be 2ic or 3ic.

  30. Wow this top ten has plenty of twists!
    TG UMA and GT have really risen
    NW are normally in the top 3 but are not even in the top ten!
    A few Medium armies have gotten into the top ten
    I’m amazed on how things are changing for armies
    Great top ten and top five

  31. wow bad top ten.

    First of All where in the world is DW? your telling me they arent even top 5 material? We tied IW in a practice battle like a week or two ago and we are getting like 10-17 people atleast. Its not like we havent had any events, we get full chats a lot also :/ BS top ten

    Second DW should atleast be in the top 5 medium armies :/ I understand last top ten why dw wasnt ranked but srsly? you can do way better than this. :/

  32. I thought RPF was RISING, not falling. and oh, CRAP. If the Elites truly HAVE risen, that’s gonna spell big trouble for the Nachos.And UMA must be stopped, because if they rise more, ACP will still ally Nachos, and when war-time is over, they’ll regret it.

  33. uma and gt dont deserve that spot


  35. Lol. Your all complaining about TG not deserving 5th but to be honest, they look bigger than UMA and very close to GT. 😐

  36. I shit my pants when I noticed NW weren’t there…

    Vendetta was holding them together :eek:.

  37. ACP totally killed them after that war O_O

  38. Finally medium armies (LT, Elites, Sun Troops, WV, AR, CP Crew) are being recognized. Great top 10!

  39. I took the Nachos and GT pictures. (:

  40. May I ask why you must do these top tens?

  41. WOW RPF should be at least number 6. we are way bigger and better than IW,GT,DCP, LIGHT TROOPS, AND SUN TROOPS. are you guys blind?

  42. A few things with the top ten, if I may:

    1.Acp has been in there spot, and they are big, but earlier today, Uma raided the Nacho capital, Nachos and Acp formed this “Pink Bunny Alliance” and with those 2 armies together, they just tied with Uma.

    2. Uma has more recent pictures with huge sizes and you can check Uma site for some updated pictures.

    3.To Nw : I think that Nw should be in Top 10, but in a low position, Nw is strong and your still there, and your drop was a bit MELODRAMATIC, but at the current place Nw is, all they need to do is get more active, and they can easily return.

    4. To Rpf : You guys, well, I don’t know, your big, but I don’t think your cutting the chase. Do some more stuff.

    5. To all the other armies : Uma is back, and Uma is making sure they strike into a World Power. Uma is going for #1 some time soon. Expect them.


  43. And i thought the last ones were bad. .-. This Top 10 is HORRIBLE
    ACP = OK
    Nachos = OK
    GT=WTF!? (No offence maybe 4th)
    UMA = O_o
    TG = BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!…. They dont Deserve top 10 at all.
    IW = OK
    LT = Shouldnt be on List
    DCP = OK
    Elites = Maybe higher
    CPST= Shouldnt be on the list
    RPF = Should Replace LT
    NW= OK
    WV = Should replace CPST
    CPC= Ok
    AR= OK
    and where is DW???
    I think a new Top 10 person is needed. No offence to Funks but Skloop made them better.

  44. Funks, what in the world did you do?!?
    The Top 10 has 3 random medium armies which is completely random.
    WW isn’t dying, everyone went kaboom and got lazy and stuff.
    GT went out of nowhere.
    DCP is placed wrong (just saying to those DCP-haters)
    TG and IW look switched O_O

    So, that’s what I think happened.

  45. lookin good 😛

  46. I agree with Water Vikings placement, we shouldn’t have been 8th in the last top ten.

  47. 100th!!!! Meh pwn

  48. I like how haters say Uma shouldn’t be 4th because ONE picture looks better.
    ~~Don’t be a hata 😀


  49. Did you seriously have to knock down IW by 3 spots when you seemed to fail @ guessing their size; We have about 15-20 in that pic. And according to Mr. Herp Derpington (Zakdude) That is enough for 4th/5th.

  50. Wow. I take ONE short three day vacation from IW and this happens. *smacks self*

  51. Armies are falling………

  52. a real top ten is this.
    1. ACP (just being honest)
    3. (gt r u serious?) UMA
    4. GT
    5. IW
    6. tie TG
    6.tie LT
    8 Elites
    9. DCP
    10. WW

  53. WW died.. -_- AND OMG LOOK HOW MUCH NW FELL!!!

  54. I’m happy with GT’s placement, but I don’t understand how all these armies are coming out of nowhere and going 5-6 places up. When GT were averaging 30 for 2-3 months, it took us ANOTHER month to just get 9th! I’m happy; Just not pleased with others’ placements.

  55. Wow…. I kinda feel bad for NW now.

  56. Wow, I never expected NW to fall that hard. XD

  57. CPAC wants PICTURES. We can’t sit on your chat to watch all your events. We want you to take pictures of your events. Post them on the site. I don’t care if you’ve been recruiting every day or having events every day, how do we know how big you are without pictures?

    I don’t care if you lose a battle or practice battle. We want pictures. Pictures show off your size and your glory. Pictures will increase your chances of the Top 10.

    • How would you distinguish real and fake pictures?

      • Fake? If there are a lot of sparsely dressed penguins, then yes, it will be further investigated. Also, if the picture is in the Town.

        Other than that, I’m not sure how you could fake an event. It would be easy for small/medium armies, but for large armies, it’s quite difficult.

  58. tg sould be 11th tg sould get 4th but im happy the way it is though

  59. An overall good top 10. Surprised me.

  60. One of the leader’s was *Cough* Weenie xD

  61. Yes.
    AR is Coming Back!


  62. Thanks for deleting my comment saying “Why can’t someone else do the top ten?” Its not like I’m cussing you out (which I should be) -.-

  63. Nice Top Ten, AR is doing good again. We have better pictures up on the site now!

  64. Fail Top ten. Worst Ever.


  65. is that why RPF has not lost an invasion since our recent war starting against TG? We have successfuly invaded 2-3 of their servers already. try again.

  66. AR is back

  67. …………………./´¯/)
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

  68. Tacos are coming back and rising,

  69. A lot of you people are overreacting. It’s just a top ten. It’s just to show how armies are doing.

  70. Stop having a go at Funks, he did a top 10, WOW. Even if he got a few placements wrong, it’s his opinion, not a fact. Why don’t we see all you haters trying to do a top 10 yourself.

  71. Fail. Worst top ten ever. This is just a fail. Kingfunks4 made this top 10 a fail.

  72. LT doesn’t deserve 7th place all the armies below them have more troops than LT CPST had 20 they deserve higher than 10th

  73. Passage toutefois contretype n’bigarre agité, pourtant elles affectent la chiffre banale

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