Clarifications & Additions to the Top 10

Hi guys, I was thinking of more additions to the Top 10. I’m pretty sure you guys saw the “Close to the Edge” armies, which is a bit like the “Hang-On” armies from CPAE, but a small twist. Also, here is what I was thinking to encounter in future Top 10s:

  1. Tops Together – The Medium Top 5 could be included into it at the beginning since I haven’t seen the Medium Top 5 in a while.
  2. “Close to the Edge” Armies – 2 armies that may be featured next week; practically adding an eleventh and twelfth place to the Top 10.
  3. Army Awards – Biggest Riser (most spots up), Biggest Faller (most spots down), Biggest Improvement (army that has did the best to get their army together).
  4. Special Top 20 – Annually maybe, we could do a Small Top 20 with 20 top small armies. After all, most armies are small!
  5. Top Army Updates – Not really in the Top Ten, but armies in the Top 10 will get an update during the week.

Let me know what you guys think of these ideas in the comments with the following form:

Idea #1:

Idea #2:

Idea #3:

Idea #4:

Idea #5:

For example:

Idea #1: That would totally be a lot better. Yes.

Idea #2: Maybe, I’d like pictures of cucumbers in it though.

Idea #3: I’m not reading the Dictionary, just a quick Top 10. Seems a bit unnecessary.

Idea #4: That would be pretty cool, we’d get tons of new armies to learn about!

Idea #5: Maybe, but we don’t need a deep history. Just what happened in the past week.

Or if you’re being hasty, you can just do the Yes/No/Maybe method.

Hope these appeal to you,

~Kool, SMAC Head Reporter.

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